Say What You Want… It Won’t Change A Thing!

It’s time that I have my say on the many people who have something to say about the way Larry and Laurent interact with one another. I’ve decided to broach this issue because there have been sooooooo many people who have made statements such as, “They must be gay?”, or “Ewww, why do they touch each other so much like that?”, or even, “Why does Laurent [the one brother] touch all over Larry [the other brother] so much, don’t they know that it makes them look gay?” *BIG ASS BLANK STARE*!!! Are you people serious? It’s only taboo here in the United States for two men to touch one another in the same manner as Lau and Larry. I’m sure there are other countries where there are people who express the same sentiments stated above, but only here in America is it distasteful or unorthodox for two men to touch one another or give one another kisses on the cheek as Les Twins do.

What people need to get through their head is that these two men are brothers, identical twins who have not been apart from one another for more than a few hours at a time at that. This means that they have shared the same space for at least 95% of their lives. I’m sure they feel incomplete when the other isn’t around. If you’ve been following the twins, then you know that Lau loves the hell outta Larry… damn near worships the ground his brother walks on. And Larry, loves his brother just as much, but he’s a bit more subdued with his emotions, but you know the adoration is there. It comes out sometimes and when it does, even Lau is taken aback by it… but the point is that the love is there. When you have shared the same womb at the same time, have the same blood flowing through your veins, breathed the same air, worn the same clothes, and when you look in the mirror at one another, you see the same face as yours, I’m quite sure that you are bound to develop emotions for the other person that are like none other; especially when that person is your sibling.

You know, the way that these two are so affectionate with one another tells me that they are confident in their own skin. That they know who they are as men and they accept that and no one can shake them from their foundation. It also tells me that their mother raised them to not be afraid of the world and what it may say about them. To stay true to yourself at all costs! This also speaks to their situation with Cirque Du Soliel; they didn’t like whatever it was that Cirque told them to do, and they did what? They bounced and didn’t even flinch and you know why? Because they refused to compromise who they are as artists and what they believe in as individuals. That’s what matters most here. Not what this man or the next man has to say.

For those who say that the way Les Twins interact with one another is inappropriate for the type of business that they are in, you’re wrong! Dead wrong! They are in a profession that allows for a wide variation of free expression. If they want to express themselves in a manner where they must physically connect with one another, so be it. Who are we to judge them? We are not paying them. We are not feeding them, clothing them, or providing any type of service to them. If you don’t like what they’re doing, this is a free world, you can do what you want to do and in that, you can choose not to watch them. Frankly, in my opinion, you would be missing out on some of the best dancing that you could ever witness, but, again, you don’t have to watch if you don’t like what you’re seeing. PERIOD! Their interaction with one another does not take away from their talent or their character. That is what made many of the fans fall in love with them in the first place. Your opinions about Les Twins will not diminish the love and respect that the fans have for them, it will only make us appreciate them more and make our love and respect for them a lot STRONGER!


10 thoughts on “Say What You Want… It Won’t Change A Thing!

  1. “’im sure there are other countries where there are people who express the same sentiments stated above, but only here in America is it distasteful or unorthodox for two men to touch one another or give one another kisses on the cheek as Les Twins do.”

    Having spent lots of time in Europe and been around the dance scene the last part I agree with, the first part I do NOT. kissing on the cheek in Europe is not a big deal for men at all. But slapping each other’s butts, touching genitals..etc. is not. If the Twins want to do that, that’s their biz, but it’s not really right to make it sound like “it’s how French people do” or people of any country.


  2. Butt slapping between siblings is a fairly common thing among some French speaking Africans and in East Africa too. I know mothers who still do this to their grown children. It’s really just a friendly and a playful affectionate thing. My friend’s mom has slapped me on the bum. And Les Twins are siblings. It’s not sexual. It cannot be. I know sisters who practice everything with each other because there was no one else they trusted enough even making out. I can pretty much do anything with my sisters. Who else would you ask to examine strange sensations in parts of your body you cannot see yourself? Your sibling. I love them. They are comfortable with each other no matter what

  3. Your so right! I think it’s charming. Their moves are just magnificent and graceful. They brought their own style and with it their own mannerisms. I appreciate how they performe. It’s awesome. God really blessed them.

  4. Well….. I like their dancing but wearing a long black dress is kind of crossing the line. They are gorgeous boys and don’t need to wear women’s cloths. If any thing they look like they need more Meat, potatoes & bread in their diet. LOL! still a fan until they cross over to the Dark side. lets hope not<3

  5. obe honest, quiet a few times it has looked like they were flat out kissing. Like in the black and white video by launa lt on utube. When u see it, u wilntice lau get really close to larry, then walk away fast. O, and then there’s the video called ”before the fame.” By larrybourgeois fan kn utube. When you see lorry put his hand on larry, and larry steps back you have found it. But to be totally honest sometimes ITS wonder if Larry is even male. You read right, so larry just Happenes it be the shorter one, and larry just happens to have longer hair than laurent…. Think about it. N’ larrys gitten called a girl b4 n’ said nothing to correct it. In tge dre beets video, it says. ”With that thing, thing, girl stop it” and there is more too. If you pay attention in the beyond the talent video larry called Laurent ”Ma”. That’s the truth. Look it up. Please believe me,

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