Something New. (Chapitre Trente)


Something New.

 Chapitre Trente

 Par Jolie Adam


Two pink lines rose to contrast against the tiny white screen, their vision clouded by the teary eyes looking at them. A couple of birds were singing outside signalling the approaching sunrise. Jen slept for an entire day but only now felt like she was dreaming. She backed against the bathroom door and slid all the way down the floor still gripping the pregnancy test and just stared into nothingness.


 The dancers gathered into the hotel’s dining room to have breakfast. They were leaving shortly after for London to perform that same evening. Larry and Lau vacuumed the food off their numerous plates like they hadn’t eaten for years. Sitting at their table was Noah – a prolific locking dancer originally from Benin. He and Larry had been getting pretty close and even though the introverted twin didn’t trust anyone – he’d been getting accustomed to Noah and his silly sense of humour.

 “Man, Elena is so hot.” Noah winked at Elena who was coyly checking out the boys at their table. Lau paused from inhaling his food to look at who Noah was referring to and Larry remembered her as the dancer who tried to come up to his room the night they’d all gone out to Blo.

 “She tried to come with me to my room Wednesday night.” Larry laughed, prompting Lau to give daps to his brother.

 “You lucky motherfucker! It’s always the Hip-Hop dancers who get the girls!” Noah said playfully.

 “Wait – what you mean, she tried?” Lau questioned. His curiosity preceded his appetite.

 “Man, I was so tired.” Larry said hoping to stop this conversation in its tracks. Noah and Lau both dropped their forks and looked at him with a dramatic, exaggerated look that said they weren’t about to offer any sympathy.

 “You were tired?” Lau probed, with eyebrows lifted in shock.

 “Yeah.” Larry wasn’t completely lying.

 “You telling me she wanted to come to your room and I wasn’t there and you said you’re tired? Oh my God, what’s wrong with you? What happened to my twin?” Laurent said a little bit louder than he should’ve making Larry blush in embarrassment.

 “There is something wrong with you my brother. But I can help you. Next time, a girl wants to come to your room and you’re tired. Give her my room number! 615! I am a real man – I am never tired.” Noah resumed stuffing his mouth as Lau’s laughter overwhelmed the table. Larry turned to look at Elena who was looking at him and felt a little pressured. He wasn’t quite sure why he hadn’t accepted her advances but wasn’t regretting it either. Shrugging it off, he continued the task of cleaning his plate.


The crowd in London was absolutely wild and their energy was like nothing the dancers had experienced before. Chanting and cheering in unison, they were dancing along for the entire show, sweating along with the performers, their enthusiasm rivalling the actual act on stage. Ayara twisted and turned in her dancing heels trying to keep up with the energy the crowd was emitting. The English weather may have been disagreeable but it was burning hot in the sizeable arena. Just because they had managed to give her a run for their money, Ayara willingly performed two extra sets of songs at the satisfaction of the fans. This not only allowed them to hear songs that weren’t set to be performed but also gave the dancers the freedom to improvise and freestyle. The stage was an assortment of dancers from all genres and backgrounds, doing flips and special tricks, letting the music sway them into moves they’d perfected or were just trying out. At the end of the show, Ayara thanked the crowd for being so much fun and exited the stage exhausted. The dancers followed one by one, some practically crawling backstage. The night had been epic and without a doubt no one possibly had the energy to go clubbing after.

 A few hours later, the hotel was noisy with dancers moving around and about from room to room. They were all staying in, with some already fast asleep after the high-endurance performance. Noah was on his way to the twins’ room with a case of Gatorade and lemonade when he spotted Elena going into her room. Was that girl ever suitably dressed? Not that he was complaining.

 “Elena!” Noah called after her. She was halfway in her room before peeking her head back to see who it was.

 “What’s up?” She replied flirtatiously. She was used to guys hitting on her.

 “Wanna come party with me?” He grinned boyishly.

 “Nah, thanks…too tired.”

 “I meant a private party.” He motioned to the drinks he was holding in his hands.

 She laughed at his proposition. He was cute but she had her eye on his friend. The one with the twists. The way he danced was such a turn-on. “You wish honey!”

 “I’m going up to the twins’ room. Why don’t you grab your roomie and meet me there?”

 She perked up at the mention of the twins. “What room?”

 “Up top baby. 831” He smiled.

 “See you in a bit.” She replied with a mischievous smile.     

 A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Without missing a beat, Noah opened it not bothering to check first. Standing before him was Elena and her roommate Susi looking sensationally sinful in tight jean shorts and coral lace crop tops. Elena’s stomach was flat and sporty whereas her friend’s was curvy. Laurent went into his entertaining mode putting his arms around both girls, inviting them into the room.

 “Welcome ladies. What would you like to drink?”

 “Rum and coke.” Susi replied without hesitation.

 “Oh, no alcohol here!” Laurent added, “Come on, we don’t need that stuff” He continued as he winked at Elena.

 Feeling like the odd one out of the enthusiastic party, Larry went to the washroom while being followed by Laurent’s wandering eyes. As soon as the bathroom door was closed, Laurent looked at Noah and they both shared the same idea.

 “You know what….Susi, you come with me and Noah. He has some rum in his room and I have coke so let’s go.” He tried to ushered Susi out of the room quickly before Larry came back out.

 “What about Elena?” Susi pointed out at her friend who was looking comfortable with Lau’s ingenious plan.

 “I’ll be fine.” Elena replied before Lau had the chance to implement something quirky to dissolve Susi’s concern.

 “Yes. She will be okay. Now let’s go.” Lau tried again to push Susi out of the room but this time, she followed Noah easily as the trio slipped out of the room in a hurry.

 Elena smirked to herself as she moved toward the bed, positioning herself on the edge. Larry could overhear his brother leaving in the washroom as he washed his hands, rolling his eyes. Had this been months ago, Larry would have rejoiced at the thoughtfulness of his brother for leaving him alone in the room with a hot and obviously willing chick but oddly enough, he was dreading making conversation with this random girl. Adjusting his snapback, he opened the door and made his way into the room, next to the bed. Larry shifted uncomfortably as if he wasn’t certain what to do even though he’d been in this situation many times before. Elena sat up on the bed and removed his hat. He looked so much hotter without it.


 Jen was still sitting on her tiled bathroom floor when her phone rang…and rang…and rang. Finally deciding to get up and pick it up, she was bombarded with questions by Em who wanted to know what she was doing, why she hadn’t been answering her phone, if she felt better, how much better, better enough to come out and enjoy the beautiful day with him. He’s worse than my mother, thought Jen, as she relented to his advances. And staring up at the Eiffel tower for the fifth time since she’d been in Paris, she was glad she did.

 There is a reason why the Eiffel tower is renowned throughout the world – it never failed to boost Jen’s spirit and amaze her. No matter how long she stared at it or how many times she saw it, she was always awestruck at the spectacular major attraction and today was no different. Flooded with tourists from all over the world, coming to see the Eiffel in its summer glory, Jen stood there with Em feeling inspired and happy. It was simply her favourite place in the world and she was glad he’d asked her to take him there. After spending hours cruising the shopping areas and viewing the Louvre, he’d startled her with his idea to go see the Eiffel…and she happily obliged.

 Em looked at Jen looking up the Eiffel and felt reminiscent of times they’d had together, shared memories and simple joys – this was one of them. He was happy to be sharing this moment with her and perhaps could use this romantic placement to reveal his real reason for visiting Paris. Choosing actions over words, he leaned over to kiss Jen who turned her head when she unexpectedly saw his face looming into hers.

 “What are you doing?” She questioned with a look of horror.

 “I’m just… I thought – ” Em started embarrassed.

 “Don’t.” Jen replied, cutting him off in an unceremoniously rude tone.

 “Why not?” He pressed aggressively. She had been playing his tour guide and wasn’t seeing anyone so he’d assumed they were on the same page. To him, it was obvious that he’d only come to Paris to see her so why was she playing oblivious.

 “Because I’m pregnant, you asshole.” She snapped at him, before turning around and marching away.

Em’s puzzled face said it all as the many tourists read the troubled signs of the young couple arguing right under the imperial Eiffel tower.


11 thoughts on “Something New. (Chapitre Trente)

  1. Ok ok……shes starting to settle down, but when will she tell Larry? Hhhmmmmmmm the drama needs to unfold. Oh and she better not leave Paris without telling Lar!!!!! Babygirl u got to put them big girl panties on & deal with it.

  2. (Screams when twit of new chapter pops up) Let’s get this show rolling:- Larry needs to pull the breaks on Elena fast and Jen needs to be calling her baby-daddy like last night!! Agh! I can’t stand the anticipation! Now, Lau is doing his thing pretending not to be concerned with Jen. But I hope he doesn’t do anything rash when the news of Jen being pregnant by Larry is revealed. Oh man, sooo close!!

  3. Wow didn’t think Jen would tell anybody so soon esp. Em. We will see if she tells Larry so quickly?? Somehow I doubt it. I can’t wait for the next chapter. I hope Larry doesn’t sleep with some random dancer chick. Hey what about Lau and Ayara?

  4. This story keeps me on my toes. Gosh I love it.. I hope it goes on for awhile. Jo Lee, GONE AHEAD AND GET IT! 🙂 Lau, you bad. Larry, you are kind. Em, you are delusional. Elena, you are THIRSTY. Jen, you in alot of shit.. You mixed up.

  5. Funny I was so hoping that Ms. Elena little plan would have gotten messed up with a text from Jen…what is this chick doing…sight seeing when she should have been on the phone ( No she didn’t tell Em first lame). Wonder if Larry will cave and have pity sex with Elena. Hell now I need rum and coke O.o!!!

  6. Quite a chapter…but of course we all knew that she was goin to be prego…dont feel bad for her not even once lol i agree with holydiva there. It is time for jen jen to put her big gurl gear on and handle this situation…i bet all u ladies that she goin to run away and never tell larry and once when he finds out she is long gone and cannot be found. Then it pops up mb 2 or 3 yrs later she is see with a child by larry AND laurent…oooo boii wat good prediction there ^_^

  7. Oh man. What is going on here? Jen, please stop being an airhead and call Larry. Larry, please stop moping around like a sad, lonely player and call Jen. *sigh* I can’t with those two. I think Em’s goody two shoe butt might try to step in as the baby daddy. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Lau I love you boo boo but imma need you not to be talking all loud and ratchet telling all Larry’s business at the dinner table LOL. Elena and Susi…hmmm…I see no future for these random hoochies showing up to the room wearing matching crop tops *the horror LMAO*. Just two more chicks to add to the hitlist.

  8. I cannot believe how addicted I’ve become to this story. It’s sad to admit but I check this website 3 times a day to see if a new story is posted. Team Larry/Jen

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