Caption This…

These are all the funny captions created by a fan for several Les Twins’ pictures that he randomly chose. Some of them are ridiculously Hil-Larry-Ous! Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Caption This…

  1. Hey! thanks!

    I made these caps! my name is rachel manor from buffalo ny. I made these in except for the one pic that says “I dont need another larry.” but the rest are my works! I am so siked to see them on one of the twins sites. If they see these, I hope it make them laugh. I love comedy. The twins should do comedies and horror flicks. they are funny and scary at the same time. they should be regulers on SNL. (God knows SNL could use some real talent!) my nic name on the cheeseburger site is “buttcrack!” tee hee hee. thanks again.

    P.S. If lau and larry see this, stay encouraged and put Jesus Christ the son of the living God FIRST!!!! love, your fan, ME!

  2. Oh wow!!! Thank you so much for all of these sans the “I don’t need another Larry” ;-). I found them on but wasn’t sure who to give them credit to or if they were originally made there or from somewhere else. But thank you again. These have gone over greatly with the fans who visit the site and those whom I have shared them with on Tumblr.

    • welcome! thanks for posting my work. I try to add to them in cheeseburger whenever I can find good pics of them.

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