Deception: Chapter 41

*Author’s Note:*
Deception will be back in first person from here on out. I hope you enjoyed knowing what went through the mind’s of the other character’s (;

Cara and I were sitting in the middle of her living room watching a movie on the TV. I was less interested in it for the simple fact I was texting Larry. He told me that he and Laurent were on the way over. I was happy; the day was getting closer for them to start the tour. Chris managed to get me and Cara VIP backstage passes to watch the show for the first 2 nights since it was going to be in LA. I didn’t know what was more exciting, seeing Chris live for the first time or watching Larry and Laurent perform for the crowd, which was something I know they’d been waiting for, for a long time. I was getting better as far as physical therapy and my injuries were going, but I still had my issues. I was only 2 months out of being laid up in the hospital.

“So are you gonna be sad when they leave?” Cara’s voice seemed to come from out of nowhere.

I turned and looked at her sitting on the couch in a comfy ball. “I mean, yeah. Why wouldn’t I? Then I gotta leave you and Jamie not too long after they leave. I don’t wanna go back to Paris now. It’s beautiful there and I’ve made a few friends but Larry, at this point is the only friend I have there that I really, REALY trust.” I shook my head realizing he wasn’t even going to be there, “I just … I don’t know.” I sighed as I laid back on the carpeted floor.

“I mean, you can still communicate the same way you had been doing before.” Cara was fishing for solutions. Sometimes I think she brought up issues that should be left alone until the time came to worry about it and it annoyed me, but she was one of the most reliable and loyal friends I had I could never bring that to her attention.

“I just wanna live for the moment right now, when the time comes we’ll deal with it. Besides, things are different now. I don’t know if I can handle him not being around so much. When he first left and I was still in Paris we weren’t necessarily as close and they were only gone a month and some weeks before I flew out over here. I think I’m becoming too dependent on him.” I covered my face and my phone buzzed again on my chest.

I was in a pair of Larry’s basketball shorts and a thin purple and hot pink button up plaid shirt. My hair straightened out for once and pulled up in a bun on the top of my head. I rolled over on my stomach and slid the phone from under my body, reading the message:

We here. Come to the door.

I threw the phone at Cara, hitting her in the face; she smacked her teeth, read it, and finally went to the door with a groan. I heard the laughter as they all walked back into the room. I smiled as Larry popped a squat next to me. “You lazy bum. You look- how they say? Ratchet?” He chuckled.

“Fuck you.” I spat at him, sticking my finger in his face only to have him playfully bite at it, “This ratchet bum had therapy today and I’m tired as shit.” I rolled my eyes and looked at Laurent. He was smiling at me. Things between us were better but I couldn’t help but feel distance between us on his part. Cara admitted she had crush on him and she’d hinted it to him, but he brought up Emmy so she backed off. After the accident Emmy and Lau had gotten closer. I sensed she was the reason he was having second thoughts about Dina but I wasn’t sure, they kept their crush really discreet and it was hard to read sometimes because he would flirt and she could blow him off so coldly it would seem there was absolutely NO attraction to him as far as she went.

“Well, you still a bum.” Larry teased leaning over and pecking me on the lips. “Cara you got any food here?” Larry leaned back and brushed a hand across his lean stomach.

“Oh yess, we hungry.” Laurent joined in shaking his fists in a pleading manner. “Room service at the hotel won’t come to us anymore.”

“That’s y’all fault for being fat asses. Every time I’m there you assholes got them people running up and down the damn halls bringing you food. Fucking idiots.” I rolled over and got on my feet. A strong pain shot through my whole left leg and I stumbled a little, almost having a not so heartfelt reunion with the floor. Laurent was there to catch me. Politely I smiled back, “Thank you.” He smiled down at me and let me go.

“No problem.” His hands were still lingering on my shoulder as I stood at my full height again.

“A-HEM!” Larry cleared his throat very conspicuously causing me to look down at him on the floor. “Back to this food situation—  is there any?”

“Uh, we’d have to cook it. I don’t have anything ready to just eat.” Cara explained joining me in heading to the kitchen. “Chey talks about you guys being fat asses and she ate up all the damn Hot Pockets and easy shit to make.”

“Oh shut the hell up Cara, last time I checked you damn sure helped in enjoying the cheesy, delicious goodness that was the last Philly Cheesesteak Hot Pocket, you can save that shit for a nigga who cares!” I sent her a glare and Larry burst out in a loud boom of laughter, me and Cara the center of his amusement.

“Well, how bout I cook? If Cara don’t mind.” Laurent stepped forward with a cheesy grin on his face.

“Oh god Laurent no, don’t do it.” Larry finally was able to stop laughing long enough to speak. “I’ll cook. You burn down Cara’s house and kill us all if you cook.”

“Shut the fuck up. I can cook, just cause you study culinary a few years after high school don’t mean you better than me.”

Larry shot Laurent a look that caused me and Cara to get a little scared. “Laurent, why you think we move out mom’s house in the first place. You burnt the damn kitchen down. YOU are NOT touching a damn thing in that kitchen.” As Laurent was walking to the kitchen Larry grabbed his ankle and made him fall on the floor with a loud thud.

“Man, this is fucked up …  dot com. I hate you.” Laurent pouted and fell in a seat nearby.

“Oh mi GAD, Lau shut up.” Larry slapped his brother in the face and raised his arms to defend himself before jumping behind Cara to protect him. Normally, had any other 23 year old, 6’4, huge ass grown man done that, I’d of given him the look of all types of confused fucks. But because it was  my Larry, i couldn’t only smile and shake my head slowly at his awkward and adorable fashion of playfulness behavior.

Cara gave Laurent a quizzical look then smiled. Laurent was always cute when he didn’t get his way. Almost made me want to keep telling him no when he wanted stuff just to see him mope around and pout. “Okay, okay, Laurent you stay in here. Larry you go cook, Cheyenne I need someone to help me pick out an outfit for Jamie’s party tonight.”

“What? He’s having a party and I wasn’t told of such exciting news? You assholes need to stop leaving me out of shit.” I growled walked hand in hand with Larry.

Cara shook her head, “Well see I knew about it and he told me to tell you but I didn’t let you know because you know your leg and all that.” She gave me an apologetic glance and walked further to the back of the house towards her room.

“WOMP, I still would have liked to know and turn it down myself.” Larry was still walking with us listening quietly, “Fool, you and your brother are hungry, go cook. Stop being nosey all your life.”

He narrowed his eyes at me and frowned, “Lucky you cripple and I love you. If I didn’t I’d drop kick you and run.” He pecked my cheek and walked back down the hall to the kitchen.

“You guys are cute.” Cara was trying to switch the topic; I knew all too well her plan.

“No ma’am. I shouldn’t help you skank.” I walked into her closet and fished through outfits. This girl had too many clothes; I was highly considering throwing half of it out seeing she never wore any of it. “What kinda party is it? Chill, what? I need an idea so you don’t go looking a hot ass mess.”

“It’s at a club, his birthday is today.” Cara stood beside me joining in the madness.

“AND YOU AIN’T LET ME KNOW? Bruh it’s his birthday. I’m going, I don’t care if you think I should or not.” I snatched out a plain black wife beater tank, a lightly faded denim vest, and pair of black mid ankle zippered wedges. “Like it?” I asked setting it out on her bed. She gave a shrug so I went back to the closet and searched again this time emerging with pale grey racer-back tank top, textured black leather jacket, short black leather mini skirt, and decided the wedges I’d pulled out earlier went perfectly. She gave a big smile and I knew we had a winner.

“That’s cute. I never thought to put that together.” She smiled pulling at the sleeves of the jacket.

“We aren’t done, accessories child.” I noticed a gray scarf hanging off a hanger in the back of the closet; I grabbed it and threw it in her direction. Then I proceeded to walk to her jewelry drawer and rummaged through it revealing a vintage looking horseshoe ring, black and grey dangling earrings, and silver chain with a slender cross pendant hanging and shimmering in the California sunset beaming through her bedroom window. “Now you are prepared my friend, now you are prepared.”

“Larry, I’m going.” I was laying in the bed next to Larry. He was trying to convince me not to go out tonight.

“But your leg Chey, I’m not letting you go.”

“Larry it’s his birthday. I can’t miss his party. Plus he invited me, that’s a slap to his face.” I sensed something else in Larry’s distaste in me wanting to go to Jamie’s party. He sighed and rolled over in the bed turning his body from me. “Oh my god, what is the big deal?” I groaned and played with his twisted hair. He’d been wearing it like that more frequently which I’d grown quite accustomed to but I missed that big fluff that sat atop his head when it wasn’t twisted. He didn’t answer me fast enough, which because of my very low patience, it annoyed me. “Look, I’m going. If you wanna tag-a-long … go ahead but I’m not missing his 18th birthday of all things Larry.”

“I’m not tagging along to anything.” He said shortly.

I rolled my eyes, “Well then what the fuck is the real problem? It’s obviously not just my leg Larry, stop playing me like I’m some damn simpleminded hoe you used to fuck with, I know you and your roundabout ass ways to talk me out of shit.” I narrowed my eyes and pulled my hand away from his hair.

“I do not trust him Chey. He sneaky.” Larry mumbled under his breath but I still understood him loud and clear. His words rang loudly over and over, ‘I don’t trust him. I don’t trust him. I don’t trust him.’  I sat up and looked him over; he glanced at me from the corner of his eye, “I know he’s your first love, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Fuck all that, I trust you. But he still in love with you Chey, I am not stupid or blind. I just don’t trust him.”

“What makes you think he’s still in love with me?” I asked genuinely intrigued. I leaned down on his shoulder and looked at him watch me closely.

“I see how he look at you. He give you the look you give me when you see me. The way he smile at you, that glare he gives when I come around. I don’t like it, he’s a snake. I’m going with you tonight. Fuck it.” Larry rolled back on his back and pulled me down next to him, my head resting on his chest next to his heart. “I don’t want you to hurt yourself either, I mean that. And what you mean I treat you like a simple minded hoe? I love your simpleminded ass and I won’t ever leave you.” He chuckled when i gave him the stank face for calling me simple minded. “I’m sorry, you not simpleminded … slow, but not simple minded.” I kneed him in his hip as I laid next to him. “Fine, I take it back. I love you.”

I won’t ever leave you. Sounded nice, really nice, but in the back of my mind I thought about how uncomfortable I was feeling when it came to my dependence on him. I brushed it off and smiled at him and let him kiss the top of my head, his fingers intertwined with mine.


***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.


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  1. Awwwww! Larry is dripping with sweet…and Lau is always a sweety…but I just want to thump her on her dependent head! UGH!!

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