Happy Birthday Abibou “Playmo” Kebe


Today is the birthday of Les Twins mentor, brother, coach, and friend, Abibou “Playmo” Kebe. Playmo has been a part of Les Twins’ life for several over a decade now, and he still, to this day, plays an essential role in their lives.

As a fellow dancer himself, Playmo understands the mental and physical struggles that Larry and Laurent go through in the world of dance. He also understands the need to assume a number of different roles during the course of their relationship. He’s highly involved with their lives, and many decisions that they may make, he respects them and is an active listener whenever they need advice and someone to talk to and that’s what a mentor is supposed to do. 

Playmo is a very humble man and he has taught Les Twins’ to somewhat emulate that same humility in their own lives. He’s the perfect example the word “mentor”.


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