Something New. (Chapitre Vingt-Huit)

Something New

Chapitre Vingt-Huit

 Par Jo Lee


Music was blaring loudly through the high-tech sound systems when Larry and Laurent made their entrance into Blo’s elite nightclub. Breezing through the long line of people waiting on the other side of the doors hoping tonight would be their lucky night, the twins along with the rest of the dancers were welcomed with a familiar ambiance. But unlike any club they’d ever been to, the space and design of Blo was stunning in a very eerie way. Walls were bathed in white with a shimmering gold floor as if someone had dropped a gallon of glitter in passing. The couches in the secluded area were also white, draped with white blinds in Grecian style and there was a private bar in every area. It felt like a huge party room with VIP placing all over the vast space and the club was designed that way to protect the identity of the numerous celebrities who often made an appearance there. There was speculation that the club was named about Cocaine also known as Blow since the owner used to be a reputed Colombian drug cartel in his hometown so besides being the hottest place to party in Belgium, it was the most discreet and public place high-profiles could go to  get their drug fix. 

The group of dancers were directed towards a private booth which was large enough to accommodate all of them. They were dancing in their seats hearing the latest tracks being diffused with techno and house music as the bartender started mixing together drinks for them. They usually made it a habit to not drink during touring events since alcohol not only hindered their judgment but their performance as well the following day. Turns out hung-over dancers are not balanced dancers however a small fraction of alcohol in their sweet drinks wasn’t going to be much of an impact if they planned on dancing it off anyways. Laurent barely sat down when his phone buzzed. He was glowing with positive energy and gratitude, still on the high on performing in front of such a large crowd. He looked down at the small lit screen in his hands and let a smile escape him when he saw what it said.

 “Ayara: You look good tonight ;)”

 No longer expecting any sort of communication from Jen, he pressed the reply button without thinking twice.

 “Lau: I always do.”

 The more time passed, the more he became bitter about the situation with Jen. Lau felt like he was being reprimanded even though he’d done nothing wrong. He’d been in close contact with Ayara in a 5-star hotel room and still didn’t touch her. What else could he do to prove his loyalty? He still loved Jen but at the end of the day, he figured he could young and reckless since he was single, and also just because he could. Expecting a reply back from her, Lau was surprised to see her walking towards their table.

 As she made her way from one private area to the next, Lau watched her sway her hips in a tiny frock that had barely enough material to cover the essentials. She was showing off and looking good doing so. Her hair blown out like a wild lioness, ready to pounce on her target as she strutted the short distance to his booth.  By then, the rest of the dancers were in such a good mood, appreciating their good fortunes and weren’t surprised to see their boss aiming for Laurent since she’d been making her flirting a little more obvious with each passing day.

 Ayara: You gonna dance or what? Show a girl a good time.

 Laurent: My name is Good Time. You will see.

 She stepped back to let him exit from the wide couch and then led him to the nearly empty dancefloor. People were so busy having their own private parties in their booth, they didn’t bother making their way down to the designated dance floor. One large and loud group was hollering and popping a bottle of champagne every 5 minutes. It was a large, burly white Arabic man surrounded by slim, Slavic blondes who were definitely not enjoying his company but definitely his money.

 Larry watched his twin slither behind Ayara’s curvy frame as she gyrated against him. He was enjoying the company of his fellow dancer and keeping track of any good songs the DJ was playing so that he could inquire about them later. Ayara and Laurent were practically having dry sex on the dancefloor with their hips locked on each other and almost moving as one. The song changed into a Nicki Minaj song which drove all the dancers onto the dancefloor. Larry vibrated his chest as the chorus rang through the speakers, the dancers began improvising their moves and freestyling their way through the high paced song. Laurent took a step back from Ayara when the song came on, leading her to grab his collar to pull him back into her. He could smell her exotic perfume wafting in his nostrils when he leaned into her neck.

 Ayara: Take me home.

 Laurent: Now?

 Ayara: Right now.

 She lifted an eyebrow audaciously and waited for him to grab her hand and take her home. When he failed to do so, she grabbed her hand and turned around. Looking a little taken back by her approach, Laurent tried to make eye contact with his brother who was swallowed by the crowd of dancers and failed to advise Larry of his departure. Looking back at the powerful woman in front of him, taking big demanding steps out of the club, Laurent didn’t know how the night would end but he had a pretty good idea,

 Back at the Ritz hotel, Ayara bypassed the clergy and anyone who stopped her to say Hello. She was on a man-hunt mission and wasn’t in her public mode right now. Using her card to enable the elevator, they rose to the penthouse floor where she was residing.

Once in the room, almost in a form of déjà vu, the multi-platinum singer led the lone twin to the bed where he was motioned to sit. Standing before him, she easily slid off the slanky dress she was wearing to reveal absolutely nothing but flesh. She had been completely nude beneath that dress leaving nothing to Laurent’s imagination. And pleasantly he smiled at her, taking into appreciation her flawless, toned, curvy body. She turned around and bent down in slightest move while still in heels, looking over at Laurent. Not one to miss his cue on stage or off, Lau stood up and eased his clothes off.

 Grabbing a condom from his jean pocket, he rolled it onto his stiff member and slid into her welcoming opening. Immediately Ayara began to moan and dirty-talk, all whilst being bent down like a porn star in towering heels. She was moving her ass into his groin to match his incoming strokes. She may have been a Grammy nominee but she knew how to fuck like a determined stripper, doing all sorts of tricks, gyrating her ass in circles and taking away the pussy to slam it back down like a boomerang. It hadn’t been long but Lau felt the heat rising in his nether regions so quickly he thought he was having a hot flash. Fighting against his orgasm, he forcefully closed his eyes and tried to think of something else. Ayara flipped her hair and smiled when she caught a glimpse of delicious Laurent biting his lips with his eyes closed. She purposely clenched her internal muscles to heighten his already unbearable sensitivity.

 “Open your eyes and look at this ass!” She moaned.

 Laurent opened his eyes and saw her butt jiggling all over his dick and felt a rush from his testicles as she slammed his orgasmic wave into her. That may have been one of the best sex he’d ever had in his life but the minute his carnal bliss was satisfied, he felt empty and disconnected. Ayara beaming at her good work turned around and got on her knees, removing the condom and giving him the full service by letting her tongue arouse his member into a second round. Laurent laid on the bed watching her head bob up and down, allowing himself to get excited again.


 Back at the club, Larry noticed Laurent was gone and so was Ayara. It didn’t take a genius to figure it out and this time, Lau was free to do as he wished because he was untied. And so am I, Larry realized as he scoped out the club not finding anything that grabbed his interest. Pulling out his phone, he checked hopefully to see if there were any new messages. Going through his inbox, he saw the sent message to Jen that was still missing a reply. The last thing he wanted to do was come off as pushy but being in that club without his brother just made me feel almost lonely. Opening his inbox again, he pressed Jen’s previous text and hit reply;

 “Hi. I miss you. Don’t forget what I told you. I hope you are thinking about it.”

 He locked his phone and put it back in his pocket. He didn’t want to be at a club catering to his phone and looking to see if she texted him back or not, although oddly enough he wanted to do nothing else but that. Forcing his attention back to the zone of friendly and fun dancers surrounding him, he lost himself in the music and laughter.


 Jen spent the afternoon showing Em around his neighbourhood. He was staying in a swanky hotel in the 6th district, known for its high-end stores and financially cozy area. Walking around Paris with an ex and a baguette, Jen felt like the biggest cliché. He was a lot nicer than she’d remembered and even though they dated almost a year and half ago, she could sense he’d really matured a lot since then. Reaching back to his hotel late at night, she was ready to call it a day and head home. He had asked to begin sight-seeing the minute they met at the airport and feeling like she had a role of tour guide to fill, Jen happily obliged but her toes felt swollen from all the walking and she felt sweaty and grimy.

 “Come up for some tea!” Em invited.

 “I’m spent. Going to head back. I have work tomorrow.”

 “Come on. I’m only here for a short while. Haven’t seen you in what feels like years and besides tea is a courtesy thing here.” He tried to convince her.

 “That’s England, not France!” Jen laughed.

 “Whatever. I’m the guest so you must do as I say.”

 “Fine, just one cup. But only because you’re such a pest.”

 “If that’s what it takes, I’m a pest alright.”

 Jen sighed in exhaustion when she sat in the chair located in the room. Should she have worn athletic shoes? Her feet were killing her and she felt so tired. Even though she wasn’t the most active person, walks always made her feel more energized afterwards but she felt like someone drained every bit of energy she had.

 “So I’ve told you all about me and school and life and parents and girlfriends. What about you? What’s your deal?” Em questioned.

 “What do you mean?” Jen tried to play dumbfounded.

 “You seeing someone?”

 “I was. Not anymore.”

 Just at that moment, her phone buzzed in the pocket of her handbag. Grabbing it sloppily, she flipped the screen open to read the new message. It was a text from Larry and once she was done reading it, her whole tired face lit up brighter than a fluorescent Christmas tree. Her heart beamed in her chest to read those words on screen from him. She’d gotten his last text but between playing tour guide and catching up, she didn’t get the time to respond. And looking at this new text from Larry, she was glad she didn’t because it showed her he was thinking about her, not just replying to her text.

 “Wow. Who is that?”

 “Who is what?”

 “Whoever just messaged you. You’re glowing.”

“You’re exaggerating.” Jen blushed as she closed her phone and slid it back into the pocket of her handbag, trying to push the text to the back of her mind. “Let us have tea!” She exclaimed in her best English accent in an attempt to change the topic.

“Yes, let’s.”


12 thoughts on “Something New. (Chapitre Vingt-Huit)

  1. First of all, I love whomever is writing this. You’d think they were quoting Laurent directly “I always do” so my Lau. And Larry oh my dear sweet Larry “Hi. I miss you. Don’t forget what I told you. I hope your thinking about it.” Even my heart melted with all the warmth he expressed simply, yet perfectly. I hope she replies to Larry soon!

  2. Well there goes that bobblehead taking Lau. Oh well. This story is just too great. I died when I saw that this chapter was put up.. Same routine for the next one! :p

  3. That was a really good chapter lol!! Am i the only one who was dying by how the way the sex scene was being described?? “she knew how to fuck like a determined stripper,” “he thought he was having a hot flash” mannn i was dyin…o boy got excited lol mannn and with her shakin that a$$ it kinda reminded me of the song dance (a$$) by big sean
    Umm i honestly dont wanna hear jen’s mouth later about this cuz ole boy is single living young and wild and FRREEEEEE!!!! She better not fuss or i will hope her a$$ is prego and hope she go thru

    • No u’re not the only one that scene was hmf (hot as a mofo). And I’m waiting to see the results of Jen’s impending pregnancy as well! I NEED the next chapter like last week….!!!!!!

  4. I know it is wrong, but I don’t Lau to be with Ayara, not sure why? but I just don’t. I still can’t believe Larry is hung up on Jen. This story is so interesting!!! Great writing

    • agreed! i don’t want Lau to be with Ayara either. he’s way too beautiful for her to be using him up with all her raunchy stripper antics. anyway… if he’s gonna be somebody’s man slave it should be me lol.

  5. Laurent hadn’t had sex since he was with Jen. Beside the fact that he is single and Ayara is a beautiful woman, he had to satisfy his sexual needs and she was wiling to do so. But after “the best sex he’d ever had in his life” Lau felt completely empty. he will have to fulfill his physical need.. to feel connected with someone and i think he will try to talk to Jen.

    aww .. my sweet Larry “lost himself in the music and laughter” to not think of Jen. That message was simply perfect ^o^

    We all know that Jen wants Larry and Larry wants Jen .. but also Lau wants Jen.. they are all untied now. What will Jen do this is the question ?

  6. I’m still here!!! Love u but this story is killing me like Deception…hard to read but impossible to not!!! I wanted my happy ending without to much damage being done…but I agree Larry has always been the one even if she deserves nothing…Now Chey has company in my mind…Ohhhhh I can’t stand Jen!!!

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