Les Twins Meet & Greet at Vlado Footwear in L.A.

For those of you who have yet to see any of the footage from the Vlado Footwear Les Twins Meet & Greet, here you go!


Les Twins in Las Vegas at the Workshop and Larry’s Group Doin Their Thang!

These boys are just too damn much! Laurent is frickin ridiculous at all times with his outlandish and unbelievable moves Continue reading

L.A. Workshop Freestyle Performances

The L.A. Workshop that Les Twins put on last weekend was a smashing success; not only for Les Twins and those who were able to attend, but also for the fans at home. Lestwinsonline.com was able to give the fans a live USTREAM so they wouldn’t feel left out in the cold. From many of the attendees that I have spoken with online and from my friends over the phone (I’m a Cali chick, Long Beach Cali to be exact), everyone had a blast being able Continue reading

T-Pain: Booty Wurk

For those of you looking for the song that Les Twins danced to during their interview with Beyond The Talent, here ya go. This is the video for the song which was done by T-Pain’s for his new single, “Booty Wurk” off his 4th studio album, “rEVOLVEr”, which was released world-wide December 2nd. If you haven’t gone out to pick it up, I suggest you do so ASAP.

When I’m Bored… I Make My Own Les Twins Tribute Images!

This is what I do when I’m bored. I learn how to make collages and other neat things in PhotoShop CS5.

Les Twins Beyond The Talent Interview w/ Jennia Fredrique

*sigh*… T.H.I.S. interview… there are no words!!!! I loved every minute of it. Les Twins recently sat down with Beyond The Talent and was asked a few interesting questions by the beautiful Jennia Fredrique. The question that has most of the LT Ladies swooning and reaching for a cold glass of anything is the question,

“Dancing or Sex”

Laurent, with his yummy self moans his answer being “SEX”… watch the video and see for yourself. If you’re like me, you’ll be reeling from it all day… hell, maybe even all of 2012 and beyond!

Say What You Want… It Won’t Change A Thing!

It’s time that I have my say on the many people who have something to say about the way Larry and Laurent interact with one another. I’ve decided to broach this issue because there have been sooooooo many people who have made statements such as, “They must be gay?”, or “Ewww, why do they touch each other so much like that?”, or even, “Why does Laurent [the one brother] touch all over Larry [the other brother] so much, don’t they know that it makes them look gay?” *BIG ASS BLANK STARE*!!! Are you people serious? It’s only taboo here in the United States for two men to touch one another in the same manner as Lau and Larry. I’m sure there are other countries where there are people who express the same sentiments stated above, but only here in America is it distasteful or unorthodox for two men to touch one another or give one another kisses on the cheek as Les Twins do. Continue reading