Les Twins Say Goodbye To Japan… For Now!


“Now they can breath !! Amazing show dance delight vol 19. Les Twins” – Saif Mahdi

Dance Delight Vol. 19 is now completed and over. Les Twins are finally done with their whirlwind excursion through the streets of Tokyo. Along with them during this trip, was their mother, Mama Bourgeois, and, the ever elusive Mr. Saif Mahdi, their real manager. 

Many of the fans believe that Barbara Fabri is their manager, but she’s not. She’s only their “booker”, meaning, that she is the person that books most of their gigs. Anything and just about everything that the boys do, goes through her first and Saif. Laurent and Larry are very loyal to these two individuals. Despite what anyone thinks or believes, the boys are very dedicated to having Saif and Barbara on their team and wouldn’t have it any other way. 



6 thoughts on “Les Twins Say Goodbye To Japan… For Now!

  1. Wow Larry’s arms! It’s like overnight they have all this muscle. Where can I get what they are taking? I only notice Laurent’s now Larry. They’ve been going to the gun show….LOL……..

    • U were not alone on that my dear…i was O.O….and then i had to do a double take…mannn those arms r sacred i culd jst kiss em :* lol

  2. I wish their managers would get them on SNL or work on a comedy tv show. they seem so funny. wish they would do more comical youtube videos or videos about their usual day to day world. i wanna hear from mama B about her experience in raising them. you know, like funny baby stories and what not. i would love to see more modeling stuff so i can put together a really cool book for the futures to keep like i did for MJ.

    saturday night live could open up more avenues but hey, im just a fan. but i DO know all things, lol. no, really!

    anyway, keep up the fun work, stay safe and sray real and unique out there. God knows we could use you guys since everyone else out there SUCKS! haha?

    • I totally agree with. Im ready to see more things happen for them and i want to see them get more invovled with comedic stuff and modeling 🙂

  3. They are more than dancers, they are entertainers, and I believe they could thrive in all aspects of entertainment, comedy, dramatic acting, modeling and they even have pretty decent singing voices. They could even do action and adventure, the two of them looking badass holding a couple of grenade launchers would be amazing.

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