Something New. (Chapitre Vingt Cinq)

Something New.

Chapitre Vingt Cinq

Par Jo Lee

“Why didn’t you just talk to me about what was going on?” Jen was sitting adjacent to Lau on his bed. After seeing him standing outside the elevator, she didn’t even try to attempt ignoring him. She was dreading what he was had to say and ask but more so, she was tired of running around in circles in her own head with the recent admission of Larry’s feelings for her.

“I didn’t think there was anything to talk about.” Lau answered, tired and relieved. Finally, he could tell his part of the story and clear the air. Jennifer waited a beat and had to admit that his flirtations were nothing new but things had been going so well between them that she didn’t foresee herself spending the night the way she had.

“I was standing outside your door,” She admitted, which grabbed Lau’s attention. He was looking at her and instead of feeling reassured, she felt unease crawling all over her like the blanket of omissions she’d orchestrated. “I heard you and Ayara talking. I wasn’t stalking you or anything..” She continued, “It’s just you left me all alone for an hour. I didn’t know where you were and you didn’t even say anything before you left so I started looking for you and I found you.”

“How did you get in?” Lau asked.

“Larry asked the security guard to let me in.”

“Jen, I had a surprise for you. You see that?” He pointed to a corner where there was a bag of rose stems sticking out the top. Upon entering the room, she smelled a bland of lavender and vanilla, assuming it was probably Ayara’s female touch still lingering around. “I was going to make it nice,” Lau motioned to the room and the bed, “Romantic…I just wanted you to have a good night. I’m sorry if you didn’t.”

“It’s alright… So what happened when Ayara followed you here?” It might have been too late for roses and romance but she still wanted answers. If only to alleviate the guilt she felt about sleeping with Larry again. And this time, willingly and consciously.

“Um she wanted to …” Lau left his sentence imcomplete yet Jen knew exactly what he was referring to.

“And you didn’t?” She asked him mouth agape. After little of she’d managed to hear, she was certain it had led to the inevitable. Hearing Lau confess that nothing happened was just another blow to her already lowered esteem due to her recent actions.


“Did you want to?”

“A little.”

“So why didn’t you?” She wasn’t even sure why she was asking him that but it poured out of her mouth before it dawned on her that it may not have been the most suitable question.

“Because of you. I don’t want to cheat. Then we lose the trust we have, and maybe even our relationship. If I’m going to be with you then I want to be with you only. Anything I want to do, I want to do with you. Or what is the point of this?” He moved closer to her and the proximity between them was terrifying in that moment.

“I don’t want you to miss out because of me.” Jen retorted. Even she didn’t understand why she was being so impassive toward Lau when all he was trying to do was talk things out.

“What do you mean?” Lau said quizzically. “I’m not missing out on anything.”

“How do you know?” Jen was desperately trying to justify to herself what happened between her and Larry.

“I don’t think I understand you.” Lau was becoming flustered with the direction of this conversation.

“I think we need to take a break.” Jen mumbled, avoiding his eye contact.

“What?” Lau’s worry lines were visible in his creased forehead as he was trying to figure out what had caused this large shift between them. He swiftly rose to his feet to face her as she hung her head lower to avoid his gaze.

“I want to break up.”

“Jen….are you really mad about that? I told you nothing happened.” Even though his voice was low, his baritone stood clear and firm.

“I just need some time to think Lau. It doesn’t have anything to do with you.” Yes, tell him the truth! Disgust quickly rose inside her and for the first time, Jen could admit that she didn’t deserve Lau. He had the chance to sleep with a beautiful, internationally-known superstar and turned it down, she had no excuse for cheating on him.

“Right! Okay!” He said sarcastically, “Because so many things changed between last night and this morning?” He scoffed.

“Actually, they did. I don’t want to hurt you and I don’t want to lie to you so please…just give me some time to figure things out.” Her eyes finally met his in a silent plea to drop the topic.

“Okay.” Lau said, shaking his head, swaying his afro lightly. This conversation had completely flown over his head and he was frustrated not only with himself but with Jen as well. Sure, he was far from an exemplary boyfriend but he had done nothing wrong.

“Lau?” Jen whispered.

“What?” He replied impatiently.

“Can I sleep here tonight? I’m so tired.”

“Why do you ask me that? Of course, you will sleep here tonight. It’s almost 3AM!” Jen blushed at her stupidity. Even if he was mad at her, he was cordial enough to let her stay in his room for the night. She clumsily got up from the bed and made her way to the bathroom. Lau was sitting in the couch facing his bed, deep in thought.


The water descended down abundantly and Jen felt as if she was standing under a warm waterfall. It was massaging and soothing away all of the hurt, excitement and discoveries of the last few hours. Lau waited until he heard Jen enter the shower to rush over to her clutch. Smoothly unclicking the lock of the small purse, his fingers grabbed at her phone to begin searching for anything suspicious. All she had on there were missed calls and messages from him — no one else. He smiled when he saw that she’d nicknamed him “LauLove” in her phone and let that serve as a reminder that their relationship was special. That small yet meaningful reassurance that there was no one else in the picture but him was all Lau needed to keep trusting her. For a brief moment, he had been certain that she was cheating or at least interested in someone else. She’d been so vague during that conversation and didn’t ask him anything he’d expected her to ask. Instead, he almost felt as if she had been pushing him to commit adultery, with her inquisitive tone and disappointed answers. He got the feeling that she’d have felt relieved if he’d admitted that he slept with Ayara and he momentarily felt guilty about leaving out the part where he’d kissed her. She initiated the kiss but he didn’t stop or deter from it so he was equally guilty.

Laurent reached for his phone in his pocket and dialed his brother’s number. Perhaps he’d have a little bit more insight to shed light on what just happened. Larry saw his phone ringing and figured he didn’t have to ignore it since he really didn’t know where Jen was this time.
Larry: Ouai (Yea)
Lau: Que fais tu? (What are you doing?)
Larry: Je vais au lit. (Going to bed)Lau: Putain — quelle soiree de merde. (Fuck, what a shitty night)Larry: Pkoi? T’as pas retrouvé Jen? (Why? You haven’t found Jen?)Lau: Beiin si, je l’ai trouvé. Elle m’a quitté, putain! (Yeaa I found her. She broke up with me, damn)Larry: —

Lau: Allo? toi aussi tu me parles plus? (Hello? what — don’t tell me you’re also not talking to me)

Larry: Non, je suis la. Mais j’attendais que tu me dises pkoi elle se casse. (Nah, I’m here. I was just waiting to hear why she broke up with you)

Lau: Elle dit qu’elle a besoin de penser! (She said she needed to think) Au faite, tu l’as vu ce soir..pkoi t’as pas repondu a mon texto. Je l’a cherchais partout! (Actually, you saw her tonight…why didn’t you reply to my text? I was looking for her everywhere.)

Larry: C’est pas ma faute si tu laisses ta copine toute seule (Not my fault you left your girl alone)

Lau: Ca veut dire quoi? (What are you trying to say?)

Larry: Mon portable etait sur silent. Je l’ai pas vu ton putain de texto. (My phone was on silent, I didn’t see your fucking text.)
This was the last thing Larry needed, an investigation when he wanted to settle in and go to bed. Although he was a bit glad to hear that Jen had broken up with Lau, which reassured him she was at least considering what he’d said earlier.
Lau: Elle etait avec toi? (Was she with you?)
Larry hesitated before answering. Should he offer details to his brother? Did he really want to have this talk right now?
Larry: Oui (Yes)Lau: Elle t’a rien dit? (She didn’t tell you anything?)Larry: Non. (No)
Lau: Je comprends pas ce qui se passe. Tu pense qu’elle voit quelqu’un d’autre? J’ai l’impression qu’elle a cesser de me calculer d’une nuit a l’autre. (I don’t understand what’s going on. You think she’s seeing someone else? It’s like she just stopped liking me overnight.) Lau’s voice was strained but if there was anyone he could admit this to, it was his brother. He’d understand.
Larry: Juste donne lui du temps. (Just give her time)
Larry’s momentary joy turned into empathy for his brother. Was he thinking clearly? Even if Jen did choose him, he was betraying not only the most important person to him but also a business partner. Les Twins was nothing without Laurent, this had been his idea — and he’d done a great job projecting them to the status they were currently at.
Lau: T’as raison, je te laisse dormir. A+ (You’re right, I’ll let you sleep. Later)
Larry: Bonne nuit. (Good night)
Larry wished his brother good night wistfully and for the first time realized that if he got what he wanted, things might irrevocably change between them. What he felt for Jen was an aching need, a daunting desire that he couldn’t surpass or overcome. He wanted to do right by her, whether or not Lau was in the picture. Within a short period of time, he’d grown so fond of her that his thoughts were only complete when they were of her. Not just physically or sexually, but his fantasies lately actually revolved around simply kissing her. The overly tender sentiments were agonizing to endure, for a guy who almost always cringed at the thought of post-coital cuddling. But with her, just laying on his bed talking and laughing were fulfilling enough. Laying in his plush california king-size bed, the reality of it all began to torment him. There was no coming out of this affair unscathed — someone would be left scorned. And that someone could very well be him.

6 thoughts on “Something New. (Chapitre Vingt Cinq)

  1. NOOOOOOOOO!!!! This is not how it’s suppose to be!!!! O_o This would be excellent for James and John but this is Larry et Laurent we are talking about! What happened to who gets the girl and brother’s forever…The happy ending! Sorry I am losing my mind over the simple unspoken rules of these stories…The are never to be harmed or broken! Heartbroken I am…reverted to seeing them as characters chapters back…but this hit to close 😦 This turned from drama to Epic in one chapter!

  2. I don’t know what to say. This is just too much. Since Larry’s feelings are so strong for Jen now, I think that once Lau is in the same room with Larry he’ll be able to feel that Larry is lying thru their twin telepathy. Then it’s gonna be on.

  3. Wow, I am torn. This is such a big mess. I said it before this can’t end well. Someone will be very hurt, so many lies. I am a little sad myself. The fun and games are over, truth time.

  4. Mannn they (meanin larry and jen) hve really done it now…regardless if lau would of slept wit that gurl or not two wrongs dont make a right and jen shouldnt of done it PERIOD idc about how much u desire sumbody if u kno that in the end someone is goin to get hurt or bonds and relationships r goin to get wrecked then you need to put away ur carnal desires and do right….they sow the harvest by the flesh so therefore they gone reap the harvest (consequences) of the flesh. This story is jst tooo real and so freakin tellin the truth down to the ‘t’ awesome writing excited for the next chapter 🙂

  5. I want to punch fictional Jen in the face. So you did a great job writing angst for the twins. She deserves neither but I want Larry to get her…thought, he could do better!

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