Once In A Lifetime

Once In a Lifetime is a fictitious story about a young woman named Bee who sets out to Los Angeles to fulfill her life long dream by dancing with international singing superstar Melena. She soon becomes fast friends with roommate Dahlia and cohort Josh, she also learns that she will be sharing the stage with the French dancing duo Les Twins. As Bee is determined to not fall for the “bad” twin Larry, she can’t help it and is faced with a tough decision to make when her ex, Sam, persistently pursues her to win her heart back.

Chapter One

Bee is extremely nervous to take the next step in her dancing career. Her nerves only get worse when she meets an attractive set of twin dancers who will be going on tour with her.

Chapter Two

The dancers go out to have dinner together, giving Bee another opportunity to be around Larry. The dancers also have their first rehearsal.

Chapter Three

Dahlia and Bee go out to the club with Laurent, Larry and some of the other dancers.

Chapter Four

Bee is upset with Larry, and discovers a surprise in her hotel room.

Chapter Five

Bee learns an embarrassing fact about what happened with Larry at the club.

Chapter Six

Bee learns what really happened between Dahlia and Laurent.

Chapter Seven

The dancers go out for another dinner. Bee gets a call from her best friend, and is caught up in more sexual tension.

Chapter Eight

Dahlia, Bee, Laurent and Larry go out for ice cream. Dahlia and Laurent come up with a plan.

Chapter Nine

Bee and Larry spend the afternoon together.

Chapter Ten

Bee learns that Larry is more than meets the eye.

Chapter Eleven

Bee becomes aware of a love triangle, and learns what is possibly TMI about Dahlia.

Chapter Twelve

Dahlia elaborates on her issue with Lau, and Bee agrees to go to the club with Larry again.

Chapter Thirteen

Bee learns the truth behind the mystery of Laurent and Dahlia’s issue, and also learns that her and Larry definitely are not exclusive.

Chapter Fourteen

Bee confides in Josh, and let’s Larry have it. Though, not the IT that he would prefer.

Chapter Fifteen

Josh voices his opinions about Larry, resulting in conflict.

Chapter Sixteen

Bee arrives home in Indianapolis to get a nice surprise after the concert.

Chapter Seventeen

Bee deals with her feelings for both Sam and Larry.

Chapter Eighteen

….y’all just gotta read it. 😉

Chapter Nineteen

Bee is brought down from her high by something extremely unexpected.

Chapter Twenty

Light is shed on Bee’s confrontation.

Chapter Twenty-Two

Larry’s attitude is much to be desired.

Chapter Twenty

Light is shed on Bee’s confrontation.

Chapter Twenty-Three

Bee’s worst fear is confirmed.

Chapter Twenty-Four

Just when Bee thought Larry leaving was going to be her worst problem…

Chapter Twenty-Five

Bee arrives home in Indianapolis.

Chapter Twenty-Six

Bee takes time to make sure her mom gets better, but she still can’t bring herself to talk to Larry.

Chapter Twenty-Seven (the final chapter)

Everything falls into place.


The sequel is posted on the author’s site: http://maybetwicefic.tumblr.com/


7 thoughts on “Once In A Lifetime

  1. you need to make more once in a lifetime chapters, i dont like the deception one I LOVE this one, ugh. or make another story with les twins compared to this story or something, or make more chapters to this one ;(

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