Chelsea Cee

So i’ll put it like this… It was the Edit video. I remember seeing it waaaaay back, in February on Worldstar Hip Hop. Then I saw it on youtube. But anyway, that video blew me away. Me being a dancer, Im going to critique, and stalk any dance video lol… But with them, it was nothing to critique them on. Their musicality is almost scary. I flipped out watching the video though.. I mean screaming, came close to throwing my shoe at my laptop (What us dancers do when something is just… too raw!). I googled them, and hella videos popped up, and a few tumblr links came up and after that I was pretty hooked. I watch every video that popped up on the side.. just everything Les Twins! It took me a good week to tell them apart.. I still get them mixed up sometimes, pero I mean they’re identical lol. I’m a fan because, they’re amazing. They’re dancers I look up too. When I want to see some “omg there’s no way I can get that” dance moves, I watch Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Ciara, and the twins. There’s something really special about them. The twins have introduced me to another style of dance, and with alot of practice I might be able to keep up with them! No seriously, I’ve met some cool freaking girls over these past few months.. and I have Larry and Lau to think for that. I love them like i’ve known them forever. I call Lau my adopted brother, and Larry is my bestfriend. I’ve given them nicknames and everything. Larry is Noochie, and Laurent is Paah. I could go on and on about these amazing guys… but, that’s it for now! Viva Les Twins ! ❤

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