♥ For Les Twins

Here is a chance for you, the fans, to tell the world why you fell in the love with Les Twins. Send us an email and tell us why you love Larry and Laurent, and we will post them along with your name and a small picture of you (you can opt out of this part, just tell us what not to post). You can even say why you like one twin more than the other (if that’s the case).

Email us at:  kandyfresh1@gmail.com


50 thoughts on “♥ For Les Twins

  1. Hi there. I am a huge fan from Les Twins. I am from Cape Verde (Africa), and here we like to dance hip hop, zouk, batuco, funana, evrything. Maybe one day I can teach them how to dance Funaná , ahahahahhaha. Besitos Larissa

  2. I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH, you lot are so SEXY and FINE when me and my twin first saw you guys we just fell in love with you, the talent that you guys have its unbelievable theirs no one that i know that is on you guys level at dancing its in creditable to watch you guys. We love you guys so much i don’t know what to say we’re just in love with you guys, you guys do your own thing you don’t copy no1 because you lot don’t need to…..i don’t know what else to say other then we love you larry & Laurent. we’re from England South London xxxx. FROM TWINS
    i hope we can meet you guys one day.

    • WOW!!! Thanks so much for showing love Reginaa! We appreciate all the fans everywhere! I see you feel the same way I do when I first encountered Les Twins… I WANNA GO TO FRANCE! LOL!!!

      • hi i fell in love with the less twins beacause when people put me down all i got to do is wach one of there viedos and it puts a smile on my face beacause i just love the way they take care of one onther and if one day i could meet them the first word i would say is im here with my to adols

    • hey les twins you are awesome. It would mean the world if you could wish me a happy birthday. its my 13th birthday so it is a big deal.

  3. jazminn Moore i from u.s.a and i love the Les twins because their dance style is like nobody and i love that about them i hope they come to the u.s.a one day i really want to meet them. and people that don’t like them then they are missing out on some wonderful boys because they are fucking awesome alright so fuck the haters and come to the u.s.a. pleez

  4. Les Twins are very talented in their early age, their dance is unique, their dancing styles are very amazing and loving.

  5. They are simply addicting. Watching them dance with there charismatic, charming personalities….equals powerhouse package that each posses. Not to mention their incredible smile! Absolutely love them. Please come to USA and have a workshop.

  6. I love the Les Twins Larry and Laurent because they inspired me to get off my lazy ASS and live it up by dancing on the dance floor i used to live in Sarcelles,Paris but i became an exchange student and got moved to New Zealand and i very fluent with english . I got to perform in Paeroas got talent and in Auckland i made it in to Bring it on with my twin Lara haha thats funny im Lutece n my twins name is Lara haha but anywaes yous inspired me to dance the rest of my young life! 🙂 thaanks

  7. oi sou Julio Cesar morro no Brasil eu adoro todos o videos dos les twins ,eu só posto no facebook fotos deles eu sou muito fá principalmente do [LARRY] eu queria muito uma jaqueta de futbol americano ingual a dele , no brasil nao vende!!! espero que um dia eles possão vi aqui no Brasil!!!
    mando um abraço de um grande fá para voces LES TWINS!!!

  8. Salut vous !! Je suis Charissa , de Roumanie .. Je veux vous dire que j`aime bien votre style et je serais bien emotionee et hereuse, contente si je pourrais parler avec vous , un moyen d comuniquer :p .. J`aime LES TWINS , j`aime Laurent et J`ADORE Larry …ulalalaalaa quel mec 😀 bisous pour vous les deux et je v vous embrasse fort !!!

  9. From Carson,CA!
    Les Twins inspire me not just because of their talent, but by the fact they took a chance on making their dreams a reality! While still staying true to themselves! They have a unique spark in them that ignites everyone around them and I pray it never goes out!

    I’m a Les Fan for life!!

  10. ้็HI I’m jpp from thailand i love you twins you so cute someday i hope to see you in thailand love you guys………*-*

  11. cuz u funny smile your face is soo cute … cuz u too good dance can’t beliven this i like u act something keep busy feel the same way I do when I first encountered Les Twins.I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH, you lot are so SEXY and FINE… i”m deaf smile and everyday watch u good dance wow ca’t beliven keep trade i like ur way in futuers life

  12. cuz u funny smile your face is soo cute … cuz u too good dance can’t beliven this i like u act something keep busy feel the same way I do when I first encountered Les Twins.I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH, you lot are so SEXY and FINE… i”m deaf smile and everyday watch u good dance wow can’t Beliven this keep trade i like ur way in futuers life

  13. i dont know that u was say i love you on hand that mean i love you i can sing language ASL do you want learn how sing language asl i am awke that u say something if u like let me know i will help to u both or u no matter

  14. cuz i saw u on watch story u say something movie act dance can’t beliven this I’m deaf…cool

  15. i love them both but i love love love laurent goofyness and i love love love larry kinda freakish side in his vids and battles….They are both very talented, im mad i couldnt have found them earlier so maybe before they got big i could have tried to see them…and from reading the top comments i see im not the only one who want to go to france now lol

  16. “This poem was written by The King of Pop, Michael Jackson and reminds me of Les Twins and all the members of both Veteranz and Criminalz Crew! And since MJ’s birthday is around the corner, I wanted to post a little something in tribute to him and all dancers living his legacy!”

    Dancing the Dream

    Consciousness expresses itself through creation. This world we live in is the dance of the creator. Dancers come and go in the twinkling of an eye but the dance lives on. On many an occasion when I’m dancing, I’ve felt touched by something sacred. In those moments, I’ve felt my spirit soar and become one with everything that exists. I become the stars and the moon. I become the lover and the beloved. I become the victor and the vanquished. I become the master and the slave. I become the singer and the song. I become the knower and the known. I keep on dancing and then, it is the eternal dance of creation. The creator and creation merge into one wholeness of joy.

    I keep on dancing and dancing… and dancing, until there is only… the dance.

  17. I found out about Les Twins maybe a month ago. Anyways i was looking at previews of “Step Up Revolution” on YouTube and someone commented that the Les Twins should have been in the movie. So i looked them up and i say that was the best thing that i could have done because they are so freaking talented and gorgeous. I dont even know them but i love them so much they just seem like such amazing people. I would love to meet them one day!!! I love their style its just amazing they are amazing. The first video i saw of them it was a Word of Dance video omg AMAZIIIING!!!! They are too damn talented. And after watching that video i was hooked on them ever since and cant get enough. The way they move is so sick like you get that stank face beacuase they so dope. I dont even know what else to say……they are just fantastic and i’ve never seen anyone do what they do. #TeamLesTwins!!!!!

    • Welcome Alexandria glad to have you on board team Les Twins! I just commented to LTL, no later than when the clip of the boys in Japan was posted last night. How special and awesome the feeling of discovering the Twins for the first time is. Again welcome to the family, much love.

  18. Omg ! These guys are way awesome , the first time i saw them dance was their WOD 2010 performance LOL and im still in love with that clip , never gets old 🙂 anyway i doubt il get to meet them because i live in New Zealand and i aint a millionaire soooo …. LOL maybe if i win the lottery .
    Maybe one day they would come over here and do a workshop or something , maybe. LOL

    Loads of support and LOVE from people here in New Zealand who admire you soo much xx 🙂

  19. hey im in love with the les twins becuase they inspire me to dance and put in more effort to dance to my full potential xxx j’adore them to bits there so cute and funny and on my list to do things before i die is i want to meet the les twins that would just complete my life and i hope to wish that comes true becuase they havent been to london in a while so 😦 but i would really love to see them face to face because they sound like really cool people and its awesome xxx LOVE YOU BOTH TO BITS XXXX

  20. The Les twins are so awsome. They are an inspiration to everyone. Watching the les twins dance makes my day. My bestfriend and I literally watches them everyday. We have our favorite videos and if some videos arent our favorites there are favorite moments in each of them. I just wish that I could meet them one day. But it seems like they are mainly out of the states and money is looking tight right now, lol. I love the Les Twins and always will. #LARRY #LAURENT #BOURGEOIS #LES TWINS ❤ ❤ ❤ 😀

  21. I’m a Chinese boy and a dancer, I want to contact Les Twins learn dance, I was finding them for one year, I tried all kinds of ways to contact Les Twins but all I failed, like twitter, facebook, email, I’m waiting their reply for three month, but they cannot saw my messages, I will go abroad find them to learn dance, now I’m just waiting, can yours give me a way to contact Les Twins in personal way? thank you very much!

  22. kia ora (hi) cool brothers who dance to hip hop beats 100% O.G style with good spirits of good health. I really aroha (love) them to the dayz !! working hard injoying life doing what thay love doing. DANCE… an share world wide WOW Dope… 🙂 your my best dancers bros. ALL THE WAY know matter what !! LARRY, LAURENT. im your kiwi fan from new zealand. HAPPYNESS IZ HOW WE DU 🙂 hope you twin brothers have a happy cool future with everthing your hearts desire in this bad world. much love LES TWINS (all day) WOORRD

  23. Hey, je suis Albin pseudo: Blacklight et je suis un fan inconditionne des twins je suis beninois . J’ai connu les twins il y a un annee mon niveau ennew style a augmente j’aimerais bien les rencontrer afin de faire un battle contre eux . Au fait si on me demandait de choisir l’un je dirai Laurent meme si ses pas sont tres dangereux et je le trouveplus beau que larry .OkDak voooiiiillllllllllllllllllllla! Bye!

  24. My name is Allie and I’m from Georgia. I fell in love with Les Twins when I finally had the chance to sit down and watch their dance videos. I’ve known about them for a year, but with a schedule like mine never had the time to actually enjoy them til now. I love them because they are passionate about dancing like I am, and always taking it to the next level. After analyzing how they dance, I can say that Larry is my favorite. He has that “pretty boy” swag and more precise about his movements which is very sexy to me. I think I would melt if I ever me Larry in person and no one has that affect on me. Les Twins, you are my heart and Larry is my soul.

  25. Hi my name is April and I’m from Gulfport, MS. I have twins that are six year old and I guess that’s why I can tell you guys apart. I love the way ya’ll dance (both) but my favorite is Larry. I have seen a few of ya’ll videos and they are really good. Keep doing what you do. If ya’ll can make a stop or workshop on the Mississippi Gulfcoast, it would be much appreciated. God bless.

  26. I fell in love the moment I watched the Les twins do a showcase on G-Shock in Japan. This was way back in 2011 before many people hopped on the Les Twin train! They just showed so much heart and passion in every move and it was obvious that this is what they are supposed to be doing in life. They’re absolutely A M A Z I N G! I would give anything to meet them, they are my inspiration! I love you both!

  27. Hello there beautiful people :D. My name is Shy’ann and my and my twin sister Dhy’ann love Les Twins! Lol we printed out some of their pictures and hung them up on our walls xD but their just truly amazing! Their dancing skills are unique and inspirational, it’s like you can feel all the effort their giving into their moves when they start to dance and only when we see THEM dance we just fall in love ❤. Since we’re young artists we decided to sketch a picture of them using 3D shadowing & all that other stuff. Hopefully if we’re lucky (i hope we get lucky) we can go to one of their workshops so they can sign the picture (most likely I’ll freak out xD) But we love them so much and we look forward to seeing them continue giving their best and just being the best ❤❤❤

  28. First off my name is Marelisea 🙂 I’d just like to say that i have so much love for Les Twins! Not just because of their looks even though they are muy caliente; i love the way they put passion into their dancing it’s just truly beyond amazing it’s inspirational like i they can BOTH do it well hell it’s possible for other to do it. I like their personalities and their characteristics. Lol their both funny & silly but Laurent is really affectionate i love that about him just hands down!!! Larry is silly that’s cute i just love them both equally, i enjoy them both. If i ever saw them i actually wouldn’t know what to do! In the end i hope they continue to fulfill their dreams in such a world we live in today and remain at the top. i will always be a Les Twins fan giving them my love & cheering them on 100% ^___^

  29. hi my name is jossiany but every budy call me jossy … i am a big fan our te big fan of les twins ,, i like u guys because you dance so kool .. and you are so beauthiful and sexy … i like larry more because he is fun .. and laurent i like you too because you more serius…. lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv uuuu guys ….. crazy for you …i have one collecion of your pictures in my phone.. and i have much video of yours dances ;;;;…love uu ❤ 🙂 😉

  30. hi im a girl get bullyed at school and i know something that can put a smile on my face is waching one of there viedos luv you guys. ps i wont to ask if you come to mn and make a work shop

  31. Amazin Dancers, my Son show me one of youre Video… and i fell in love , youre moves are so……sorry…i cant say….dont know a word for that…
    my biggest dream…one day with you guys…ps.: i´am 43 years young… uuuhm….no not me..so it is in my passport …but myself is only 19? i think 🙂
    Great Work Boys..keep it up.
    Je t’aime LARRY et LAURENT


  33. i love you laurent and larry i love the les twins freestyle dance laurent and larry i wish your in my house i love yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x xx x x x xx x x x x

  34. Keep up the gr8 work guys, I havent seen a super dance duo in actually their isnt any im a huge fan, the way they move captivate you it makes you stare an want to see more I choose both.

  35. I absolutely love you guys. Like i love to dance but you guys blew my mind. Yall are my inspiration to keep on dancing in life. I love yall most when yall be dancing because i get all excited and happy. You guys are very very cute. I love you guys to the fullest keep doing what your doing. ❤

  36. My son love you guys so much…I am a single parent of 6 and my eldest son which is 13 mock you both daily. … his name is Mikel Monroe on Facebook and mines is Ebony Mommyofsix Clemons….He dance like you both, dress like you both, he’s even on youtube…I don’t have much money but I will be willing to do whatever it takes so that my son can at least meet you both…. I hope to hear from you both soon!!!! ♡EBONY 3145852198!

  37. I love you guys soo much, your dance moves, your brotherly love for eachother you guys are inspiring to me I love y’all

  38. Hi I’m dannel martin from south africa.I love the Les Twins I fell in love with them since the 1st time I saw them dance,they are my world and the way the dance its just so …………………so……………………I don’t think words could discribe it and I would give anything to dance with the Les Twins …………..they are THEEE best

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