Something New. A novel by Jolie Adam

Good evening LT Fandom,

I have great news — Something New has been rewritten, edited and prolonged into a book. Of course, the story still holds its crucial elements of lust, love, deceit, betrayal and an extended (and different? you’ll have to wait and see) ending. I don’t usually post anything other than chapters but today, I’m writing to ask you all a favor.

If anyone works in or knows someone who works in the publishing industry (literary agent, publisher, etc.) that I could directly refer my book proposal to, I would greatly appreciate the contact/connection/reference. I haven’t considered the self-publishing route simply because I don’t want my work to be sheltered. It’s an equally frightening and exhilarating step to give birth to a project or creation but for my first novel, I really want to be published through an agency.  I usually hate asking for help but had to put my pride aside for this because it is really important to me. So wherever you are in the world, if you’ve ever read/liked some of my work, this is your chance to help. 🙂

I appreciate all of the support I’ve received thus far in the comments, private messages and the readership stats and truly appreciate you taking the time to read this message, and my stories in general.

Contact info : (

Warmest regards,



20 thoughts on “Something New. A novel by Jolie Adam

  1. I don’t anyone in the publishing industry but I’m up to the challenge. You have my full support & research efforts. Something New is very special to me & to have it published & printed in hard copy would be nothing short of amazing!!! ♥♥

  2. I don’t know anyone in the publishing world personally, but I will network and research like crazy. I want to see this happen for you. You are a truly gifted writer.

  3. I don’t know anyone but I have contacts in the music industry from interning – some branches are moving into Publishing ie. Bios. Ima hit up a few people (hopefully they still want to hear from me lol) and of course I will assist with any research 👏👏

  4. My uncle is in publishing, whenever I see him he plays the “favorite neice” card… I guess it’s time to the “favorite uncle” card! I just feel that I have to help because Something New was one of those fan fictions that wasn’t just a fan fiction to me…

  5. Still waiting on some info…. but I’ve been reading up in the meantime… Jo have you gotten any leads that you need help looking into? I can make O/S calls throughout the US & Canada.

    • Hey,
      I’ve been very busy in between writing an TLE chapter and finishing a competent query. I’ve done some research on publishing houses in Canada for the time being so any leads/resources for US houses would be great. Thank you so much for your time and efforts! 🙂

      • I’m praying that everything works out in your favor. You will have a fan for life, with me. Take as much time as you need; we will still be here.

  6. @Jazzlady29, you’re always so lovely. Thank you. I hope to see more of your poetry publicized as well and hopefully published one day.

  7. Wow Jo Lee, I could have sworn that I already left you a message, but I don’t see it here. Well CONGRATULATIONS!!! Something New is most Definitely worthy of being published, so that the whole world can experience the beauty of your writing. I am proud that I got a chance to read it while it was being developed over time. Good luck and God bless you as you journey to find a publisher:))

  8. Heyy Jolie I really love your story.. Honestly, you’ve inspired me to write my own.. But I think someone copied your story && took credit for it.. I just thought I’d tell you xD

      • Lol I feel like a freak fangirling that you replied x’D
        && about the book I’ll TRY to contact some people although I know that this book WON’T be sold here hehe I’ll shut up && proceed to our discussion, I don’t have the link at the moment but I have already asked her && as soon as I get a reply I’ll update you because this story is SO SPECIAL to me tbh I even read the whole thing twice! I admire your thoughtful ideas && well-written/defined chapters! All in all you have sick writing skills && I admire you for that ;* keep up the good work 😉

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