The Last Emperors

Parisian streets are buzzing with hype and even the glossiest newspapers are starting to do editorial spreads on The Last Emperors. The three dancers sweeping the nation’s street with their talent, grace and mystery. No one used to care about dance until Les Twins becaming a dancing sensation yet now no one can seem to stop raving about these masked icons in the making. Who are they? Where are they from? What do they look like? That’s one secret everyone would like to know. And the best thing about secrets… is that they never remain secret for long.

Chapter One. Sworn to Secrecy

Chapter Two. This is a man’s world

Chapter Three. Beam me up

Chapter Four. Arigato

Chapter Five. Where is Aldo?

Chapter Six. Girls, Girls, Girls

Chapter Seven. We will never, ever, ever sleep together.

Chapter Eight. Hot sex on a platter.

Chapter Nine. Peach Juice.

Chapter Ten. Get Lau.

Chapter Eleven. Love you like a brother.

Chapter Twelve. Lau-ve the way you lie.

Chapter Thirteen. Love hurts.

Chapter Fourteen. Would I lie to you?

Chapter Fifteen. The Thirty Billion Dollar secret.

Chapter Sixteen. A masked mess.

Chapter Seventeen. Sinners and Saints.

Chapter Eighteen. However you want it.

Chapter Nineteen. Probable Scandal.

Chapter Twenty. Tokyo Girl

Chapter Twenty- One. I still love you, Lorra Bernal.

Chapter Twenty- Two. Monsters.

Chapter Twenty-Three. Encore

Chapter Twenty-Four. F.A.M.E

Chapter Twenty-Five. Reunited


3 thoughts on “The Last Emperors

  1. It’s actually killing me. Could you please re-upload the remaining chapters. They were here before but now they’ve suddenly been deleted? I’d really like to finish reading this, PLEASE!

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