The fanfic’s that are presented on this site, are a series of stories that are created and written by fans of Les Twins. NONE of the stories are real, and each character is fictitious, except for Laurent and Larry who we all know and love. If you have a story about Les Twins that you are writing, please contact me, and I will be more than happy to add your stories into our collection.


3 thoughts on “Fanfic

  1. I love the twins I have never loved dancing as much as I do this.Mu was great I use to think he was the best in the world no disrespect to him but the twins are the best in the world. I have to look at them everyday and I pray that they will go on tour I know it will be great and amazing.please come to Dallas.

  2. Lol tell me I’m not the only one that love the les twins fanfic when it’s a slash?! Lol I know I’m crazy but I wish people would put fanfics like that..

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