The Last Emperors. (Chapter Eight)


The Last Emperors. 

Chapter Eight: Hot sex on a platter.

 By Jolie Adam

 Rank was a lot smaller in real life than he appeared on TV. He looked like a mature adolescent, with the gelled hair masterpiece poking upright on his head and the $600 Prada shades covering his eyes. Extravagance revolved around him, adding rich flair to his presence. The girls had been waiting for over 45 minutes but did their best to keep each other amused. They were in full mask and performing gear so talking about their personal lives was out of the picture. The last thing they wanted was to be laughing over Lorra’s recent misfortune when Rank walked in. He didn’t know they were girls and they wanted to do the job they’d been hired to do. Practice had lasted five long, productive hours and they’d all agreed on a great, energetic and entertaining choreo for Rank’s new single. Their first appearance with him was scheduled for tomorrow evening and after that, they’d be busy the entire day for the rest of their stay in Tokyo. But it would be an even busier week if he didn’t like or approve of their choreography for his song. They were in the middle of their post-workout stretches when they heard doors opening. Hoping it was finally him. They stood up and composed themselves quickly. Within minutes, a guy who looked a lot like the singer in the Youtube video was in the large dance studio, surrounded by three bulky, gigantic men. None of his bodyguards were Asian which was no surprise considering their inhuman sizes. The girls took turns shaking his hand, making sure to add a little bit of firmness as they did so. If anything, he probably bruised a little from the handshakes, considering his sensible appearance – especially compared to his colossal security men.

 Lorra was the first to speak, “It’s very nice to meet you. We’re thankful for this opportunity.” If Rank hadn’t thought about their gender before this, he was definitely confused now.

 “It’s nice to meet you guys,” he paused, unsure if they were all guys. Perhaps the one who spoke was the only girl, “I’ve seen some of your online videos and I’m a big fan. How do you find Japan?”

 “Enigmatic. Tokyo is so beautiful and cool. And we’ve had some pretty good luck here so far so we all love it,” Lo replied, referring to their big win on Friday night. Though it hadn’t been all luck for her in the romantic department. She held a heavy sigh remembering Lau’s face when she bailed from his condo. He looked so forlorn and dejected. She wanted to kiss him and say ‘Hey, it’s not you, it’s me! I want to do real bad things to you but I just got my period. It’s unsanitary and just plain unfair. But trust me, I really, really want to.” Instead she settled for fumbling to put her clothes back on in the dark as he looked at her, completely puzzled and expecting a much better explanation than ‘I gotta run….Bye”.

 “Shamasaki Dance War is the biggest dance event in Japan. You are now the best dancers in Japan,” he acknowledged their win, to the girls’ delight.

 “Oh, I didn’t know you were there…” Lo trailed off, waiting for him to complete her open sentence. They’d arrived Wednesday afternoon and spent the afternoon shopping and eating only to wake up late Thursday afternoon due to jetlag so everything had been one big whirlwind. When Friday arrived, they didn’t have the time to really take in the Shamasaki festivities. And perhaps that was a good thing. By staying away from the distractions and the hype, they’d been able to focus on themselves, on their performance, on their opponents. The outcome was proof it had worked in their favour.

 “Everyone in the Japanese media industry is there for Shamasaki. Very big deal. You guys were really good,” They all joined their hands together and bowed in traditional Japanese manner to say thank you. “I’m ready to see your dance for my song,” he nodded in their direction. Julia ran to grab the remote off the floor as the girls positioned themselves a noticeable distance from Rank and his guards. Julia returned to her placement, right in front of Lo, and pressed Play. The loud sound of rain boomed away the speakers for a second or two before the song began. Rank was nodding along to his own tune as they performed for him. Exactly two minutes and fifty two seconds later, they were done and he stood there for a second longer before he began to clap. The bodyguards were unmoved, like large statues made of clay, they stared into the distance, gaze covered by dark shades. They looked like men in black, if men in black were on a steroids’ diet.

 “I like it. It looked really good. You guys are good!” Rank nodded approvingly. The girls smiled behind their masks in relief. The fact that he liked their dance routine saved them time, not to mention the headache of coming up with another routine.


 Larry and Laurent had just arrived to Ty Shori’s house to meet his daughter for the first time. Their contract was with Nakuti Records and Ty was the owner of Nakuti Records and a lot of other Japanese media big houses and enterprises so technically he was their boss’ boss. When he asked them to give his daughter dance classes twice a week, they agreed without hesitation figuring it was no different from the workshops they did regularly. Except it would be like a private workshop session. Ty was so grateful they were such good sports about his request. His daughter idolized them and she was one of the main reasons he had been so eager to get them to sign. They were undeniably talented but what he was offering to do for their careers had to do with a lot more than just talent. It was a win-win-win for everyone. The twins would reap the benefits of fertile career advancement; his daughter would be happy which meant her mother would be satisfied with his effort which in return meant he would be happy. Perhaps they’d even be able to settle the divorce amicably, without the court’s involvement and have a peaceful, agreeable settlement with very reasonable and shared child custody. Looking at his beaming and excited daughter who couldn’t wait to finally meet the twins, Ty felt reassured that this was a very good business and personal deal indeed.

The twins tried not to gawk at the grandeur of the mansion. It seemed the house expanded from the interior, each room larger and more decadent than the last. There was an indoor bridge surrounded with glass ceilings and walls so clear, it looked like you were walking on an outdoor bridge so as they made their way across, they saw a basket ball court, a tennis court, a pool and a few gardens. One of the maids led them to a waiting room where Ty and his daughter were waiting. Lau and Larry looked at each other, trying to gauge if the other was just as awed. Finally, the maid stopped in front of a room and bowed to say goodbye before hurriedly returning back the same way they’d arrived.

 Larry opened the door to the library room. His eyes landed on Ty who was seated at the desolate office in the middle of a spacious room, filled wall to wall, ceiling to floor with books. Books of every single size and color were stacked neatly on the shelved walls, eating away the daylight with their shadows. A young girl sat on of the couches nearby looking at her cell phone. They both looked up in unison. Ty stood up and approached the boys,

 “I was trying to finish up on some work. Welcome guys! Which one is Larry and which one is Laurent?” He joked although he was really serious.

 “I’m Larry.”

 “Laurent,” Lau waved.

 The young girl stood up, full of bubbly, adolescent energy,“I’m Tatiana. I love Les Twins!” she said, sounding a lot more like a groupie than a fan. Ty put a protective arm over her shoulder almost as if unconsciously trying to redeem his daughter’s ditzy introduction. Tatiana’s eyes glazed over both boys. They were positively dreamy in real life and she was glad they were just as tall as she’d expected. She’d met so many of her celebrity crushes through her father’s events and functions and was almost always disappointed. 6”2 on screen usually meant 5”8 in real life.

 “Let’s get out of the library. Would you boys like a tour of the house?” The boys nodded enthusiastically. This house seemed to go on for ever.

 Ty gave them a tour of the house and didn’t even need to speak since his daughter was readily offering guiding commentary. He brushed it off as excitement and knowing her as well as he did, the novelty would wear off by the second practice. Tatiana always used her father’s connections to get everything she wanted. When she wanted Usher to perform for her sweet sixteen because she had made a bet with her friends she was going to end up marrying him, only to lose interest the minute her school crush showed up. Or that time she had her father hire Justin Timberlake for their New Year’s party just because she wanted to hang out with Jessica Biel. Or that meeting he arranged with Lady Gaga during her very busy fragrance launch. He wanted to make his daughter happy and because she was aware of that, she never hesitated to voice her ambitious desires. She was the envy of all her friends but Ty figured she only had one childhood so he wanted to spoil her as much as he could. And when you are the richest man in Japan, there is very few things money cannot buy.


 Lau led the warm-up in the big mirrored studio as Larry admired Tatiana’s figure as she stretched, twisted and bent. Apparently the room had been used when she was younger for her ballet training. Tatiana caught his gaze in the mirror and pretended she didn’t notice he was checking her out as she bent even further. Her thick black curls cascaded forward, sweeping the floor. She was mixed with black and Japanese, with creamy olive skin and a pinched pink complexion stretching over her facial features giving her a dewy and youthful glow. Lau found his thoughts reverting back to Saturday night. He felt dejected just remembering how fast Lorra had wanted to get out of there. It was usually the opposite. The only thing girls did that fast in his presence was undress yet she threw on her clothes faster than an ex-convict escaping a crime scene. And what was it she said when as she held one shoe in her hand and his doorknob in the other? Oh yeah… “I gotta run…bye.” It had been the most brutal turndown he’d ever gotten from a girl and he was partially mad because she’d led him on by getting undressed, letting him get in so far into the heat of the moment, seducing him. And he was partially curious what it was she’d found so revolting. Maybe curious enough to seek out an active inquiry except he’d have to go through Larry to get her information since they’d checked out of the hotel on Sunday. He dreaded that part most but curiosity got the best of him. Was he losing his touch or was she just losing her mind?

 “How old are you?” Larry asked Tatiana casually.

 “17.” She grinned widely, happy he was showing interest in her but noticed a slight shift once she announced her age. “I’ll be 18 in like 22 days. I’m going to throw a huge party. Rank will there. You guys should come. You’re invited.” She kept rambling on, which just reminded them of her sensible and influenced immaturity. Lau was annoyed and the class hadn’t even begun. Larry turned on the music and began teaching her basic moves.


 It was only three in the afternoon and Lorra finally had some time to herself. The girls had all gone their separate ways after practice. Everything would be moving at a very fast pace as of tomorrow. The remainder of the week was filled with appearances on TV and performances with Rank. Their first meeting with him had gone better than they’d hoped. Julia was probably at an all-you-can-eat Japanese buffet and Dawn was probably soiling another Japanese site with Larry. Lorra sat on the bench in the park Dawn had raved about. She examined it first, wondering if it was the same bench her friend had carried out her sexual exploits on before laughing at how absurd she was for even worrying about that. Looking around, she was surrounded by rich colours of green from the long grass stems to the tree, the baby blue and white of the sky meshing with fluffy clouds and the cocoa brown of the fertile grounds that bore numerous, unidentified flowers. The park resembled a private garden with its trimmed and clean natural environment. Inhaling a deep breath and letting it out in a low sigh, her eyes closed as she began her meditation. She wanted to clear her mind yet images of their victory at the Shamasaki Dance War kept replaying over and over like a stuck video player. She tried to relax even further but the wrong images were floating at the forefront of her mind. Lau’s perplexed face was there, staring at her, speechless. As she began dwelling on it, her phone buzzed in the pocket of her hoodie. She’d forgotten to put it on silent before beginning. Looking at the international number on the screen, Lo answered reluctantly. After a very brief moment of static, the voice on the other end said,

 “Lorra? It’s Jacques!”

“Oh Hi, Jacques. What’s up?”

“Did you guys meet Rank? How did it go?” Even on an international call, he was in a rush as usual.

“It went really well. He loved us…I mean the routine and stuff.”

“Goodgoodgood. Listen, I got THEE biggest, hardest working, richest man in showbiz. Ty Shori! And guess who he wants to meet? The Last Emperors!” Lorra wondered why he even bothered playing the guess game since he never had the patience to breathe, let alone wait for her to try to guess.

“That sounds good.”

“Ok, you obviously don’t know who he is. Google him. T-Y S-H-O-R-I. He owns everything. And he saw you guys at the Shamasaki Dance War so if this meeting goes well, we’re talking contract. Contract means money. Money means opportunities that lead to more money. So don’t fuck this up. Dress nice. Smile and kiss ass like it’s your job. Meeting is on Wednesday, when you finish your TV performance with Rank. You have enough time to go home, change and etc. I hope you girls brought a lot of good clothes with you.”

“Um, not really Jacques. You told us to pack light,” Lo scratched her brain to think of a suitable outfit. The only formal one she had was the red dress and that was only appropriate if she was planning to do more than ass kissing.

“Then go shopping. Tell the girls. I gotta run. Talk to you Wednesday. Bye.”

“Wha—” She heard the click before realizing he was already off the phone. I gotta run…Bye. Now she understood how Lau probably felt. Too bad she wouldn’t get to make it up to him.


 Larry was beyond ready by the time Dawn arrived at his place. It was too light outside for them to risk doing the deed in public. She wore a lacy tank and jeans that hugged all of her curves, making her legs look even longer than usual. He opened the door and she flung to him without a greeting, hungrily ravaging his mouth. Within minutes, they were undressed and he was poking her with his virile erection. He pushed her again the door and lifted her flexible leg until it rested straight against his shoulder. She licked her hand before grabbing his sex and guiding it gently into her. She made eye contact but he broke it, preferring to look down to see himself going in and out of her throbbing walls. He could feel her inner muscles close around him. His rhythm quickened and deepened with measured strokes, rubbing against her clit as he went out and back in. She squealed his name when he began going so fast that the door was pounding loudly as if being slammed by violent winds. He finally looked up and watching her sleepy gaze along with her bottom lip in a death grip between her teeth was a sight Larry just couldn’t resist. She felt a gush of heat deep inside as his congested breath caught in his chest. He wasted no time ejecting himself from her and removing the condom. After all, he needed to freshen up for round two. 


 And somewhere in a busy shopping center, Julia was having a wing-eating competition with a well-known Sumo wrestler, amusing fans and curious shoppers.

8 thoughts on “The Last Emperors. (Chapter Eight)

  1. “Was he losing his touch or was she just losing her mind” Needless to say this chapter was EVERYTHING! Thank you for letting us in the room with Larry & Dawn… that man is fire (two snaps & a geeterdun) Can’t wait for Lau to catch up with Lorra, this build up is mighty serious! I need a grade A Laurent “red light special” ASAP. I’ll be waiting 😉

  2. I agree! That scene between Lau and Lo will be earth shattering I’m sure! I wonder if they will both end up at Ty Shori’s house at the same time??

  3. Mo, I’m certain that they will. J…, our boy is too hot for his own good!! But I’m def looking forward to Lau getting his hands dirty. Chapter 9 I can’t wait to read ya.

  4. Jo hun….. what’s happening, I’m missing ya bad! Where’s chapter nine.. the air is getting thin & the lights are getting dim.

    • I really thought I’d be able to write a last chapter before I left but wasn’t able to. I’m on vacation for a month so next chapter will be posted in mid-march. I’ll be sure to make it extra special and post a few chapters consecutively to make up for the long delay.


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