Videos: Les Twins Interview on Japanese TV Show


4 thoughts on “Videos: Les Twins Interview on Japanese TV Show

  1. I love how every other time or so.., the personality of one twin dominates both. They both look & sound like “Larry” in this video. There’s moments when they both give you just “Laurent”. I love those moments when they challenge the seasoned fans. But in the end once you, you know 😉 Wish I knew what was said #translations

    • fishboy: Speaking of Les Twins, it is familiar with the STEEZ CM in Japan…

      Lau: STEEZ CM was filmed in Taiwan. We can shoot cool in a very nice atmosphere, We had a great time. This CM made a chance to get to know us for the first time . So it was a good experience.

      fishboy: Have you changed anything to win the JUSTE DEBOUT? By the way, I really have changed my life to win in 2009. What did you guys get in JUSTE DEBOUT?

      Larry: I think, we did change and also has not changed by winning the JUSTE DEBOUT. We’ve been told many times from around “Dance of you guys are not HIPHOP”. But dance of us have come to be recognized by winning.
      we’ve been told “It is difficult to do a dance as work”.
      I think because we have done without bending our dance, we have been able to work the dance now.

      fishboy: Not as a back dancer, but you guys made the show on stage on an equal footing with Beyonce. I felt the future as a dancer to you.

      Lau: For the future of the dancer, I think we want to create a situation where artists and dancers are able to obtain the equivalent respect. However, we also include portions that are not yet able to reach. It also seems that it has appeared in Cirque du Soleil, in collaboration with Beyonce, dancers can get a position as an artist that is the purpose.

      Larry: We are not dancing for money. Anyway, we have been doing just the feeling I want to dance. If we go with a pure feeling of want to dance, we believe to get a wonderful life by dancing.

      Lau: I think it is also important to take down the rope for those who followed, when we climbed the steep road and reached the top.

      fishboy: That’s right! You can say that again!
      Thank you.

      interview end ・・・・・・
      From@Les Twins-Style change the world …Thanks.

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