Close Ups of Larry’s Mysterious Tat

Earlier today, I found this picture of Larry’s very brazen and neatly done (unlike big brother Laurent’s all over the damn place tats) tattoo’s. There has been quite a bit of speculation since it’s initial sighting a few months back, as to what exactly did Larry get on his arm, aside from the “Trust Nobody” and the angel feet with wings.

Like everyone else, I’m thinking this is a Centaur to symbolize his zodiac sign, Sagittarius.  Continue reading


Another Loyal Les Twins Fan Gets Inked!

Wooooooooooooow!!! Props to Les Twins fan, @Veronicajohns for having the courage to go above and beyond, all for the love of Larry and Laurent Bourgeois.

I believe this is the third Les Twins fan that I have seen, that has actually gone through with it and posted a picture showing the world their love and devotion to Les Twins! It takes a brave soul to go out and do something such as this, but when you feel strongly and passionately for something, why not get it forever engraved on your body right?