Introducing… BlackBoyPlace.Com

Many of you have been wondering for months as to where Larry and Laurent have been getting their shirts from. Well my friends… wonder no more. Unbeknownst to many, the guys are actually good friends with a clothier by the name of Souleymane Diabate and he is the owner and proprietor of BlackBoyPlace (BBP).

BBP was created by Souleymane in 2007 and has drawn a big following in the fashion capital of the world, Paris, France.

The style of clothes created teeters on the edge of a bit of pop, rock, hip hop, and a touch of emo. The shirts, hats, and accessories created are not just for these particular groups- they are made with the thought that any and everyone should be able to enjoy them and be seen wearing them.

BBP’s motto: “fashion is for those who have creativity”, is one that invokes an initial sense of conceit. But as you read the statement again, one can deduce that fashion is what you make it, and what you make out of what you wear is your own brand of creativity.

The clothing line is definitely not afraid to take a few risks, as seen in the embodiment on t-shirts displaying the Menace II Society character O-Dog, where he’s pointing a gun and saying, “SAY WHAT? What did you say about my mama?” That’s bold! In a violent world such as ours, to be ballsy enough to put such a depiction on a shirt shows guts and it shows character about the designer. We’ve seen for years, that in fashion, if you don’t take risks sometimes, you don’t get noticed. Many designers often push the limits of what’s politically correct and that’s what garners them the notoriety of the big names in the fashion world.

The purpose of the brand is to show the an urban chic side to fashion. The use of simple colors and contrasts is what makes this brand so great!

These shirts, and much more can be purchased online at