I am a big dance fan, and as usual,  was watching videos of Bachata style dance, on Youtube.  (Bachata is a Dominican style of Latin dance, similar to Salsa, but with an added ‘pop’ for the girls.  It is so sexy and sensual, and VERY different from Hip Hop/New Style dance.)  The side bar of the video featured many other bachata vids, with a sprinkling of other stuff.  One day on the side panel there was a video entitled “Rug Dealers” by Yak films.   I was intrigued wondering what this could have to do with Bachata dancing, and decided to click.

BOooooooMMMMM!!!!!  Obviously I was blown away and that’s when I began my addiction, fascination, captivation, inspiration, and obsession, with my Beautiful Twins.

The MAIN reason I love Larry and Laurent is very simple- Their courage.  I am extremely shy and reserved, but I love to dance.  I NEED to dance.  The shyness part of my personality has really made it hard for me to express my passion with dance.  Since discovering the twins, I have slowly been emerging from my shell, because they inspire me to get so wrapped in the dance that I don’t care about the stares and looks from others.  When Les Twins are on, like in the zone on, it is like they are in their own little world, blocking out everything except the music, and I try to emulate that. I just focus on the music and MOVE!!!  They simply give me courage.  They were brave enough to quit school, leave home and family in Sarcelles, to leave Europe, and travel all to be able to express their passion.  They were brave enough to take on the rigors of Cirque, and even quit/leave when it came that time.  They are fearless, and with them as my motivation I live more fearlessly each day.  Viva Les Twins!



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