The Last Emperors. (Chapter Nine)


The Last Emperors.

Chapter Nine: Peach Juice.

By Jolie Adam

Lorra rose from the imported Italian leather revolving chair to shake her new employer’s hand. The girls followed suit, with matching big grins as a result of a great business opportunity. Half an hour ago, they’d been waiting in the lobby of an impressive mansion, studying the international accents used as decoration in the open space. They still hadn’t grasped just how big of a deal the man they were about to meet was. Nevertheless, Lo passed on Jacques’ pressing words and although every other minute of their day was occupied with work relating to Rank’s appearances and cameos, a shopping trip had been squeezed in to accommodate this very important meeting. Everything was happening so fast, the girls felt swallowed by the velocity at which the city advanced. Seconds were shoved into minutes that became hours right before their eyes. Somewhere between breakfast and dinner, supposedly twelve hours had gone by. But where had they gone? All they felt was fatigue and the phantom sounds of rounds of applause playing in their heads due to the frequency it occurred in those supposed 12 hours. It was all paying off. The billionaire head of the biggest Japanese media firm, mogul and entrepreneur Ty Shori just offered them a hefty sum to sign a 3 months’ contract that would include sponsorship in return for their appearance in his most recent expenditure targeted at teenagers and young adults. They would be featured in everything from commercials to print ads to the store’s mall openings to TV promotions. Everyone between the ages of 16 to 25 in Tokyo would be familiar with The Last Emperors by the time their contract was up. At which point, it would be reviewed for possible extension or renewal. With Mr Shori covering all of their expenses, they were basically pocketing their entire salary minus Jacques’commission. Not only would they be living in Tokyo for the upcoming trimester but they’d be living very comfortably. Rich even. Not to mention they now had access to the hottest clubs, events, parties, hotels and few select restaurants since Ty owned a lot of entertainment properties and generously bestowed VIP cards to anyone he took under his wing. 

“Thank you for taking the time to see us. It was a pleasure meeting you,” Lo grasped his hand returning the firm handshake and let a genuine smile escape her. Ty Shori stood tall at 5’11 with a rather lean frame that looked stocky under his custom-made Italian designer suit. He had smooth, black skin with slight Japanese features around the eyes, as if his great, great ancestors originated from the country. Everything else said GQ Man of the year but his grip said he was a man to be feared and respected. And Lorra intended to do so. He swiftly shook hands with Julia and Dawn before leaving them in the remarkable library to be escorted by one of the maids. Lo felt paranoid about his impression of her. In a rather amateur move, she’d forgotten to shut off her phone before the meeting so it was to her surprise and everyone else’s when it began vibrating loudly in the middle of negotiations. She wasn’t expecting any calls or texts considering her defective out of country phone service. Apologies were uttered but her professional demeanour was tarnished in the eyes of a man who expected even the air to stand still when he spoke. She considered herself lucky he didn’t stop the meeting right then and there to withdraw his prosperous offer. 

“Who was that?” Julia asked, referring to the missed call or text that nearly ruined the flow of their most important business opportunity yet. Lo pulled her phone from her pantsuit’s pocket and just finished unlocking it when Julia grabbed it out of her hand impatiently.

 “I need to see who the hell this is and how the hell you have connection,” she offered as explanation, feeling Lo’s questioning gaze studying her. “Ohhh. Today really is your lucky day.”

 Lo and Dawn exchanged quizzical looks before Julia returned the phone to its owner. A message from an unknown Japanese number was displayed on the screen. As Lo read it, Julia brought Dawn up to speed.

 “Laura, it’s Laurent. I know you’re leaving soon but I need to see you before you go. Tell me where you’re staying now and I’ll come by. Tonight or tomorrow?”

 She replied hurriedly knowing that she might forget to later on,

 “It’s Lorra, not Laura. We’re going to be staying a little longer than expected for business. I can explain tonight. Intercontinental Tokyo. Room 512.”

 She owed him an apology and if today was as lucky as Julia claimed, he’ll pretend to have forgotten all about it so she doesn’t have to squirm each time the memory of her faux-pas comes up.


 Lorra felt appropriately dressed for once. Not overdressed to the point where she could pass off as an escort like the first time they met but not so casual that she looked like she was just going to the movies with her dad. When Lau arrived, she was ready to greet him and invite him in. Out of consideration and sympathetic frustration, Julia and Dawn decided to go out so that Lo could have the room to herself, to talk and whatnot. The girls were desperately hoping that it would be the night where ‘it’ would finally happen between the Lo and Lau however knowing their friend; she’d probably find a way to put it off through an excuse or reason. Lo was really glad for the peace and quiet, considering the girls were quibbling prior to their departure. 

He sat back on one of the couches in the suite’s living room, kicking his feet in front of him to stretch out the knots and sore joints of a long day. It seemed very familiar, to sit once more in a room with just the two of them, yet holding the possible outcome of a very unfamiliar situation. He watched her watching him, remaining calmer than she seemed to be, awaiting her attempt of an icebreaker. There was no need for one. The air conditioner hummed softly in the corner, carving out the discomfort from pure silence. Despite the cool climate, Laurent was normothermic, his dishonourable intentions roiling his hunger. Dark navy powder latched onto the dry night sky outside the large living room windows, taming the fluorescent indoor lights. Like a skilled hunter, he watched his prey dutifully although she was returning the glance, striving to bring forth any topic for mindless banter. He was in no rush. No, no, no. Tonight, he would find out if she really could resist him, if she wanted to and if she would. Finally, her lips parted and he observed closely as she spoke, clearing her throat softly beforehand, 

“I’m sorry. I didn’t even ask if you wanted something to drink..?” She motioned to the bar area where the fridge was. 

“Peach juice,” He replied with no hesitation. It was one of the best drinks in Japan. They made it fizzy like the candy version but with enough gas to fool you into thinking you were drinking a soda. She walked over to the fridge, toned limbs peeking from her mini skirt, in a way that seemed as if she was reminding herself to place one foot over the other. She knew he was watching her and he wasn’t sure whether she felt flattered or uncomfortable beneath his gaze. Nevertheless he kept watching her, depriving everything else in the room and beyond of his attention and pouring it solely on her. He was sick of hanging around his brother all day, watching him chase every girl who acknowledged him and the multitude of Japanese supporters who screamed their names loudly while fangirling. Not to mention Ty’s adolescent bait of a daughter who was more fit for pole dancing classes than any type of dance they could teach her. She had spent the majority of the lesson asking them personal questions and showing off her assets which Larry gladly admired. He just wanted to hang out a laid-back girl like Lorra and conclude this weird ritual of abruptly terminating fervid foreplay. This should’ve been a done deal last week yet here he was wondering how it felt inside her, how deep she was, how narrow. All he could do as he was watched her retrieve the juice from the fridge was imagine all of those things, his imagination trying to make up for the lack of action until he no longer felt the cool air from the AC. By the time she reached him with a cup of peach juice, he was more interested in knowing how sweet her peach was. He extended his arm to grab her elbow once she placed his drink before him, prompting her to sit next to him. She held her breath, expecting him to make his move and it seemed he was about to when he sat up from his reclined pose. But he opted for the peach juice instead, however leaving a warm hand on her thigh as he drank it all in one gulp. She watched as the liquid made its way down his throat, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down as he swallowed, trying to focus on this naïve act in order to overlook his hand creeping towards her panties. He sat the empty glass on the table and leaned back, facing her, his hand still caressing the warm flesh along the lines of her satin undergarment. Studying her face, he prepared for his next move, expertly slipping just one finger inside her panties to tease her opening. She gasped and pulled away but since he had been watching her face intently, her eyes sold her desires so he moved closer to her and held her firmly with his other arm. Lorra eyed him, waiting for a kiss, something to show her she still had some say in this, some control. He blew his breath on her mouth instead; sweet nectar of concentrated peach juice intoxicating her when she inhaled, distracting her from the perverted act his fingers performed below. Lau pushed her skirt up and before she could protest, slightly pried her legs open – just enough to manage to comfortably ease his finger into her and discover a tiny length of what was awaiting him. His middle finger fucked her slowly, deeply as his other arm still held her firmly in place so that she couldn’t squirm, or arch her back or move against it. No, she had to save all those good things for the real deal. He just wanted to paint her a picture, to display which colors and tools he used, before selling the painting. And from the look on her face, she was ready to see the entire gallery. So he loosened his grip and used that free hand to unzip his jeans. Once he was free from the confines of his clothes, he finally kissed her. Slow and calculated pressure on her neck, a soft bite mark right underneath her chin followed by a tiny ear nibble before shifting his mouth onto hers. He could feel her melting in his arms, literally all of her invisible walls broke down around him and he knew tonight was the night. Maybe she did want to resist him but she was too far gone to notice and distinguish her rules from her needs. The sheer vulnerability and innocence of it all turned him on. It would be completely gratuitous for both of them. No hidden agendas or consequential request, favour or proposal. His probing tongue invited hers to tussle while his hands began to undo her skirt. They were sitting on the couch, facing each other and she was expecting him to either lay her down on it or take her to bed. Instead, he cornered her until her back was supported by the inner arm of the sofa. There would be no space for him to lie her down since she’d reached the end of the couch; unless he was expecting to lay back and make her get on top. But things were not happening as she expected. He pried her legs even further, even though her left leg was pressing against the couch and he came in between her, like a lion ready to feast. There would be no bed and no lying down. He massaged her folds with his head before filling her with his erection. She gasped and tried to move back but there was nothing behind her but the couch’s forearm to prevent her from falling backwards. Both his hands held her legs apart as he backed out and stabbed her wetness again. She felt her face break out into a grimace but she didn’t care. He wasn’t exactly making love to her, with his fingers digging deep into her inner thighs as his member dug deep elsewhere. Maybe it was the fact that she hadn’t had sex in so long or maybe he was just bigger than she anticipated but when he delivered an inward stroke, she felt like he was ripping into her flesh, stretching it unapologetically. Lau divided his attention between watching her pre-orgasmic face and seeing himself struggling to re-enter her each time he moved out. The jitters of pleasure coated him with additional lubrication and the only struggle he held now was between him and himself. Could he hold on any longer? How much longer? Until he heard her cry out, apparently. Between words of profanity and praises for the almighty Lord, the girl who always kept it together finally let go. So he followed in her step, holding on to her neck to shove himself deeper until he exploded and couldn’t go any farther. He released her legs and she fumbled to put her clothes back on before realizing only her skirt and panties were off. Her top and bra were intact. Unsure of whether to thank him or to kiss him, she simply asked him if he’d like a drink. In the midst of trying to catch his breath, he smiled and said,

 “Peach juice.”




9 thoughts on “The Last Emperors. (Chapter Nine)

  1. Sometimes fantasy is a different reality. I can fell the energy here. both are volcanoes ready to erupt. Laurent in this chapter: “He’s like fire and ice and rage. He’s like the night, and the storm in the heart of the sun.“

  2. Oh man…., what a return!!! Four “Lau screams” and much hyperventiling later. The 1st Lau & Lo smash up definitely did what he intended and that was getting the job done while getting the ‘party’ started! Last Emporers is soooo what I’m about… Jolie always a pleasure reading your work 🙂

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