Events: Les Twins Featured Guests At Hip Hop Weekend – Budapest, Hungary

Howdy folks! Just a reminder to those who may have forgotten- Les Twins, along with a host of other dancers, will be in Budapest, Hungary on September 21-23 for the Hip Hop Weekend festivities.

The three day event will be held in 3 different locations and will play host to several types of hip hop workshops/events which include

  • Break Battle
  • Streetball
  • Graffiti
  • SDB3
  • Workshops
  • Concerts and much more…

On Friday (Sept 21), the Break Battle will take place at the Park. Admission to the event is 700 EUR.

On Saturday (Sept 22), organizers have planned a day of basketball games and graffiti artists on display. This event is free of charge to the public. Also going on that day, will be a special concert. DJ Psar will be the entertainment for the events. The concert is priced at 1000 EUR. You can also visit the store of the event sponsor, Adidas for coupons to the events if you so desire. Please be sure to print the coupons before you leave home, as you will need them to receive the discount at the ticket gate.

On Sunday (Sept 23), the Seal Music Hall will open it’s doors to patrons wishing to attend the SBD3 event which will feature Les Twins as special guests. Due to a large demand on tickets, the event organizers have limited the public to 3 tickets each. The ticket price for this event is unclear. For anyone who plans to attend or you may not have had the right info, here is the link to the hip hop weekend site:

2 thoughts on “Events: Les Twins Featured Guests At Hip Hop Weekend – Budapest, Hungary

  1. Hi there, the prices are not in EUR. The amount is correct however they in in HUF – Hungarian Forint……which makes it a LOT cheaper! 🙂

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