I first saw Les Twins performing on the billboard awards with Beyonce. I was like “Who are these boys??” I then tried to search for them, i was on google typing “the boys that danced with beyonce on billboard/Beyonces dancers/etc” and i couldn’t find anything for some reason! So i left it for a while and then one day i turn on my tv and go on the BET channel and there they were!! I was like OMG!! It was the most amazing feeling finally being able to find out more about them because their dancing really caught my eye. The first video i watched was the juste debout semi-final battle, i seriously watch it everyday, even now. I love that move where Laurent is on his knees and Larry is behind him and they do their thing, amazing!

So ever since then i watch LT daily! All of their dance videos and interview. The interviews are especially important to me because I get to see what their personalities are like. I love to hear their life story, their knowledge and their dreams. They have inspired me by making me want to get out of my comfort zone. The interviews where they talk about how they travelled and worked for what they wanted really stand out to me and make me want to be like them. They’ve made me more focused and determined to prove to myself that i can go further in life and i can pursue my passions. I’ve always felt as though my passions (sewing, designing, writing) would not be good enough to be a career or that they would not earn me enough money. But seeing LT pursure their dance passion and turning into something that works for them has made me re-evaluate where i want my life to go and see that I don’t want to have a boring job just for money when i could potentially do what i enjoy and support my life from it.

I am a huge fan of LT because they are so passionate and passion is such a huge thing for me. If you don’t have passion then you have no interest and no drive. I can see their drive and ambition every single time that they dance, it just radiates from them. I enjoyed watching dancers before but i never really watched them too much, but since discovering LT i have also learnt to enjoy other dancers also. Another thing i enjoy is the amount of love they have for eachother. It melts my heart everytime they speak to eacother, touch eachother or even look at eacother! It’s such a beautiful thing to witness two brothers share their love so publicly without feeling ashamed.

I am such a huge fan and my goal is to meet them in person so i can tell them personally how much they mean to me and how many amazing new people I have met just from discovering their dancing ❤

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One thought on “Joelle

  1. Hello Joëlle,
    My name is Khady and I totally understand you, I’m in total awe with Les Twins. I’m going to try to see them this summer in Atlanta at dance 101. They are so inspiring.

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