Awesomely Awkward Larry!

Larry Nicholas Bourgeois is a complex creature; to say the least. He’s the cliché, “strong, but silent” type of guy. In interviews, he doesn’t say a whole lot unless asked; in interacting with fans, he’s the twin that sorta lay’s in the cut, or sits back and observes everyone and everything; and during their down time, you won’t find him tweeting, facebooking, or posting any pictures– during that time, he’s nowhere to be found but he has this presence about him that lets you know that he’s there, lurking in the shadows, watching your every move, but as long as you don’t holler, he won’t bite.

If you weren’t a die hard LT fan, and you stumbled upon the droves and droves of pictures of Les Twins out on the internet, you’d probably think to yourself, “Wow! This guy loves the camera!”, and in that assertion to a new LT fan or an unknown, that would be a very clear observation, but it would be wrong. Because I have observed, watched, and mulled time and time again over every LT picture, video, article, you name it, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Larry Nicholas Bourgeois is comfortably “awkward” in front of the camera.

When I say he’s comfortably awkward I mean that as far as Larry is concerned, taking a picture with a fan is no big deal, and it’s probably not, but in the same token, he’d much rather not but simply just give a dap or two, shake a hand or three and be on his way. Not that he doesn’t care about the Les Fans because that is the furthest thing from the truth, but he’s that guy that would much rather do this dancing thing and be on his merry way. Sure, he flashes that adorably goofy smile at times, and often is perceived as though he’s having the time of his life taking pictures with fans, but truth be told, I honestly don’t think he likes taking pictures. Of course we all know that Laurent the beast of all beasts is not one bit shy from taking pictures and having his turn in the spotlight; but as Sir Isaac Newton expressed in his third law of physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction and Larry is indeed Laurent’s equal but he’s also his opposite.

Larry has expressed before, they are each others mirror. This is true to some degree; they mirror one another in looks, dance moves at times, they often react at the same time to the same things, etc. But yet they are quite different in personality, emotions, and likes/dislikes and mannerisms. Larry is the one who is perfectly fine playing the background just as long as he gets his moment to rip the stage to shreds. Please don’t get it twisted; when it comes time to take pictures with the fans, you won’t find Larry brooding over in the corner acting like a baby, throwing a tantrum because he doesn’t want to take a picture. He’ll be right where he needs to be, right when he needs to be there. It’s almost as if you get nothing more and nothing less than what is expected of him. And that’s fine. Everyone who is an entertainer of some sort knows that with the popularity comes notoriety and in that, unless you want to come off as a real douche bag, you’ll smile pretty and take a few pictures here and there for your ever adoring fans. Les Twins love their fans. Each and every single last one of us, they LOVE, so a few snaps of the camera here and there isn’t a real bother. But as I stated, I think that Larry is the twin that could care less if he took another picture at any point in time.

Nevertheless, I can sympathize with Larry in just wanting to be left alone sometimes. No one asking to take my picture, or have my picture taken with them; no one asking for an autograph and no one stalking my entire life. I’m sure it can all be a bit cumbersome so I don’t blame Larry for being that way. Naturally, it never visibly shows out-right on his face or in his body language, but I’m a pretty good judge of character and a good judge at reading people and I am 100% sure that the picture taking part of it all Larry could do without. Needless to say, you’ll never get a “no”, well, unless he’s in the middle of dancing or battling somebody. That is a no no. You can forget about a picture at that moment unless you’re just snapping them on your own. He’ll let you down politely just as he did the young lady when they were at the WOD in NY. He simply asked her could she wait until after they were finished and she obliged. See… nothing to fear, he’s not as “gangster” as Lau says he is; he knows how to let you down easy. Love ya Larry *wink*


4 thoughts on “Awesomely Awkward Larry!

  1. Very astute observation. I couldn’t agree with you more. He is the Yin for Lau’s Yang everyday, in every way. Larry is super complex, the picture taking issue is a perfect example of the complex tight walk Larry walks.

  2. Hi, I know this is very very old, but I feel the urge to respond to this. It will be long, I am sorry.
    Firstly, a few facts:
    1) I am not an English native speaker
    2) I’ve been to their workshops and also at two after parties with them, so I had some time to watch them closely
    3) I know a person, who is a friend to their family
    4) I am a psychology student
    5) with all that, I am trying to say that I know what I am talking about 🙂

    I believe you are wrong with some of your conclusions. I can agree that Larry is more introverted, that is for sure. But please, don’t mistake it for shyness, low confidence or anything like that.
    Larry is DEFINITELY the more self-confident one out of the twins. Laurent is the one who has always been struggling for some attention and who has lower self-confidence, which has several reasons. As you probably know, as children, they were separated for some time. Larry stayed with the family, because he was smaller, thinner and cuter. Laurent had to go away. Also as teenagers, Larry had many girlfriends and sexual experience, whereas Laurent had to fight for girls more. Things like that probably made them the way they are now: Laurent is more of an exhibitionist, because he feels that he needs to fight for people to like him. Larry doesn’t need that – he is considered cuter, he can look innocent, he can be more witty than Laurent, for some reason he has more charisma than Laurent (for most observers).
    But believe me, Larry is not that perfect. First of all, he is not shy. When it comes to women, Larry is definitely faster and more flirty, he can just do it in more hidden way. When it comes to Lau + Larry relationship, they sure love each other, but Larry can be very mean to his brother. He tells Lau before everyone that he stinks, that he looks terrible and so on. He also tells Lau frequently than Lau is a worse dancer. Laurent is never that mean to Larry. On a contrary, Laurent shows his love to Larry constantly.
    Also with students at workshops, I heard Larry telling some boy (he could be about 10 years old) that he sucks and the boy cried after that. Laurent wouldn’t do that. Not mentioning that Laurent is a better teacher than Larry, Larry doesn’t care about teaching much, he just goes through his choreo and doesn’t care if his students get it or not. Lau goes step by step and really cares about his students.
    One more note to the fact that Larry doesn’t speak much: 3 or 4 years ago it was so. The reason was that Larry’s English was way worse than Laurent’s. Nowadays, you can see that both talk a lot, and Laurent sometimes has to calm Larry down when Larry starts doing crazy stuff in front of the cameras.

    I am sorry for this being so long. I understand you have a weak spot for Larry. Many girls do. Because yes, he is cuter than Laurent, also his dancing is more masculine and therefore more tempting, and also he knows very well what gestures, moves, mimics make him look adorable and charming. Simply, he is a better player.
    Before I came to my first workshop with them, I had been definitely a Larry’s fan. But after what I have seen on my own eyes, after what I have heard about them (also from their family friend), I have to say that nowadays my heart beats for Laurent. Laurent is the more insecure one, the more artistic one, and most importantly, the one with bigger heart.

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