Shoe Game

We all Laurent and Larry have the most incredible Nike shoe game ever! Here are just a few of the shoes that I’ve found online and from closely looking at the videos of their performances.

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23 thoughts on “Shoe Game

  1. now larry has- jordan 1 flight Obsidian/Stealth-White-Varsity Red and Jordan 1 flight Black/White-Cement gray-Varsity Red

  2. Is there any way for me to find Nike RT1 Azure?
    They are kind of old and no one of my town’s shops can afford them, so me neither. :(( Any links for online ordering? ❤ thanks:)

  3. Hi everybody! I’m a Chinese boy, I want to contact LesTwins learn dance, I was finding them for one year, I’m waiting their reply for three month, but they cannot saw my messages, I tried all kinds of ways to contact them but all I failed, can someone give me a way to contact Les Twins in personal way? thank you very much!

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