Something New. (Chapitre Vingt-Trois)

Something New.

Chapitre Vingt-Trois

Par Jo Lee

Larry and Jen looked at each other briefly with similar worried expressions. The person knocked again. Larry walked briskly to the door, not bothering to put on the rest of his clothes. He was barefoot, wearing only boxers that hugged his bottom and a wary expression on his face. Jen gathered her dress and belongings quickly and started walking clumsily toward the bathroom. Her heart looping through fire circles in her chest at the fear that it might be Laurent. Larry opened the door and saw Lola standing seductively before him.
“Salut, je passe te souhaiter bonne nuit comme tu reponds pas a mes appels ni mes textos.” (Hi, I’m just coming by to say goodnight since you’re not responding to my calls or texts) Lola said with a tone that exuded both frustration and desperation. Larry’s face remained impassive and Lola caught a glimpse of his annoyance just then.
“J’etais occupe, desole” (I was busy, sorry) Larry spat unapologetically. He had Jen in the room and didn’t have any time or patience to be dealing with Lola’s temper and shenanigans.
“Et maintenant, t’es occupe?” (And now, are you busy?) Lola asked suspiciously, looking at him in his boxers and nothing else. That was very unlike him. Why wasn’t he wearing socks or a shirt?
“Oui.” (Yes) Larry answered, not offering any additional information. Jen was slightly relieved hearing Lola and Larry’s exchange at the door, just for the simple fact that it was not Laurent but a sudden realization dawned on her that Lola was a bigger pest. She was a woman, she could smell bullshit, she had an intuition. And knowing how desperate she was to make amends with Larry, she could be suspicious enough to smell the hot sex that occurred on the carpet not too far from where she was currently standing. Jen looked around the large, well-lit and sublimely decorated bathroom. She would love to take a soothing bath right about now, feeling an itch on her skin from the carpet burn. And he came inside. She blushed at the thought that lingered, images of Larry clinching her hips and pouncing like a savage on her bottom with his groin. I want to feel you. He’d sounded so sexy and unstoppable when he said that, her nipples rose unwillingly at the recent memory. She felt her insides clench deliciously in anticipation and had to apprehend herself for getting turned on while Larry was getting hell’s heat from his ex-“girlfriend” and pro-stalker.
“Laisse moi rentrer!” (Invite me in!) Jen heard Lola say in her sweetest, most docile voice.
“Je vais me coucher.” (I’m going to bed) Larry responded immediately. Jen’s actions began to weigh on her..hiding in the bathroom, feeling like the other woman. And to top it off, with her boyfriend’s brother. Just the icing on the cake!
“Je veux juste te parler, Larry. J’ai envie de toi mais si t’as sommeil, on peut parler. C’est tout ce que je veux.” (I just want to talk to you, Larry. I want you but if you’re sleepy, we can just talk. That’s all I want.) Lola was now pleading and sounded damn near close to the verge of tears.
“Ah putain, tu me fais chier. Je veux dormir, je suis occupe. Je t’appelerai bientot, je te promets mais pas maintenant. Ca va Lola!” (Oh enough Lola. I want to sleep and I’m busy. I’ll call you soon, I promise but not right now) Larry snapped at her. Lola mumbled something inaudibly that Jen couldn’t hear from the bathroom before hearing the door close.
Damn. Jen suddenly felt bad for Lola, after all she just wanted to talk to him and see what went wrong between them. Which is ironic seeing as Larry is the one who stepped out on her in the first place. Having been on the other end of Larry’s ambivalent and downright, plain rude attitude at times, the conversation between Larry and Lola brought back painful memories Jen had wanted to forget. How he’d simply deserted her the morning after as if nothing had happened. How he blazed through her body ardently then just ignored her after. How she stood at his door, just wanting to talk to him about what had happened and he completely left her hanging. Anger and resentment began to cloud her emotions and Jen began to feel stupid for falling under Larry’s charm again. Obviously, he had issues with coveting his brother’s property. Jen began to wonder if Larry would even be interested in her if Laurent hadn’t shown any interest. Her train of thought was interrupted by Larry knocking on the bathroom door. When she didn’t respond or open the door, he turned the knob and saw her standing there in her mussed gown, looking at him with a look he couldn’t quite decipher.
“Sorry. It was Lola.” He offered.
“I know. I heard her.” Jen replied impassively. Her heart was so confused. Everything was going so well until Lola’s interruption. But was it a sign? A blessing? Sure, Larry was being nice and considerate now but how long until he showed his true colours again and went back to treating her like a corped vessel ready to be used at his disposal?
“What’s wrong Jen?” Larry approached her tentatively, scared to make a wrong move or say the wrong thing. He sensed the atmosphere between them had shifted from playful and post-coital blissful to plain and guarded.
Larry sighed. He was no good at this communication stuff but he wanted so badly to go back to how cool things were before Lola just showed up uninvited. “Please say something.” He creased his eyebrows a little frustrated.
“I just feel bad for Lola, that’s all.”
“I told her I’d talk to her. I promise I will.” Now Jen oddly felt jealous. He didn’t want her talking to crazy ass Lola, with her gazelle legs and refined structure. She might have been a pest but anyone with a pair of eyes could clearly see that she was stunning. And Larry didn’t have the best reputation in regards to his attitude with women. For lack of better wording, he wasn’t a player but he definitely wasn’t new to the game. He’d obviously had his share of willing women — and then some. All Lola had to do was blink at him and do something enticing and they’d be doing more than talking. The thought of it made Jen nauseous but she was even more disgusted at the fact that she was letting jealousy affect her when it came to Larry.
“I’m gonna go. What happened tonight was…” Jen stopped to find the right word. What happened tonight? What was that all about? She had let him have his way with her again, without any hesitation. But it was almost as if her body melted any common sense she had as soon as Larry touched her, or even looked at her the right way. That hungry look he gave her, like he was about to devour every single part of her body, that look emitted carnal desire in the freakiest way she’d ever seen.
“No no no. You’re staying here tonight.” Larry was no longer confused or at loss of words. There was no way he was letting her walk out tonight. Even he couldn’t describe what happened tonight but he was glad it happened, would happily redo it a million times and wanted nothing more than for her to spend the night in his arms.
“I can’t!”
“Jen, I know I messed up the first time. And this thing with Lola. I don’t know what to tell you. But I feel crazy about you. I don’t know why…or how it happened. I can’t stop thinking about you. I want you and just you, all the time. Now you’re not with Lau. Maybe you could give me a chance. I could try to make you happy…no, let me make you happy. I want to!” Larry stumbled to find the words but he did and said them with as much conviction as he could muster. Jen was looking at him in shock. That was totally unexpected, what the fuck? She looked at him completely speechless and it was her turn to be floored. Larry liked her…that much, more than just for sex? She tried to recall every word he’d used, it was hard to do so in that very moment with him looking softly at her, standing before her almost naked. She stood there with furrowed brows trying to make something of it when her phone starting buzzing. She’d put it back in vibrate mode. It had been on silent all night as common courtesy during the event but common courtesy flew out of the window the minute the host starting propositioning her boyfriend. Speaking of which, she checked the caller id and the name hoisted up <LauLove>.
Jen answered even though she had nothing to say to Laurent but figured it was better than having nothing to say to Larry who was still standing in front of her, arms crossed against his chest, looking at her.
Laurent: Jen?!?
Jennifer: Yeah..
Lau: Where are you?? I’ve been looking for you everywhere!
Jennifer: That’s funny because I was looking for you everywhere…
Lau: oh it’s a long story..I tell you later. But right now, where are you baby?
She cringed when he called her baby although a small part of her was reassured that things were okay between them. Or were they? She couldn’t wait to hear what he had to tell her…
Jen: Home.
Lau: I’m so sorry I left you. I’m coming to your house right now.
Jen: I don’t think you should Lau. I need some time alone tonight.
Lau: ohhh baby are you mad?
Jen: I’ll talk to you later.
Lau: I’m coming right now!
Jen: I’m not at home Lau so don’t come. I gotta go, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.
Jen hung up without waiting for his response. She was tired, her feet were aching, this whole night had been sobering and intoxicating at the same time. Larry was still standing before her, his lean, toned body tense with anticipation about what she’d say or do. She silently picked up her clutch and exited the bathroom. Larry walked out after her,
“I told you how I feel. Now you know.”
“I do.” Jen said with a solemn expression, really not sure what else she could offer to say. She wanted to stay just for a shower and sleep but knew shit was about to go down. Lau was calling her back and Larry was standing them looking at her as if she had to make a choice. Her growing headache was turning into a migraine and she had to get out of this cursed hotel right away. She wanted to comfort Larry, to feel him around her again, to be back on his bed talking about everything that mattered but there was someone else in the picture. Two people, if you counted Lola and Jen wanted to hear what Lau had to say before considering Larry’s silent plea. She passed him silently to reach the door and he grabbed her hand to stop her from leaving.
“Stay, please.” He summoned.
“Larry, I need to really think about this. I need to talk to Lau.” At the mention of his twin’s name, Larry released her hand almost in defeat. He knew then that he couldn’t stop her no matter how badly he wanted to so he opened the door for her with longing eyes escorting her. Too bad Lola was still standing there when Jen walked out of his room, dissheveled.

21 thoughts on “Something New. (Chapitre Vingt-Trois)

  1. Nooooo!!!! That can’t be it, O-M-G Lola’s crazy behind still hanging in the hallway!! And honestly Jen… duh! Lau would rush right over u know him!! I want to know what Lau will say to her, but I really wouldn’t have mind if she’d just let Larry give her a warm bath and stayed the night. And we’d hear Lau out around noon the following day.

  2. OOOOOHHHH Man!!! This is too much! Why did Jen lie at first and say she was at home, then not at home! Why didn’t they check to see if the hallway was clear?? Lola will destroy Jen. Larry spilled his little heart. I am on pins and needles. GREAT writing, thank you!!

  3. I knew it!!! I knew Lola was gonna still be outside the door…and now my guess is Lau is gonna be right around the corner!!! This was a reallllly good chapter, great job!

  4. The end of this chapter completely caught me off guard! I had to sit back and collect myself. I love how you paid close attention to the different emotions that Jen was going through while she was sitting in the bathroom…and I feel so sorry for Larry. He finally found the words to express his feeling to Jen, but his timing is horrible. I wished he could have told her when they slept with each other the first time. Now they’re involved in this crazy triangle – or square if you include Lola. I can’t wait for the next chapter! This fanfic is everything!!!

  5. Oh SHIT!!!! This chapter messed me up so bad that I couldnt even type right for a minute!!! Wow… The drama begins… Does anyone know what putain, and merde means?… Bad words attract me.

    • Hey I’m french and “Putain” means “F#ck” and “Merde” means “Sh#t”

      I knew since the beginning that Jen would have to make a choice between them. I’m just waiting that moment. And yeah Let the drama begins lol

      As always great chapter, wainting for next one. 😉

  6. OMGOMGOMG My heart just DROPPED. I just knew Lola was still lingering around. She’s going to bat crazy….shit is hitting the fan now…. This story has me completely in knots.

  7. Awwwwwwwhhhhhhhh sh**!!! They in trouble now….lola crazy a$$ still freakin in the hallway…o.O this girl got some issues….jen jen gurl I got two words for ya, RUH UNNN!!!!!!!!!! O.O

  8. I will start by saying I couldn’t wait to get back home to comment from the last chapter…Had some real mixed emotions about that one that…will go back to reread again…this Chapter here should have been the chapter before….Jen had me all confused last chapter…while everyone else seemed to be with in limits acting normally she stood out to me out of character…her emotions and thoughts were so out of sync. At one point she had me wondering what she had to gain from the choices she was making. This chapter didn’t surprise me but clarified how off balance she is. And how conflicted she really is. As for Larry I love the detail in his war with himself for his love for Jen. I don’t see Lola as a treat…she is a woman scorned and I never really thought she loved Larry. I think the fact that she was rejected and the time she put into it means more. I see her as someone that would try to ruin than harm…but Lau wouldn’t take her word over Larry’s or Jen. So all I guess I’m trying to say is Jen isn’t on my ish list. Lola my know their secret but doesn’t have a leg to stand on…and Lau has some splaining to do…Why!?! Is Jen more priority than his brother…Why all the secrets…and spare me the male escort deal. Enjoying and Glad to be back. Let the games begin!

  9. Wow!!! This chapter…..Of course Lola would still be outside, she’s not letting Larry off that easily lol.
    I absolutely love this story, I hope there’s 20 more chapters left! I don’t know who I want Jen to end up with but it probably wont end well if she chooses either twin.

    I’m impatiently waiting for the next chapter! 🙂

  10. “…he opened the door for her with longing eyes escorting her…” That shit is poetic!

    I can just see him watching her leave with the puppy dog eyes. He wants her BAD.

    Dear author lady,
    You are so dope!

  11. Another great chapter! I think Jen needs to do some serious soul searching. The main issue is does she really love Lau or not? Honestly, how could she love him and then give it up to Larry again so quickly? It seems like Lau was just a comfortable place to land after Larry scrubbed her up. And even though Larry sounds sincere about his feelings, she better make sure he’s not just in it to win for competition with his twin because if so he’ll be bored with her soon. Meanwhile, Lola is about to snatch Jen’s weave out. Dun, dun, dun…Let the games begin!! LOL

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