Today Is World Hip Hop Day!


Today has been dubbed World Hip Hop Day. No, it is not an official holiday on the calendar, but it’s a day in which the hip hop community has set aside to pay homage to the 4 elements of hip hop: The MC, Graffiti Art, The b-boy/b-girl, and the MC.

This day has been brought brought about by those in the hip hop culture to not only celebrate its existence, but to show the younger generations what hip hop is really about. 

Hip Hop isn’t just about spitting 16 bars, flashy cars, clothes, and women; Hip Hop is an art form in it’s true sense. It was created out of love for the art of dancing to the beat. 

On this day, there is nothing in particular that should be done. It’s a dance in which anyone who’d like to celebrate this day can get together to share their knowledge of hip hop, put together dance battles, workshops, showcase beats, and bust a freestyle.  

Hip Hop is a movement!



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