Something New. (Chapitre Trente Deux)

Something New.

 Chapitre Trente Deux

Par Jolie Adam

 Jennifer’s breasts were burning with Larry’s torrid kisses, as he searched deliciously for a path down her neck, trailing back down to her chest. She was naked, with his full weight pressing on her, anxious to make love to her. She kept moaning his name in his ear and watching his head as it made its way south, leaving behind a trail of wet kisses. Larry came back up with primal desire evident in his eyes, feeding on her mouth, intoxicating her with his passion. He felt her hands wandering on his back, not wanting to let go. She was holding on to him, he could feel her love for him through her hands, with her touch she emitted everything she felt and he received it, responding by easing himself into her. He began making love to her forcefully and he wanted to stop but couldn’t. His lust was beyond him, beyond his control. He felt like an animal ravaging its prey, quenching its thirst. He was hurting her, she was crying but he kept forcing himself into her. All of the sudden he turned his head and saw himself standing there. He hadn’t been the one raping Jen – Lau was. He launched himself at Lau and threw the first punch. Before he could manage another one, Lau was on top of him, angrier than he’d ever seen him and started beating him. He felt a lack of control, fear and guilt rendering him a weak man, unable to fight back. As he lay there bloody and bruised, he transformed once again, seeing himself standing over his battered self, victorious. He wasn’t the one bruised and bleeding, Lau was. He had won the fight but the blood was on his hands.

Larry surged from his nightmare sweating and his heart pulsating heavily in his chest. It was throbbing so loud that he could hear himself breathing. He looked around, testing the environment. Lau was snug in his bed sleeping and it was still dark outside. Looking at his phone, he saw that it was only three in the morning. There was no one else in the room, just him and his twin brother. He tried to glance over to see if Lau had any bruises on him but couldn’t manage to see in the dark and didn’t want to wake his brother by turning on the light. That dream felt so vivid, the lurid feel of the rape or sex…which ever it was. Was he lucid right now? He felt a headache coming on from waking up so quickly and all the combined feelings he’d just managed to escape. Trying to fall back asleep, he forced himself to shut his eyes but ended up staying awake until dawn. 

The twins along with Noah and Susi were all seated at the table. Susi claimed Elena was still getting ready because she woke up late. Everyone was making conversation except for Larry who was still dwelling on the horrible dream he had the previous night. He couldn’t even look at his own brother who knew him well enough to know when he was not in the mood to be bothered. When Lau woke up this morning, he could sense his twin was in a bad mood and restrained from being an inconvenience. When Susi brought up Elena, he didn’t even want to risk asking what had happened between them the day before. They hadn’t really seen each other all day because by the time Lau came back from Noah’s room, Larry was out shopping and by the time he came back again from Ayara’s room later at night, his twin was already sleeping. Larry would tell him on his own time, once he wasn’t as moody but for now he wasn’t risking a futile argument. Especially when he, on the other hand slept magnificently. There were many things that could be said about Ayara but only one word came to Lau’s mind when her name came up: Freak. The woman was sexually insatiable. She wanted to do round after round, aerobics, sound effects, the whole nine yards. He smiled to himself just remembering the tricks she had and the private show she put on for him last night.

“What are you smirking about?” Noah stole the question right out of Susi’s mouth. She was watching Lau intently, just as curious about the reason behind his arrogant smile. 

“Your sister.” Lau retorted jokingly.

“I don’t have a sister.” Noah replied seriously which made Lau and Susi laugh.

“Leave me alone, here comes your girl.” Lau said pointing his head in Elena’s direction. Noah whipped his head around and saw her approaching.

“She was only my girl for one night.” He rebuked, exchanging daps with Laurent who was still laughing. Susi rolled her eyes, not finding the humor in the comment. “What’s up groupie?” Noah asked as Elena grabbed a seat to the table.

“Don’t call me that!” Even though Noah has said it in a flirtatious tone, she didn’t appreciate the title.

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch honey. That’s my job.” Noah winked at her, causing Lau to make a dramatic shocked facial expression. His friend was being tactless but that’s what guys did…in private. Not in front of the girl. He could feel Elena’s discomfort and used it as his cue to change the topic. Before he could even put his distraction plan in effect, Larry got up from the table to put away his platter without saying a word. He wasn’t in the mood to socialize and be a part of banal conversation. After grabbing a water bottle from the dispensing machine, he went back up to their room to finish packing and wait for their departure. They were coming back to France and he was relieved. He needed to see Jen, for reassurance. He still wasn’t sure what his dream meant but he could still see it vividly and it terrified him. Once in the room, he opened a small box covered with lace wrapping and admired the necklace. How was he ever going to tell Laurent that he wanted Jen, all to himself? If he had known that a moment of weakness would have led to this, he would’ve forced Lau to follow her home that night like he’d wanted to. What he did was wrong beyond the betrayal of his brother, but how he felt now wasn’t. It couldn’t be. He felt selfless and thoughtful…the fact that he’d never bought a girl a gift like the necklace he was holding said it all. This wasn’t infatuation anymore, it was love. 


 “Have you told him yet?” Em was seething with curiosity.

 “I am. Don’t worry. They’re back today and they perform in Paris tomorrow. On Thursday, they have this huuuuge tournament. I’ll tell him Friday.” Jen replied, watching the hors d’oeuvres being modeled before her eyes in the restaurant. Where was her appetizer?

 “How about Wednesday? ” Em pressed.

 “I said Friday. Tournament’s done. Everyone is relaxed, I drop the news. ”

 “What if you postpone it again? ”

 “I won’t. I just don’t want to spring it on him before a big event like this. ”

 “Maybe you could tell his brother first to see how he’d react. They’re twins, they have like a spidey sense. He’ll be able to tell you his brother’s perspective and you’ll be halfway there. ” Em continued. Jen almost choked on her veggie springroll at Em’s suggestion. How did he know they were twins? And is he saying this deliberately?

 “Um..I don’t think that’s such a good idea. ” Jen squirmed.

 “I think it’s a great idea. And your reaction is telling me that if you’re not even ready to tell his twin, you’re not ready to tell him. ”

 “I…I just prefer to tell him first. How do you know they’re twins? ”

 “Google France. ”

 “Not creepy at all. ”

 “Hey, I was curious…By the way, they really look alike. How do you know which one is which? ” Em joked.

 “Umm…you just do. ” Jen was relieved he was handled the news so well, a little bit too well. Em was suddenly acting like the gay best friend she’d always wanted, so caring and agreeable…and fun.

 “So which one is it? ”

 “Excuse me?? ”

 “Who’s the sperm donor? Spill. ”

 Jen scoffed at his question before realizing that he didn’t know them so it didn’t matter. They’d be at the tournament on Thursday night but from a distance and Em couldn’t tell them apart anyways. She sighed,


“Yeah.. I don’t know which one that is. Are you going to introduce me or are we still going incognito?”

 “Yeah…definitely incognito. Introducing an ex to another ex…” Jen shook her head at the thought.

 “So do you love him?”

 “You know for a lawyer you’re very sentimental and righteous. Isn’t that the opposite of what lawyers are supposed to be?”

 “I’m the exception.” He replied seriously.

 “I know. You are. Thank you for being here for me. I think I’d be half way across another continent if it wasn’t for you.”

 “Or just in an asylum.” Em joked.

 “True.” She raised her glass of orange juice to meet his glass of red wine. “Cheers”


 Laurent came in the room about an hour after Larry who was in the washroom taking his morning shower. They were leaving in an hour for Paris and he needed to pack his stuff and take a quick shower too. Larry`s stuff was already folded and packed away neatly but he`d forgotten to pack a pretty box. Laurent curiously approached the tiny box and opened it. The necklace was beautiful, simple and elegant. Wow, he thought, who is this for? This entire time he`d been wondering why his brother was so distant and moody, it was because of a girl. Feeling relieved and upset, he put the box back on top of Larry`s belonging. If Larry was having girl problems, why didn`t he come to him to talk? Perhaps he was mad at him because he was spending the majority of the time of this tour with Ayara or being occupied some other way. Thinking about it, they were sharing rooms but Lau was always out and about.  If anyone needed to talk and make more of an effort, it was him. But if there was ever a time and day to talk, it was certainly not today.

 Arriving back in Paris, some of the dancers grabbed their phones and cameras to take numerous photos of the beautiful city. The twins along with a few other local dancers lived there so it was more of a relief for them to be back home. They would be performing the following night on the last leg of the tour so celebrations would have to be held off until then. Laurent figured that perhaps when the tour was over, he could make the effort to hang out with his brother.

 “Let`s do something tomorrow. ”  Lau said, startling his pensive brother.

 “Comme quoi? (Like what?) ”  Larry asked, surprised by the random comment.

 “I don’t know, we`ll do something…juste toi et moi (just you and me). ”

 “Okay. Mais c`est moi qui choisit. (Ok, but I choose) ”

 Lau remembered he was supposed to meet with Jen but figured he could always reschedule. He needed to know what was going on with his brother.


16 thoughts on “Something New. (Chapitre Trente Deux)

    • So was I…O_O I think I read it over about two times for it to really sink in…Is it odd that dream was my favorite part…right before the fight broke out!!!

      • Not odd at all it’s my favorite part too. Just came back to read it again!!! I’m using it to hold me over until the next installment. “With his full weight pressing on her”….. clean up on aisle duex, 😉

  1. awww, i already feel sad for Lau in advance. he hasn’t really been tuned into Larry bcuz he was so preoccupied with Ayara and the other chickens on the tour. but now Lau saw the necklace. and when he and Larry hang out just the two of them Lau might figure it out. or Larry might just crack and spill the truth since the guilt is eating him alive and making him have nightmares. i still think Jen is a dizzy girl. i dunno why she’s telling Em all her business *sigh*.

    • I know! I think that Lau won’t see the necklace again until it’s on Jen’s neck and that’s where Ish is gonna get real. If Larry didn’t leave it out like that, she would’ve been able to use Em as a buffer and say it was from him. I also don’t think she should have told him Larry was the B.D.; he’s still to sketchy!

  2. Well, there will be no need for Lau to be told. When he sees Jen with the necklace, he will figure it out. I do not trust Em at all. For some reason, I want to see Jen & Larry together. He really loves her. I don’t think that Lau was deeply in love with her. Larry loves her so much, he can’t even respond to other females. Lau is having a ball…’s just a messy situation.

    • I am with you! For some reason I want to see Jen with Larry now! Oh my the dream was written so well, Brava Lady!!! You really knocked this chapter out of the box. Em is gonna mess this whole thing up real quick like…I can feel it.

      • And I know that we haven’t seen the last of Larry’s ex model boo thang. You know she’s still steaming about finding him and Jen together in his hotel room.

  3. I just want to thank god Jen had the sense to wait to spill the beans after the last performance…and Em is a creepy creep! How do u go from love interest to Gay bestie Really…and Poor Larry really has it bad but Lau is going to see that necklace on Jen and connect the dots…Larry doesn’t even realize that with 3 perfect circles will represents a family Larry, Jen and the baby…*washing my mouth out with soap!!! I still don’t like her messy!!! Larry should have been the first to know…so they could figure this mess out!!!

  4. Sh*t is about to go dooooooooooohhhhhhhwwwwwnnnnn….
    Ding ding ding!!! GET READII TO RUMBLEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
    (awwwhhh sh*t dis gettin guuudd) *prop up a chair

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