Shall We Take A Moment To Take In The Beautiful One… Laurent Bourgeois

I know that some of you get upset when anyone makes the distinction between which twin is hotter, dances better, nicer, etc. But that is not what this is about. This post is simply one in which I’d like to take the time out to appreciate Laurent Bourgeois. 

Recently, Les Twins went back to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan for part 2 of the “I Am A Dancer” festival. While there, they did their usual annihilation of the stage with their routine, and they also left a big impression on the fans. 

Just yesterday, I received an inbox message from a fan who had the chance to attend the festival and she stated,

“I can’t be more happy than I am right now. I met two people who have changed my life forever. Larry and Laurent are the most inspirational guys I’ve ever met. Laurent even shared some encouraging words with me that really lifted my spirits, and I will forever be thankful to him for that.” 

How about that? That warms my heart to hear that while they were busy rehearsing, signing autographs, taking pictures, and hanging out, they also made a huge impact on someone’s life. But, are we really surprised? Many of us have been inspired and encouraged from afar by Les Twins passion and hunger for the love of dance since we first stumbled upon them. And although Larry talks when prodded, Laurent is oftentimes seen as the “voice” of the duo. 

There are a ton of adjectives out there that could properly describe Laurent, but as I see him, he’s a smart, well rounded, and relentless guy. He knows where Les Twins should be and he will stop at nothing to get them there. His work ethic is like none that you’ve seen before from someone his age. He’s not just a pretty face with the physical dexterity of a god, but he has the business acumen of someone who’s been at this game for decades.

There is a lot to be said for someone such as this, and Laurent Bourgeois is more than capable of handling his own, as well as his brothers. Sure, there are moments when he may come off as a bit rude, aloof or stand-offish, but he’s human, just like the rest of us. All in all, he’s one heck of a young man, who’s star is continuously rising and will not stop until it’s shining prominently in the center of the sky amongst the biggest and the brightest of the universe.

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3 thoughts on “Shall We Take A Moment To Take In The Beautiful One… Laurent Bourgeois

  1. Wow this was so amazing and so on point. Well done and hats off to the Bourgeois twins for their remarkable humanitarianism. May God’s favor continue to cover them and may they continue to be a blessing to those they reach. Xoxo Les Twins**

    • I am in agreement wit that. I pray for many many many more blessinhs to wash over them and for protection as they travel. May God’s grace continue to flow over them and they keep their eyes on the prize and goals 🙂 a lot of great thingsare bout to happen for them. The wealth of the wicked is layed up and stored for the righteous

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