About Les Twins

Larry and Laurent Bourgeois, known world wide as Les Twins, are identical twin brothers who have set fire to the hip hop dance scene. Born and raised in Sarcelles, France, the brothers are of Guadelupian decent. These dancing phenoms specialize in New Style Hip-Hop which is far more advanced than Old School Hip-Hop dancing. Les Twins are also a part of a larger crew known as Criminalz Crew. The brothers have been dancing since the age of two and haven’t stopped since. Although Laurent found his calling in the world of dance before Larry, they both have an extreme passion for the art. Both Larry and Laurent love their fans and appreciate all of the support that they have received from everyone around the world. It is apparent in how they treat their fans that these two find that maintaining great relationships with the fans far outweighs just sending videos or posting pictures online. You can attribute that characteristic to them coming from such a large family with 18 brothers and sisters, 9 of which also dance. That would explain why they love to dance and just have fun with one another. It is those close relationships that Les Twins hold dearly that keep them grounded and humble to this very day.

Just a Few Fun Facts About Les Twins:

Full names: Larry Nicolas Bourgeois and Laurent Nicolas Bourgeois

Birthplace: Sarcelles, France

Date of Birth: December 6, 1988

Height: 6’4 (193 cm)

Shoe Size: 10.5

Siblings: 18

Hobbies Include: Dancing, Golf, Cooking, Babysitting

Distinctions: Wild hair (afros) or twists, backwards pants, knee-pads, scarves, black beads, pants chain

Coach: Abibou “Playmo” Kébé

contact: lestwinsloveblog@gmail.com


129 thoughts on “About Les Twins

  1. I Am a HUGE Fan Of Les Twins! I Watch You Guys Everyday and If I Don’t I Feel a Like Something Is Missing From Me.. You Guys Are Really Important/an Inspiration To Me.. I’ve Always Wanted To Meet You Guys and Not Just One! Both Of You Are Very Unique In Your Own Way and Thank You For All You Have Given! ..EXCELLENT TRAVAIL! *Muahhh*:)

  2. Hy guys,I am from Romania and I wanted to ask if there is any chance to see dances in my country.I love your dance style.you are the best.

    • I’m from Romania too:d and i woulllld lovee to see you here:d I just love your style and i watch you every day:d you are so funny and cute togheter 😡 love you!

      • Yes they are coming in ROMANIA 23 and 24 nov 2013 !!! I love them too and i will come to learn from the Best! Be there !!!

    • i feel in love with les twins scince i was two and i wach there you tube viedos every day i hope one day i could meet them in that they red this love you guys best of luck

      • when i wach les twins viedos they make me happy.i also like to see the way they take care of each other and i like to see them play fight ,and i like the way dance .one day my dream well come true and i well meet them , i hope you keep dancing for the fans and me

      • les twins im so tierd of only seeing you guys on you tube beacause i wont to see you guys in real life i now so many people wont to see you and i understand you have so many things to do that you cant read these text but when you can please reaply beacause i check this every day beacause i luv you guys

      • I love the bromance! So cute, reminds me of my sister and our relationship. Wish I knew how to pronounce that surname!

  3. hey Les twins i just wanted to say keep up the good work because i feel like y’all be doing so good things for the fans and yourself my name is jazminn and i am from the united states and i just wanted to know when you guys will come to my country. i want to live in france is it fun?

  4. I am a huge fan. My brother showed me a vid once, and I couldn’t stop watching it. I would like to meet both of you in person.. Is there any way that this could happen? I’m from Suriname, South America. I really, really, want to meet youu.. xo Lindsay

    • i am from Guyana, Suriname’s neighbour, i would be extremely overwhelmed with joy if yu guys can visit. My name is Tricshell and there iz not a dat dat dnt watch yu guys on youtube. I wish i was a twin so i cld feel the connection ting. My heart melts wen yu show brotherly love to eachother 🙂 Ii love yu guys. I hpe yu guys continue being successful, no i kno yu guys will continue to be successful frm here onwards. Good Luck Larry & Laurent (I’m so in love with yur name btw lol)

  5. I think you guys are the best dancers in the world…. me and my sister think of ya’ll as our biggest inspiration we would love to meet the both of you we live in Houston,Texas.(People always think that me and my little sister are twins like ya’ll) “We can dance alright”

  6. chicos muy bueno ..me re encanta como bailan super weno quisiera q vengan a mi pais argentina jujuy psss aqui los adoran jamas nos cansams de verlos smos sus fans nmro 1 los adoro kiss

  7. quisiera que vengan a jujuy argentina a visitarnos ya que seria muy bueno por favor respondan los amo chicos son lo maximo a parte aqui nunca nadie viene y serian los primeros famosos en venir seria super wuauuuuu con cariño vane

  8. Hey, i live in Kenya, Africa. Took me a while to know u guys, not personally ofcourse. all th same, u guys r an inspiration. U entertain me on my worst days, reminding me there is always something to live. I love th humor, th clothes and the personality in all your moves. I hope to see you guys perform live, at least once in my lifetime.

  9. I love the les twins and I hope they find me and say hi for my birthday next year cuz that be the best birthday present I have ever gotten …… and I ❤ Larry and laurent!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Larry & Laurent, you guys are the BEST dancers I ever seen ! I watch you guys ALOT and I never get enough from watching you guys. I hope someday I get to meet you guys. #iLy 2 the Les Twins !

  11. I wonder if i am the only one that seem to be addicted to these fantastic, sexy dancers. Ever since the first video on youtube, i been stuck on them….I’ve watched all their videos and battles, seen and downloaded most of their pictures lol gooshh they are just so awesome…i wanna meet them so bad, that would just make my life….

  12. hello !! im Widad from Morocco and Spain, but i live in London 😀 i love Larry and Laurent les twins so bad you guys are the best i love the way like they dance and i wanna meet them so crazy !! J’aime vous êtes le meilleur. ❤ ❤

  13. I really enjoy watching you guys dance. It makes my heart happy! I would love to see you dance to Phil Collins “Air of the night” and Drake’s “Crew Love”.

  14. I just learned about the Les Twins tonight (9/18/2012) and I truly loved the videos. Guys, I hope you can come to United States Virgin Islands and put on a work shop at the University of the Virgin Islands on St. Croix.

    Also, I hope you’re keeping a diary of all your adventures, if so, they need to be in a book. Keep dancing!

    Gail Johnson
    St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islans

  15. Le Twins are my life ever since I’ve found them! Haha not as in a stalker kind of way but … Ohh, well maybe just a little. ANNYWAYS, just wanted to say that they’re amazing, I love them, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd OH YEAH, COME TO NEW ZEALAND!

  16. Hey Les Twins, OMG I cant say enough how much you two sexy talented guys dance so beautifully and awesome!!! God has trully blessed you both in beging thee BEST dancers by far!!! I watch you guys on youtube because I have the urge to see y’all tear down the house with your incredible moves!! You guys are a true inspiration and really showed the world how dancing is what makes life great to live for. Am a HUGE fan and hopefully someday will be able to meet and see y’all perform real soon!! Love You Les Twins!!

  17. hey guys!my friends;family and i are a massive fan of yours from Johannesburg,South Africa and you guys are just pure awesome.
    every move you make and every twist you turn,adds to the reality of how hard work truly pays of…be blessed.

  18. Salut les gars!je viens de Madagascar,j’ai commencé à danser depuis 1 année,je n’ai pas de prof de danse,seuls vous les gars êtes mon inspiration!Le premier vidéo de danse que j’ai vu c’était “LES TWINS WORLD OF DANCE 2010”,j’ai juste trouvé ça trop waw et maintenant je peux plus m’en passer,en plus je trouve que je m’améliore de jour en jour en voyant tous vos vidéos!
    ->Je n’essai pas de copier totalement vos mouvement mais je veux créer ma propre style comme vous vous avez su le faire(En plus,t’es difficile à copier Larry);)
    PS:J’ai aussi un frère jumeau (Guys,I have a Twins brother too!),on aime tous les 2 danser depuis qu’on est petits,mais on se ressemble pas trop,alors je pense que je vous comprends mieux que les autres et ne vous inquiétez pas,vous entendrez bientôt parler de nous;)…
    Bye et bonne chance et mercie d’illuminer tout les jours ma vie et “keep dancing alive”

  19. How would like to go in the running to meet the les twins? You might be the lucky one (out of 1,000) people .you’d get a full day to hang with them. If yes reply back and then I’ll give you a number to call, please get back to us by December 9th. Thanks for your time.

  20. Hi everybody! I’m a Chinese boy, I want to contact LesTwins learn dance, I was finding them for one year, I’m waiting their reply for three month, but they cannot saw my messages, I tried all kinds of ways to contact them but all I failed, can someone give me a way to contact Les Twins in personal way? thank you very much!

  21. ..Salut Larry e Laurent mi chiamo Paolo sono italiano e vivo in Germany, sono vostro fan da tanti anni e devo dire che non ho mai visto un stile di dance cosí fantastico, vario, eletrizzante, incredibbile, pazzesco, divertente, veloce, bellissimo, elegante, e ineguagliabile…non so piú cosa aggiungere ,senza parole. Siete i MIGLIORI complimenti, bravissimi !.quando ballate voi la terra brucia, brucia ,brucia. io vi clicco quasi ogni giorno da you tube siete la mia ispirazione e passione é bellissimo guardavi e la vostra musica é stupenda ! vi seguo piú che posso…Per me siete i migliori ballerini new style del mondo.Mille Grazie ragazzi ! é uno spettacolo! AAAAAAMAZING !!! Ps,- spero un giorno di incontrarvi ! Ps.- potreste mandarvi il vostro autografo con una foto?… Ps.- per favore venite nel sud della Germania in TOUR ? Thank you so much! vostro aff. fan Paolo+M Wiesbaden – Germany

  22. hi les twins criminalz crew i love u so much. I am your bigest fan in Trinidad and Tobago i can not too see you in my home town when you come. 🙂

  23. Les twins u hav been a huge inspiration on me because i dance too i used to do hiphop starting at 6 but stopped at 10 and started ballet and i look at you both and see that i can improve my dancing what to do and what not to do thank you. I hope you guys through my area.

  24. Les twins u hav been a huge inspiration on me because i dance too i used to do hiphop starting at 6 but stopped at 10 and started ballet and i look at you both and see that i can improve my dancing what to do and what not to do thank you. I hope you guys come through my area.

  25. All I can say is I dream of dancing with Laurent and Larry. Wish that dream would come true as well as traveling in Europe, Japan and India. That would be best dream come true. Your Biggest fan Aisha

  26. Les Twins da quando ho visto un vostro video, nn ho più smesso di guardarli!!avete smosso l’hip hop k è in me e quello k fate voi è la danza k ho sempre cercato!!grazie…siete la mia ispirazione!!

  27. Om. i love ya’ll. I love the way ya’ll dance and everything i am ya’ll number one fan. I have ya’ll posters in my room and i just got a shirt made with ya’ll faces. I love ya

  28. I loveeeeeeeee les twins and i really want to meet them!!!
    I just love the way they dance and they aree so f*cking cute!
    I was just looking on youtube for hiphop dace, then i saw les twins, i saw more movies of them on youtube and i loved the wa they danced together. And i fell in love. Les twins, i really love you guys and wat to see you guys! Come to Netherland (holland) pleaseeee!!! Love you guys xxxxx

  29. I want to meet les twins i love them so much and i want to dance with you guys plz come philipines there so many dancer in this country spending there life to dance!!!!\

  30. Hi les twins I watch your videos everyday! I love every single one of them I watch! I want to meet both of you but I can’t because my parents won’t let me because I am only 10 but I can’t wait for you to make more 2013 videos!

  31. Hello u guys iam sophia and iam from Lynn Ma it near Boston ma iam canadian and haitian can i just say i love the way u guys put everything together u guys are amazing if i could have one wish it would be for u guys to come and see me and performe for me and my fam ill be 18 in march 7 i would for u guys to swing buy to persome and my bash sweet 18 but hey u still have time to think about it 🙂 yall got a long to way to go just wanted to say keep doing w.e yall doing the ppl out there love u guys and so do i yall gunna make it someday.

  32. I am a huge fan of the Les Twins,, I watch one of their videos everyday,, but I was wondering if the Les Twins have an official Facebook page? You may call me @ 706 728 2774

  33. Wat up Larry, wat up Laurent ,such cool names.I’m kayle I am a dancer myself & I’m also funny & singer mostly dancer I am a true fan I look at all your birds there awesome
    i love to cook.I went to your concert on July 17th,which was my birthday,July 17th 2003,my mom & I think you guys are very cute and I’m 10 years old.so yeah talk to ya later bye guys

  34. Wat up Larry, wat up Laurent ,such cool names.I’m kayle I am a dancer myself & I’m also funny & singer ,mostly dancer I am a true fan I look at all your birds there awesome
    i love to cook.I went to your concert on July 17th,which was my birthday,July 17th 2003,my mom & I think you guys are very cute and I’m 10 years old.so yeah talk to ya later bye guys

  35. Hey guys!!!!! Im 13 and I am a HUGE fan of your and i would really like to see you in person n i love all your songs you dance to. I was wondering if you guys would be in south florida again since i missed the world tour but if meet you and would be so happy i wouldnt know what to do u guys are a great inspiration to me even though i dont dance but u guys gave me a visual role model for me because u guys never gave up and i had to quit cheer but im doing everthing i can to get back into the sport and meet you guys btw you guys are the best dancers ever n u guys are my favorite dancers Hope fully you will respond n ill get to meet you n i love ur Jordans n ur t-shirts well bye see you soon….hopfully

  36. Les twins u guyz are AWESOME!!! am a dancer too and am so inspired by u guyz i wish u could come to Nigeria to perform..

  37. Hey Les twins I’m Sarah from Suriname…I realy love/like you guys and realy would like to see you in my country I’m a crazy fan of yours …you are the best dancers on earth….just my favorite 😛
    I love love love love love love love love love you Larry y Laurent …..<3 <3….see ya lots of love from Suriname

  38. You both are awesome! I met you both at the San Francisco Jazz on July 3, 2013. You are as different from each other as you are the same to each other. Your art of dancing and your unique techniques have been a life changing inspiration in my life and for that I THANK YOU. There is one thing that you two do that surpasses your incredible dance styles, its how you are so down to earth real people you treat everyone like friends you’ve known for years! and that makes both of you that much more awesome! Thank you! I never wanted to meet anyone as much as I wanted to meet you two, it is a dream that came true for me! I tattooed your autograph just like I said! I Love You Both! meeting you two is an experience I will cherish for life!

  39. Les Twins Am a big Fan of you guys Am Grem from Africa In Malawi A Dancer too Wish l would send ya my Video’s also….But you Guys have changed the World of Dance! Yo are Amazing at dancing!!! Nd I would do ANYTHING to dance or even meet up with you guys…..Plz Reply back at my E-mail plz guys….

  40. Les Twins. Iv known many celebs in my time yet none evr captivated me like u. No celeb from MJ to JZ evr weaken me. Thr r no words and im scared and embarrassed bcz im old and strong minded. U r a very interesting and appealing unit. I pray much success for u. love forever baby boys.

  41. U guys r so cute….text me on kik at AdrienneLoveYou and text me on Facebook at Adrienne Clay….I am a huge fan of u guys…u guys actually make me feel like I can do anything…u have inspired me….I want to me u guys so badly…u r very talented in ur own way…just text me if u wanna…and Laurent….u especially u…text me!!!

  42. Sir i’m a huge fan of Larry & laurent.. (Les Twins) im just asking permission if i can do the tricks or moves of larry and laurent cause i love the way they dance ….. and if i can contact you guyz.. please … im just a 13 yr old boy and im from Philippines .. pls just send me your phone numbers in my Yahoo accont… Thank you.. for inspiration.. 🙂

  43. I love dancing, every time I see les twins I cry. Les twins are the inspiration to me not just for dancing but for everything. I love how u two dance from the heart it makes dancing for me so much more fun when it comes from the heart. I hope someday I’ll be as good as you two.

  44. I thought remote kontrol was good till I met these guys,

    you guys are th best,the greatest you are like the new Michael Jackson’s,I watch your shows everytime, keep it up #troniq

  45. I thought remote kontrol was good till I met these guys,

    you guys are th best,the greatest you are like the new Michael Jackson’s,I watch your shows everytime, keep it up #troniq

    you are my inspiration to dancing,

    maybe somtime you could visit zimbabwe # 263737621 048

  46. Hi guys,I am from South Africa and I am addicted to the LES twins,my only wish is to meet them in person and mybe dance with then. I really love the twins and the way they are…my inbspiration to dance

  47. Hey ive watched you guys for many years your moves are unbelievably amazing your swag and attitude is off the charts…ive always wanted to dance but was never motivated enough watching you guys gives me hope …hope i get to at least you guys in person and at least shake your hands would be greatful enough biggest fans love you guys continue your blessing…

  48. Hie, Im Ravi from Delhi,India.
    Im a big fan of these two amazing dancers. I’ve always wanted to meet these guys. Ur a big inspiration for me les twins.
    I want to learn their dance forms.
    Can u please help me by giving me there contact no.?
    Also I would like to mention that Im a dancer as well as choreographer.

  49. I love les twins..I’ve never seen anyone dance with such style and finess..and handsome and what it takes to keep u captive as you in awe of their gift.

  50. I just want to say I love dancing to. But I watched as many as I can videos of you too I also made a pic college and its actually my screen saver. You guys are the two I look up to I love you!!!!! 😊😁💖

  51. Guyzzzz u r the best dancers in the world..and we are the big fan of your…and thank u fr inspire us…i love u both….les twins.♡

  52. Your dance very very beutifull and full anergy dance new style dance hip hop all step nice awesome but i am indian boy 9712521393 plzz you support me and Call me buy buyyy larry keep like and love les twinsssssss

  53. I love them so much..I also love to dance and when I couldn’t dance because of an injury I was on YouTube and found them and I thought they were amazing. if it wasn’t for them I probably would’ve stopped dancing BC I haven’t done it in forever. I want to meet both of them so badly because they have taught me so much like musicality and now I hear every beat in music and can dance to it..I’m so glad they dance they are the best!

  54. i love you guys so much i no everything about you but i am not a mad person p.s
    i watch all of your videos and i love you larry and lau pleas come to trinidad and tobago and dance even though i am 12 i am your biggest fan so please come 2 tnt

  55. guys you r so cool i wish the best for you both
    je suis un grand fan et je pense que vous êtes le meilleur danseur i jamais vu je souhaite le meilleur pour vous
    and i hope you come to my country to dance 😉

  56. I know you get this a lot but I am one of your biggest fans!!! You guys are amazing I love your style and your conference, your kindness, your passion for dancing, all of it!!!! Y’all are the best dancers in the world!!!!! I especially love how you treat your fans and how your not afraid of being yourself in front of thousands of people every time you go on stage!!!! LOVE YA!!!!!♥♥

  57. my twin sister ayana and i ( rayana). we are born the december 6 1988 like them. we are in love with them. they are handsome and we would like to be their girlfriends

  58. When are the les twin coming to south africa ………….I’m madly in love with them and I would love to meet them I would be so happy and lucky if they can come ……………….please let them come …………………p.s I love like in really loce the Les Twins

  59. Luv u guys so much I’ve watched at least all your vids and my family thinks I’m weird because I’m the only one that could tell you apart in a matter of seconds…….I gues you guys are like my 6th sense or something

  60. Hi! My name is Nirvana Davis. I’m 16 and I want to meet you Les Twins. Your dancing is more than awesome, it’s like above the earth awesome! It is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper coooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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