So You Think You Can… Just Steal Les Twins’ Moves and Just Get Away With It Huh?

Earlier tonight, Fox’s hit show, “So You Think You Can Dance” aired it’s Atlanta tryouts. After last year’s fiasco of Damon Bellmon and Deon Lewis aka D-Day, arguably stealing the original moves from Les Twins’ 2010 World of Dance San Diego performance, no one thought that we’d be seeing these two again anytime soon. Boooooy were we surprised!

I must admit, I admire their persistence and their ability to bounce back even through all of the hate mail, death threats, etc that they say that they have received in the last year. This time around, they seemingly performed their own moves (too early to tell, no one’s come forward yet), and explained a bit of the “confusion” on how it could be said that they stole Les Twins’ moves.

According to Deon, last year’s performance was “a tribute to ‘this group’ and it was taken the wrong way”. Hmmm, “tribute” you say? How is it a tribute when the premise of the show is to perform your own moves, yet more than 90 percent of your performance was identical to that of Les Twins’ performance? That’s not a “tribute” that full on thievery!

Later on in their explanation, the hostess asks the guys to swear on two SYTYCD DVDs to tell the truth. In his explanation, Damon states, “our thinking was, it was like killing two birds with one stone; not only are we showing that we’re great dancers, but that we can pick up choreography and make it our own,”. The hostess then proceeds to play a clip where Damon says that their routine was inspired by “these French dancers, Les Twins.”

It’s clear that these two underestimated Les Twins’ fanbase or anyone in the dance world. It was evident that Lil C knew that the moves were not theirs– it was written all over his face during their performance. You can’t just take finely tuned and and intensified dance moves from two dancers who have not just been around for a few months, but years and not think that they won’t be recognized! You just can’t do it! But if you’re going to do it, bring it! Don’t give some half assed performance that doesn’t even do the original justice.

Now, I give credit where credit is due, Fox, known for shadiness, should have played that part to give a clearer perspective on what their thinking was in terms of incorporating the routine. Needless to say, they didn’t, thus disqualifying D-Day from last year’s competition, and subsequently, bringing them back this year to perform their own choreography. 

Was their performance good? Some may say it was, I, for one, would not be one of those people. Of course, I will always give props to anyone who can get out there and leave it all out on the floor for the sake of their craft, whatever it may be, but I’m also all for doing the decent and in order, and what these gentlemen attempted to get away with just was not cool.

Nevertheless, their reappearance on SYTYCD caused another moment in Les Twins history; Damon and Deon’s appearance on the show caused Les Twins to be a trending topic on TWITTER!!!! 

 YES! YES! YES!!! Without a doubt, I think we can all agree that this cloud, definitely has a silver lining.

Check out tonight’s episode of SYTYCD below.

5 thoughts on “So You Think You Can… Just Steal Les Twins’ Moves and Just Get Away With It Huh?

  1. Love it Love it Love it!!! I recorded it and was like Really they call that an apology…It was sooooo sorry and they suck to boot! I was like fox played a part but they knew better…my favorite part was when they were called on being contacted by Les Twins Lawyers!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  2. Those dishonest wannabees stealing Les Twins moves may be the best thing that could happen to Les Twins and what could give Larry & Laurent their biggest exposure here in the US! Last night, while I was watching my nightly dose of Les Twins videos, there were so many, many posts from people who had never seen Les Twins before, until they saw the controversy on SYTYCD,now they are on youtube watching vid after vid and falling in love with our guys!
    Now if we can just get SYTYCD to have Les Twins on their show as guests and so our guys can show millions of TV viewers just how it is done!!

  3. i just hate how their sorry was so dishonest. to me just sorry wasn’t enough, but i agree with everyone this guys just gave more exposer to our guys!

  4. The funniest shit is this…They got thru straight to Vegas with Lestwins routine!
    But when they did there own, they had to the choreography, and there Deon didn’t even make it to Vegas! Hmmmm….Just saying!

    Anyways love for LesTwins the sickest dance duo in the world!
    Love from Sweden!

  5. I was watching the videos from the beginning of the season with my mom yesterday. When we got to D-Day’s performance, my mom (seeing over 10 Les Twins videos excluding the ones with beyonce) got a shocked look on her face. I asked her what was wrong. She told me that they were still stealing the moves. She said not all but most. She said they weren’t going to get past choreography. Of course one did but still.

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