Something New. (Chapitre Trente Un)

Something New.

 Chapitre Trente Un

Par Jolie Adam

 “I love your moves. You’re such a good dancer.” Elena looked up at Larry’s face, no longer in the shadow of his hat and admired his facial traits. His well-proportioned face held full lips she wanted to kiss so badly, cheekbones probably hand-sculpted by God himself and dark eyes. 

“Thank you.” Larry replied politely, moving away from her hoping that his creating distance between them would give her the hint.

 “Are you shy?” She asked softly. He was walking away from the bed when most men would be luring her to it. Either that or she wasn’t his type… but from what she’d heard, he didn’t have a type.

 “No.” He chuckled, now just getting annoyed that his brother trapped him in his own room with this girl. Two and a half months ago, she’d already been naked and bent into a very satisfying position of his choice yet looking at her trying so hard to be alluring, he found her attempt to seduce him a little annoying.

 “Well, then….come back and sit next to me.” Elena said, patting the space on the bed near her. Larry might not have been interested but he was nowhere near rude so he approached the bed once again. No sooner had he sat down did she manage to climb onto his lap, draping her legs on each side of his, facing him. She hesitantly looked up at him before leaning in for a kiss which he endured. His hands were mindlessly laying on the bed, a silent communicative gesture he shared with the remainder of his body – showing his lack of sexual interest. Elena moaned softly while kissing him and Larry just didn’t have the heart to stop her, letting her hand wander through his messy twists, quickly roaming south to graze his torso before landing on his belt. He knew his belt was complicated to unbuckle and hoped that once she got there, she’d become frustrated with trying and leave it alone when he failed to assist her but Elena just bypassed the complexity of his belt and reached for his genitals, slipping her hand into his boxers. Obviously not impervious to a woman’s touch, Larry’s flaccid member grew semi-rigid in a matter of seconds and he could feel Elena’s smile against his lips. She was using her hands methodically to arouse him while grinding fully clothed. Larry tilted his head back and actually found himself thinking about Jennifer. He felt like he’d been celibate for ages and right now given the ripe opportunity, had enough pent up sexual frustration to deliberately rape this sexually overzealous girl straddling him. But all he felt was longing, a visceral need to feel Jen against him, to fuck her first and then make love to her. His arousal grew quickly once he began thinking of Jen, her lips, her skin, her body against his — so disappointment set in when he opened his eyes and saw Elena anxiously working away to arouse him, he grabbed her by the midriff and pushed her off him. Her furrowed brows said she didn’t understand what was happening so he cleared it up for her.

 “Please go.” He looked down at his erection pressing uncomfortably against his jeans and already felt the painful blue balls effect but he’d rather take care of the situation himself than sleep with this girl. What was happening to him? He’d almost never turned down sex before, especially from hot, easy girls.

 “What the fuck? Did I do something wrong?” Elena sat weirdly on the bed looking at him, dumfounded.

 “No…just go.” He was getting exasperated. This girl was truly awful with hints. “This is not going to happen so you can go.”

 Elena rose from the bed still confused at Larry’s sudden change of heart but didn’t want to embarrass herself anymore than she’s already had. She quickly walked to the door, grabbing her flats before exiting. Larry crashed on the bed, bewildered by what had just happened. Had he actually turned that girl away? He was actually really horny now and tried to focus on something other than sex. The thought lasted a few minutes before his lids grew heavy leading him to fall asleep.

 Back in Noah’s room, Elena was being very elusive as to why she’d come back so early. She wasn’t really sure why Larry suddenly lost the urge to sleep with her and didn’t feel like divulging the unsavoury details so when she entered in the midst of a small party including Noah, Susi and Laurent – she grabbed a party cup, filling it with ¾ alcohol and the rest with soda. Lau and Susi were already acquainted by the look of things with Susi’s hair filling out the palm of Lau’s hand as they engaged in a heavy make-out session. 

“Coming back to the real party?” Noah interrupted Elena’s thoughts.

 “Something like that.” Elena replied nonchalantly.

 Noah was tipsy and Elena looked vulnerable which was his cue to zoom in on her weak moment. He waited for her to drown her concerns in the large party cup size that reeked of alcohol before grabbing her hips in a forward motion into him. Having been unceremoniously rejected by her crush, Elena was reassured by the interest Noah was still showing in her. Seeing his opportunity to close the deal, Noah grabbed a handful of her ass with one and her neck with the other to plant his lips on hers. He was going to have fun with Larry’s left-over, suddenly feeling glad he’d let his friend have her first so that she’d be more willing the second time around. I should hang around these guys more often, Noah thought as he hungrily undressed the back-up dancer right in the middle of the room. Lau was on Noah’s bed getting oral sex from Susi but watching Noah using his finger to service Elena. That girl had a nice body on her but he had no interest in fucking the same girl as his brother so he brought his attention back to bubbly Susi who was using her tongue to do wonders on him.


 “When did you find out?” Em ran to catch up with Jen who had quickly marched off from their sight-seeing trip.

 “This morning.” Jennifer was seated across from him in a tiny café in central Paris, having a latte with her French pastry. She was so hungry, she was already thinking about which pastry she’d order next.

“How..?” Em asked stupidly before realizing his question, “Well, not how…? But I’m just so confused. Who? You told me you weren’t seeing anyone.”

“I’m not right now. We broke up a few weeks ago.” Jen said as elusive as she could manage. She didn’t really want to get into the details of her ex with another ex.

“Okay, I know you like to keep things to yourself but look what it’s doing to you. Look….I’m sorry I tried to kiss you but I had no idea..and right now, I just want you to talk to me.” Em said sympathetically, ignoring the delicious cup of cappuccino in front of him to grab Jen’s hand.

She looked down once his sincere words reached her. “It’s such a mess Em.” She felt heavy tears suffocating her as her throat closed in.

“Does he know?”

“No.” She looked up at him, with tears looming in her eyes and shook her head letting one leak onto her cheek.

“When are you going to tell him?” Jen’s blank expression answered his question. “You are going to tell him, Jen?”

“You don’t understand..” Jen withdrew her hand from his to rub her forehead. “I don’t know how to even say it, I don’t even know if I’m keeping it…and what will happen.”

“Well, that’s a risk you just have to take. But you can’t keep this to yourself. He deserves to know.” Em lowered his voice but stated his speech with such conviction that she felt as if her ears were ringing with his words of wisdom.

“They’re just taking off right now…what about his career?” She looked pensive and distraught.

“Forget about his career. This is a child we’re talking about. This is a big deal.”

“No Em. You don’t get it. They’ve worked so hard for this and it’s only the beginning. Even if he did want to have a kid, how would that work? It just wouldn’t…unless he gave up dancing which I would and could never ask him to do. Besides..”

“Besides what? All I keep hearing is excuses and fear. You need to deal with this. I love you but I’m not raising another man’s child.”

Jennifer chuckled a little at his comment. She hadn’t meant to because she knew he was serious but the fact that he even thought she’d be interested to pursue anything romantic with him at this moment was hilarious.

“What’s so funny?” Em asked, a little startled by her sudden giggling outburst.


“How am I funny?”

“You still managed to squeeze in your intentions during a conversation like this –while you’re preaching me, if I may say so.”

“I’m glad you find it funny. But I’m serious…This is serious, Jen. I care about you but you need to do this …for you…for the baby. You need to tell him. I would want to know no matter what was going on in my life.” Em continued. Jen just couldn’t bring up the fact that the baby’s father was her ex-boyfriend’s twin brother. This was already enough drama for Em to handle without adding a twist to the plot. He was right but he didn’t really understand why she couldn’t tell him. If she did, Laurent would know and the guilt she felt just thinking about it made her nauseous.

“I’ll tell him.” Jen said. At the end of the day, everything Em said was true and even if there were other factors to take in her situation, it still applied to her. Larry needed to know, even if he freaked out on her or bailed, that’s a risk she would have to take. You know, just like the one you took having unprotected sex with him while cheating on your boyfriend, her conscience sneered maliciously at her. Fretting with this new decision, Jen calculated in her head the days remaining before Larry’s return. It was just a few more days until she’d get to see him but then the tournament was two days after. Pondering the right time to break the news, Jen decided to wait until the tournament was over which gave her exactly five days to practice her speech.


Laurent woke up in Noah’s bed with a half-naked Susi next to him. He’d been waking up in foreign beds as of late, which was a readjustment after being monogamous with Jen. Even though it had been a rather short relationship, it didn’t steer away from its meaning or his feelings for her. Lau hated waking up with a heavy heart because he knew he’d spent the rest of the day thinking about Jen. He was having a lot of fun on the tour but he did miss her and felt jealous at the thought of her doing the same thing. If she was the one sleeping around after their break-up, he’d be devastated but he knew she wasn’t the promiscuous type. Lau went by some days without a bare thought of her but on days like this, he just missed being in bed with her and doing nothing but laughing and talking.

He quietly exited the room, being sure to close the door softly. On his way to the elevator, he dialled Jen’s number. She picked up on the second ring.

“Hello.” She sounded pretty cheerful.

“Bonjour mon amour.” (Good morning my love)  Lau replied jokingly.

“Hi Laurent.” Jen was pretty happy to hear from him, as they hadn’t really spoken at all recently.

“Miss me yet?” Lau asked confidently.

“Of course, I miss you guys. How’s the tour?” Speaking to him now, she just felt like Lau was a good friend. But then again with Em on her counsel board giving her advice, all exes just seemed like good friends now. Now that her heart belonged to someone else.

“A lot of fun. London is crazy. The weather is sooo bad. I miss Paris. I miss you. But we’re having so much fun.” Laurent rambled on.

“That’s good. Paris misses you too.” She said coyly which offended Lau. Why couldn’t she just say that she missed him?

“You are not Paris. You are Jen. Do you miss me?” He asked, suddenly serious. He considered this break-up as a break hoping that perhaps by the time he’d returned, she’d have changed her mind or missed him enough to consider getting back together.

“Yeah, of course. I miss you Lau.” She meant it, unsure of why he was getting so sensitive about the fact.

“So you’re going to be happy to see me back on Tuesday right?”

“I can’t wait.” Jen replied.

“Good! We’ll go to a restaurant.” Lau said enthusiastically. The thought of food was appealing to Jen because she was always hungry. She just wasn’t sure for what.

“That sounds really good. I’m hungry just thinking about it.” Lau laughed at her sudden interest, she actually sounded hungry. Hanging up shortly after, he pressed the elevator button to go up. Ayara was standing behind the doors when it opened, wearing her Juicy Couture tracksuit.

“Well hello there.” Ayara smiled.

“Good morning. You’re up so early.” Lau retorted.

“I fell asleep early last night, I was so tired.”

“We were all tired. The crowd was crazy!” Lau said vivaciously, remembering the energy of the crowd last night.

“What were you up to last night?” Ayara questioned curiously as the elevator stopped on the 8th floor opened for Lau to exit. He let the dorrs open and close to escort Ayara to her suite.

“Just stayed in the hotel with my brother and Noah.” Lau replied, leaving out the juicy details of his liaison with Susi.

“What about tonight?”

“I don’t know. Maybe rest, get ready for tomorrow’s show.”

“I have a better idea. Why don’t you come by after lunch? I’ll show you London and then tonight I can show you something else.” She purred into his ear, lifting herself on her toes to reach. Lau smiled at the offer.

“Okay. I will come after lunch.” She gave him a kiss before exiting the elevator as the door opened signalling she was on her floor. Lau watched her walk out, pressed the button for the 8th floor again and wondering how he’d gotten so lucky. He had a girl he liked, a girl who liked him and a girl who gave really good head. And he was living out his dream, getting paid to perform what he was most passionate about. What more could a man want?


Larry was up bright and early after passing out the night before. He was still in the same clothes and the same position he’d fallen asleep in. He woke up and immediately made his way to the washroom to take a long shower. Once he was really awake and clean, he layered on his tank top, a hoodie and leather jacket with dark jeans and black Nikes. The weather wasn’t that much better today which was fine by him. He wasn’t planning on doing any sightseeing, just heading to a mall in hopes of finding a bookstore. They were leaving early tomorrow and if he didn’t do it now, the lazy weather could very well motivate him to stay in bed all day. After calling room service for breakfast, he turned on his iPad to find the nearest mall to the hotel.

An hour and a half later, Larry found himself browsing through the aisles of Waterstone’s feeling overwhelmed by the extensive book collection in the store. He wasn’t much of a reader or a book fanatic so locating the Fiction section had been a task in itself considering the store had three large floors. Once in the Fiction section, he wasn’t sure where to look. There were so many books that he gave up trying to read the front flaps to get a better understanding of what the books were about, instead deciding to grab the first book he saw with a very interesting cover. Settling on a recent novel titled “Gold diggers” by Tasmina Perry, Larry made his way to pay for the book he’d chosen with hopes that Jen would like it.

On his way out, Larry stopped by the mall’s store directory map to see if there was a Nike store. He suddenly felt in the mood to splurge. Locating one on the lower floor, he quickly descended down the escalator but on his way to Nike, a necklace from a jewellery store caught his eye. There were three circular rings, each bigger than the one within it and made from three different variants of gold. It was so simple yet so beautiful and Larry felt drawn to it, entering the store to inquire about it.

“Hi Sir. Do you see something you like?” The saleswoman approached him courteously.

“Yes. The necklace in the front.” Larry pointed.

“Ah, the one with yellow, white and rose gold! That’s a lovely choice. Would you like to see the price for it?”

“Yes.” Larry followed the sales associate as she removed the beautiful necklace from the store’s window display and checked its price.

“It is 1200 pounds but we’re having a 20% sale on all regular price items so it’ll be about a thousand pounds with tax. Is this for a special occasion?”

“No.” Larry blushed unwillingly at the question.

“Did you want to take a look at some of our other items?”

“No, it’s okay. I’ll take this one.”

“Good choice, sir. Did you want it giftwrapped?”

“Yes, please.”

“For your mother or girlfriend?” The associate pressed on.

“Girlfriend.” Larry lied.

“Well, she’s a lucky girl.”

Larry smiled as he followed the saleswoman back to the front to complete his purchase. The necklace just reminded him of Jen. He wasn’t sure if she’d like the book he’d gotten her but he was certain she’d love the necklace.


11 thoughts on “Something New. (Chapitre Trente Un)

  1. Nice long chapter filled with a lot of great things!! Thanks I can’t wait to see how Larry reacts to the baby news, Lau as well. Boy that necklace is very fitting..3 circles connected, Oh boy! “Gold Diggers” hahahaha great title.

    • Agreed, the chapter was awesome and yhe length was truly appreciated. My thoughts exactly in reading the part about the necklace. And I was like; hmm, Gold diggers Larry… really!? Lol

  2. I love this story so much!! “Now that her heart belonged to someone else” I almost suffocated; that line was so perfect. And the way the author toyed with our emotions, making it seem like Larry was going to let that heffa go all the way, but then kicked her out instead. Genius!! Also I have to say that Jen’s conscience is so hilarious, “you know like the one you took having unprotected sex with him while cheating on your boyfriend”; lmao. Can’t wait for ‘tuesday’ when they arrive.

  3. Nice very nice read…………oh my goodness when are you going to get to Jen telling Larry. You are killing me slowly with this…….. I feel so bad for Lau. Dang it.

    • Although I know it’s asking too much. I’m with you… the wait is excruciating!! I’d say two day intervals or how about two chapters per post!!! Yes two chapters is where its at 😉

  4. This was a really great read tonight…the length was great cause it wasn’t rushed…my favorite part I can’t help it was with Elena: His hands were mindlessly laying on the bed, a silent communicative gesture he shared with the remainder of his body – ROTFLMAO!!! I’m a sucker for a good read…but i’m dreading the out come O_O

  5. Aw Larry is so frickin sweet. I love it.. I can agree that the chapters are coming along slowly but my time is being occupied so I think I can manage… The anticipation. Lol dont stop what you’re doing. Its perfect. I can only speak for myself though.

  6. so when i read where Larry pushes Elena off. i fist-pumped the air. i had to take a minute to let that soak in. i cant believe he turned her down. Love this story!

  7. “Lau watched her walk out, pressed the button for the 8th floor again and wondering how he’d gotten so lucky. He had a girl he liked, a girl who liked him and a girl who gave really good head.”
    Am I wrong for these being my fav lines of the chapter? LOL great writing!

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