Les Twins Schedule

Upcoming scheduled appearances:

World of Dance Los Angeles : April 7, 2012

City Dance Studios in San Francisco: April 11, 2012

Las Vegas – April 17th – 20th (No scheduled performance’s at this time)

Club Zurich – April 21st
Zurich, Switzerland

Terrasini, Sicily, Italy: May 4th thru May 6th
– City of the Sea – Terrasini (PALERMO)

International Dance Festival “I am a Dancer” – May 10th thru May 12th
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Beyonce Revel Concert Series: May 25th thru May 27th
Atlantic City, N.J.

Russia Tour (Rescheduled Dates): Dates are still pending

Nizhnij Novgorod
Saint Petersburg

Rihanna Radio 1 Hackney Weekend: June 24-25 – CANCELLED
London, England

SDK Europe: July 1st thru July 7th (teaching workshops)
Czech Republic

Urban Dance Showcase: July 29th
Eimeldingen, Germany

International Street Dance Camp: August 3rd
Belguim, Germany

Urban Dance Moves: August 5th
Las Vegas, Nevada

Fair Play Dance Camp: August 3- 12
Krakow, Poland

Japan Dance Delight Vol. 19 Final: August 26
Pacifico Yokohama, Japan

Hip Hop Master Class Series: September 18 – 20

Studio Dionne:
524 Plasters Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30324
Les Twin’s Workshop Hours:

Tuseday, September 18th  — 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Wednesday, September 19th — 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Thursday, September 20th — 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Street Dance Battle: September 23 (Pesca Music Hall)
Budapest, Hungary

Amazon Hip Hop Connection 2012: November 24-25


101 thoughts on “Les Twins Schedule

  1. It would be very interesting if Les Twins comes to Cape Verde for a workshop. We have a few dance crews and it would be an honor to the existing groups here to experience on Les Twins dance techniques.

  2. Man! these guys are going to places I’ve never heard of. LOL. Why aren’t they all over the tv yet? they should be inducted into the guiness book of world records and the hall of fame. How does talent like this miss the world? oh that’s right, they’re black men and God forbid hollywood allows another set of blacks like MJ himself take over the world and be an encouragement to our young black men and teens in this country.

    These two have seen more in their short 25 years of living than most will see in a whole lifetime. The stories they must have! Still I hope God saves them and uses them in the future. I dont want my boys lost! Seek and Keep Jesus FIRST in all you do.

    • For fucks sake can everyone just stop pulling the race card for every fucking thing that goes wrong with a black person? Or the sexist card for anything negative towards a woman. Yes racism exists, but there are also many other dancers out there. No doubt this is the Lamborghini and Ferrari level dancing. But maybe not everyone can afford to pay to see these phenomenal dancers live so they buy things they can watch over and over again, or they jump on youtube. From a financial standpoint, I don’t think they are even close to being broke and frankly, I think it’s actually nice that they are a little less well known so that if they were to get caugh hitting a bong in an after party, they won’t lose a fuck ton of endorsement deals like Phelps did..

      Whatever they are doing, it’s working. I’m sure they will eventually get noticed by more people. I love watching them do shit that I know I don’t have the neurons or muscle capability to do and I found out about them less than a year ago. That means I was originally enjoying WOD 2012 in 2014

      The world is a shitty place, but stop trying to look for shit in everything

    • Well said I couldn’t have put it any better.Your so right why aren’t they world famous and all over t.v they are best talent I’ve come across in my 31 years of living

  3. These two are awesome dancers and should entertain some people in Washington State..do a dance camphor something I know a lot of people who would go.

  4. It would be awesome if they came to Netherlands Antilles when I say that I mean the beautiful island Bonaire they should do a workshop that would be like so cool

  5. yeah i would be wonderful if the Les twins came to the u.s.a. to see me i luv you guys so much! and i want you guys to teach me a couple of dance moves personally. i really funny and i love the way that you guys dance.

  6. Les Twins I’m waiting for you in Cracow !!! and lookin forward to dance with you on SDK! THE CAMP WITHOUT SLEEPING!
    Haha i’m lucky this year 🙂

  7. Dates was chenged:
    10 июня – Saint Petersburg
    11 июня – Perm
    12-13 июня – Moscow
    14 июня – Omsk
    15 июня – Kazan
    16 июня – Nizhnij Novgorod
    17 июня – Krasnodar
    20 июня – Yakutsk

  8. Twins in AC! I’ve seen these guys in countless videos, sometimes in places where I was (Miami, WMC), but never ran into them in person. What had already been a great Sunday night turned into better when I randomly accepted invitation of my promotion friend’s after hours party following a great pool party. Within minutes of club opening I recognized Larry on the dance floor. It was nice to meet him, told me Laurent was sleeping and continued to dance. I was more than slightly inebriated so unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to show that I can hang :). Larry must have been tired as although he destroyed every NJ/NYC guido shuffle that came to a circle, it was not his usual greatness. We do a lot of parties in NYC and NJ area all year around, would like to see you come out or be part of shows, you’ll be very well welcomed. Good to see you guys crossing over to different genre of music. Thanks for being you guys and staying true to what you love, which is dance at 5am after having worked all weekend…

    P.S. Laurent criminals never sleep 😉

  9. Confused about the schedule. Les Twins are in MJ’s Worl tour which picks up again on June 6th through the summer… So I’m confused why the schedule looks like they may have other events scheduled during that time?

  10. wow how i wish i lived in russia, and could go to the workshop all fo the days LOL. LES TWINS!! please come to usa in virginia, or north carolina, im dieying to meet yall 😦 !!!!!

  11. New dates
    June 20 – Saint Petersburg
    June 21 – Moscow
    June 22 – Nizhnij Novgorod
    June 23 – Perm (waiting for confirmation)
    June 24 – Krasnodar

    Omsk, Yakutsk – waiting for confirmation
    Kazan – canceled

  12. Come onnnnn you are going to Budapesta?! Come to Romania too,I’m only 16 i can’t leave the country:| f**k my age 😦 I really want to met you guys…love from Romania

  13. les twins, you have a crazy fan base in Kansas………….hit us up if at all possible. Be Blessed!
    K. HIgh

  14. Hey, I know they will be here in SF at the Yerba Buena Center at the end of November for Clas/Hip Hop, will they be holding a workshop as well or are they only coming for the two shows? 🙂 thank you.

  15. I just wanted to know where in Atlanta, GA is the Hip Hop Master Class Series located because I really want too see them. I’m so excited.

  16. Hey! They should come to Rome, Italy before I leave this beautiful country! I am studying abroad and I think on top of this experience, it would be amazing to meet the Les Twins in person and watch them “DO THEIR THING” live!!!!! PLease COME HERE!!!

  17. Oh my God! If they were to come even close to Cincinnati, OH (USA) I would be there in a heartbeat! They are the best dancers I’ve seen EVER! ❤

  18. Man, I think I will go to Amazon just to see them, but, once at Brazil, why don`t they come to Sao Paulo!?
    I wil wait more news, thanks for this great information.

  19. Where i live there never coming..I would go to the atl tour but i just heard about it.My brother messy with me about them i love them.
    My favo dance group ever.

    Wish them the best.
    There young and have the whole world.in front of them.

  20. Would you both please come down under to Australia. I would love you see you both live, one better would be to met you. Keep smiling always Chelsey xox

  21. Holland got loads of talented dancers. U might wanna come and check larry et laurent? And maybe honor us with an performance while ur here.
    Greetings, the dutch

  22. guys, when do you come to holland i am a great fan of the both of you guys
    I ‘m still practising to learn the moves from you guys.
    see yah in amsterdam, stay cool

    • It would be so lovely to meet the twins i love everything about them no matter what people say i don’t care i just want to love them

  23. Someone pleeeeeeeeez tell me they are coming back to Vegas……besides the Beyonce tour….they had workshops here last Aug. that i missed and wanna know what/when/where they will be after this tour is over.

  24. When will les twins come to hudson ny or even Albany ny? I can’t wait they are the best talented and passionate dancers I know I am your biggest fan. Love crystal

    • I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve you guys so much I want y guys to come to Houston dance workshop do groups and freestyle dances with us it will be a honor if u come if u guys can’t come I understand I’m not a groupie I’m your biggggggggggggggggggggggggges fannnnn forever In life I love all your videos please try to make it for me if u can’t I know u are really famous I still love u if u don’t make it😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  25. What will Larry and Laurent do after the Mrs. Carter Tour do they have any workshops set up, do they plan on living in New York ?

  26. Please come to the Bay Area! I tell all of my friends here to watch you and I warn them they will fall in love with you guys!! The Bay awaits your arrival

    I literally just got back into the country from three months of travel so I JUST missed them ( I know, my problem right? ). I live here in Atlanta, but I will travel nearing states to see them.
    More workshop dates and locations please!

  28. LES TWINS.. les twins when will you be coming back to NYC. For shows/ performances etc. My friend loves to dance she has been dancing and I wanted to surprise her by buying tickets or etc to ur show. Please keep me posted.

  29. Hello sir Iam very……..big fan of yourdancing and you
    ..I am copy your magic steps
    I hope you see my dancing
    ..I watch your all faboulas video
    And my best wishes with u

  30. I live in rock hill south Carolina and they are coming to Charlotte nc in October on the 4th and I want to go to their workshop but I also do color guard and I just found out I have a competition that day and I was like damn it so imma skip that competition just to see them thats just how much I luv them I just need to dance with and see them before I die but when I get in college I most defently are going every one of their workshop

  31. I would love it if they came to Alabama even though it’s a small state I would love 2 be taught by them

  32. HI MY NAME IS ROSALA . you young men have changed my life something trageic happend to our family last september . our mom was told she had cancer stage 4 . OUR MOMMY HOW COULD THIS BE OUR MOM PASSED 2 DAYS AFTER HER BIRTHDAY . I FOUND U TOO IN MARCH IM IN DEEP LOVE WITH DANCE I FEEL IN LOVE WITH YOUR PASSION THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR STYLE LOVE AND YOUR SMILES DOINT EVER STOP FOR YOUR FANS. you got me through some verry hard days and nights L O V E U LARRY & LAURENT GOD BLESS U2.

  33. PlZzz les twins… again come to india
    i realyy wanted to meet u
    u guyz are really AMAZING
    ur dance style is INCREDIBLE..
    i love ur all moves..they are very unique n NICE.

  34. Dear Les Twins I want to come see u one day and I had a giog dream about u I wish I can make it come true .I’m a big fan and our the best dancers into the world I love if u get email me chontasia21 @gmail.com LOVE U GUYS

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