Secrets & Lies

Story by: Dion (

Pairing: Gabby/Laurent

Setting: Paris, France

Rating: M – 25 & up

Description: 27 year-old Gabriella Peters aka Gabby is a writer for Trend Magazine happily engaged to her boyfriend Keith when she is sent to Paris on an assignment to dig up dirt on the French duo Les Twins. But as Gabby spends more time with the twins she finds herself drawn to Laurent. Gabby must choose between what she wants and what is right. 



3 thoughts on “Secrets & Lies

  1. OH man…u know I love this story…but now i’ll have nothing to read 😦 What going on my reading supply is drying up!!!!

  2. OKi I have an idea how u post two different stories at the same time…do a vote anything just please I need to be able to have another story!!! PLEASE!!! with Afro Kisses on top!!! O_O

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