DJ NastyNas & Les Twins Present: TheBeatTape- BlackLite & Frenchwood Mixtape

More great things in the making with Les Twins. What you’re looking at is the cover to an upcoming mixtape created by DJ NastyNas who partnered with Les Twins on the project. The mixtape is titled, The Beat Tape, BlackLite & Frenchwood.

I spoke with DJNastyNas about the impending project and he stated:

The mixtape will be released on September 25th and will be comprised of songs that Les Twins have danced to. It will be for all the dancers who love Les Twins and who also would like a few original tracks for their own freestyle dances. The mixtape will consist of 10 tracks which include Hypnotise and two other tracks that the guys used at the Hip Hop International show.

Some of you may be wondering why DJNastyNas chose September 25th as the release date. He chose that date because it’s his birthday. This adds a a lot of excitement to the event, not just for the fans, but for DJNastyNas on a personal level. 

Check out the following links for more info on DJNastyNas:
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