Something New. (Chapitre Vingt et Un)


Something New.

Chapitre Vingt et Un

Par Jo Lee


Larry guided Jen through the hollow hallway, arriving at his door with his hotel card in hand. Jen walked in after him, observing everything from the lights in the room turning on in sync to the sky-craping view of the Eiffel available through the ginormous window. The room itself was so huge, the bar area alone was bigger than her entire parisien flat. She looked back at Larry who stood near the door unsure of what to do. To ease the tension, she kicked off her shoes dramatically with a sigh and felt the lush carpet crawling between her toes beneath her feet. They looked at each other briefly before Jen moved herself towards the cream leather couch in the living room area. Larry was the last person she needed to be near yet he was the only person she could bear to be around right now at the exception of being alone. In a way he’d saved her because she sure wasn’t going to knock on that door anytime soon and if Lau had come out of the room, she wasn’t certain what she’d manage to blurt out or explain why she was just standing in front of his door. She still couldn’t believe her Lau would betray her like that. What they had was so sweet and genuine, did it meant nothing at all to him? It couldn’t have! He slaved over with her while picking out her dress and was just as precise about her makeup look as she’d been. They laughed together, shared with each other, she’d trusted him and opened her heart. All that for nothing. Just so he could be seduced out of her hands like melted grease by a superfamous popstar. Would that have happened if she’d never betrayed him with his brother? Was she just getting a good healthy dose of her own medicine? If that’s the case, it sucked tremendously, Jen thought as she tried to stop the influx of questions and concerns her mind kept raising by the nanosecond. Her boyfriend was about to lay it on some other woman yet here she was with his twin.

“Do you want drink?” She’d failed to notice Larry had moved from where he was standing and was now behing the bar, looking at her expectantly. Expecting what?She wasn’t sure.

“Yes, tea please.” Jen said courteously. Being in such tight confines with someone she had amazing sexual chemistry with wasn’t exactly the best situation when that that person was her boyfriend’s twin brother. But what exactly was her so-called boyfriend up to anyways? Surely not innocently having tea like she was. She watched Larry fill the kettle and turn it on, ripping open the green tea bag while waiting for the water to boil. The teacups were tiny, like play-cups children used during their fictional tea parties. Jennifer watched Larry dip the teabag in the pot as the kettle started making noise. He laid another cup next to hers and she almost giggled at how cute it was that they were about to have tea in his huge hotel room. The entire situation became that much funnier. She slept with her boyfriend’s brother and now was getting cheated on and somehow managed to end up in a room with his brother again. Accident or coincidence? Larry looked at her with a small smile on his lips. No matter how fucked up this was or Larry himself was, she couldn’t deny he looked tempting in his semi-casual suit, effortlessly cool and collected. He looked every inch the bad, dangerous boy he acted like, except for his current childlike expression. She could tell he wasn’t sure what to say and let the increasing noise of the boiling water break the ice between them.
“Is Lau fucking Ayara?” Jen asked bluntly, not caring to spell it out for him.
“I don’t know.”
“What do you know?” Jen continued. She’d find it ironic if he suddenly decided to protect his brother.
“So you’re telling me there’s nothing going on between Lau and Ayara?”
“But you saw them go up to her room? Didn’t that send any signals to you?”
“It’s his room.”
“Same shit!” Jen rolled her eyes.
“Look Jen, I know you are mad but I don’t know anything… and I didn’t have anything to do with this.” He said exasperated. She was questioning him as if he was equally guilty for Lau’s actions — whatever they were.
“I think you’re lying to me. How could you not see this coming? Nothing gave it away during practice? No signs?”
“Not really.” Now Larry was lying but he knew if he admitted to seeing what he noticed during practice, he’d spend the remainder of his night being interrogated. Jen stood and observed the length of the room, the large inviting bed, the decor and surroundings. Larry stood still in the bar area, next to the kettle, watching it hiss as the water boiled continuously. She looked regal in her dress and he was trying his hardest to keep his thoughts platonic. She turned around, looked right at him and walked slowly over to him. He was towering over her now that her heels were off yet he felt small next to her, vulnerable. Jen was shocked and appalled at the effect he had on her physically, without having even touched her. He lowered to his head to kiss her and to his surprise, she didn’t flinch or turn away like last time.
Larry moved forward and she followed his steps walking backwards to distance themselves from the burning kettle. Her hands rose to his arms, holding on to his broad shoulders by his tuxedo jacket. Larry used more pressure in his lips to kiss her, passionately, drinking in her entire mouth, feeling intoxicated by his instantaneous desire. She had such a visceral impact on him that he still didn’t comprehend, he hadn’t touched any parts of her yet he was ready and excited. He lifted her legs up around his waist before dropping to his knees on the carpet and laying her down with her legs still wrapped tightly around his waist. He didn’t think he’d get so lucky again to get this close to her and to have her reciprocate. Larry ceased kissing her to look at her face. Desire was written all over her facial traits which heightened his need to feel her around him, to feel the warmth of her insides. Her eyes lowered and he felt her breathing go uneven and rugged once he lifted her back off the carpet to unzip the work of art she was wearing. Jen turned around to lay on her stomach to make it easier for Larry to undress her. Once she did, his fingers eased her out of the silk creation and she was back on her stomach with just her black corset and matching lacy boyshorts. Larry rested his body on hers and felt his entire body heat blaze through, his veins feeling like lava was running through them, his erection poking her lower back. He was trying so hard to pace himself but he just couldn’t control anything around Jen as of late, whether it be physical or emotional — or even his thoughts. She was rubbing her back into him, moving her ass around his crotch to ignite his primal need and he let her while supporting himself by the elbows on the soft carpet. As she moved beneath him, he used one hand to take out the pins holding her updo in impeccable place. This soft gesture, so sweet and so unlike Larry caught Jen off-guard, prompting her to slow her erotic rubdown and let him undo her hair. There were about 20 hairpins in place and Larry took his time taking them out, Jen’s cheek now on the carpet waiting for him to finish his cutesy task. The kettle hissed very loudly before stopping, letting out steam through the serving end. That wasn’t the only steamy thing in the room. He let his mouth simmer on her neck, against her arched back, working his way up to her right ear to take a light nibble. Once there, he lifted his torso off her back to move her undone hair over her left shoulder. He eased out of his clothes quicky, taking his socks off along with his pants.
Their skins sizzled against one another’s, a welcome sensation from the cool air-conditioned room, with Larry’s excitement anxiously poking Jen in the back. He used his knees to part her legs, using one of his hands to push her panties to the side and to guide himself into her. He eased into her as Jen let a moan escape her mouth, his burning skin moving between her moist thighs. She felt his sex rubbing between her ass, teasing her opening before entering her again — this time, picking up pace and establishing a set rhythm slamming against her sweating back. Jen used her hands to push herself off the carpet as her newly sweaty body felt sticky against the plump feel of the carpet. Larry lifted his body lightly so she could lift hers off the carpet. One of his hands were around her breasts as the other pressed against her neck, with his thumb tightly held between her gritted teeth. He was now slamming into her rapidly, Jen feeling the pleasurable ache increase and swell within her, her walls squeezing Larry unbearably tight as she found her release. She was moaning loudly and unabashedly as Larry continued his frantic rhythm, stopping only to lift up her hips to position her into doggy-style. Once on their knees, Larry lowered her panties down to her knees. Jen bent down to rest her head on her hands which were grasping the carpet as Larry held her waist and beat her pussy from the back. His hand wavered through her hair, grabbing the knotted part where the majority of the pins had held up her ‘do minutes earlier. She couldn’t believe how fast she climaxed but the way he was moving his hips to guide himself inside her, it wasn’t hard to see why. Now he was behind her, using her neck once again as leverage to push deeply into her, she could feel every hard, pulsing vein on his sex, their juices blending, feeling his stiff member moving ardently between her wet, throbbing sex. They were one again, in the most natural way. Fuck, he wasn’t wearing protection! Jen opened her eyes in horror, her heart picking up pace in fear. She couldn’t believe she was making the same mistake twice.
“Larry, stop.” She said seriously.
“Ahh I can’t.. right now.” He was still moving rapidly against her round bottom, beating her cheeks with his crotch as he repeated a steady, punishing and pleasant rhythm.
“Larrryyy, you’re not wearing a condom.” She used her hand to guide his sex out of her to show him what she was talking about.
“I know Jen, I want to feel you.” Larry continued, rigid penis against her back, out of breath and sensuality oozing out of his erotic gaze.
“I don’t th–“
“Jen, shut up! Turn around. I want to feel you.”
With that, he turned her around, back into the position she was in minutes ago. He was aching to get back into her, having lost all his good senses in the amazing act they were committing right now. He didn’t care if it was wrong, or about the consequences, he was minutes away from a strong orgasm and had no condom on him. There was no turning back now. He could feel his legs buckling beneath him as he resumed his position in Jen. She was so wet, he was about to lose himself inside her, inside her sweet juices — his entire skin tingled as he felt the orgasm shake him senseless, like a wild horse racing and suddenly halting, his heart went haywire trying to keep up with the amazing sensation taking over his body.
“Merde, Jen. Oh putain de merde” (Shit, Jen — Fuck) He groaned as she felt his warmth explode inside her, tainting her insides, dirtying her and dripping out, down the inside of her thighs and onto the carpet. Larry slumped over Jen’s back for a few seconds, catching his breath as he still held on to her waist before removing himself out of her. Jen got up to stand on her knees as Larry stood up and gave her his hand to help her do so as well. Once she was up, he picked her up and brought her over to the bed, laying a soft kiss on her lips before he turned around to go gather her cup of tea.

19 thoughts on “Something New. (Chapitre Vingt et Un)

  1. Aw shit. If she was gonna cheat again… AT LEAST USE PROTECTION gosh!. Im so mad! Now if she be pregnant. Smh I’m gonna make my own character of a story and their going to fight her 🙂

  2. This chapter has worth every fucking second of waiting. okei so now I have to read it a couple of times… to much passion, desire, sex in this chapter…love it. The description is ( i don’t have a word to describe what i think) you amaze me ^ ^

  3. so I was somehow expected that Larry will be with Jen another time.. and this was his opportunity .. upss but without protection OMG what are you thinking Larry? “I know Jen, I want to feel you.” so at the end he brings her a coup of tea LOL I think this time he wants to do the things right with her except the protection LOL He wants to lay in bed with her..take her into his arms… so the night isn’t over.. to be continued..

  4. Lawwddd hve mercy wit all this cheating….rmeintd!! (rolling my eyes in the dark) these pple need to go bac to health 101: use fudgin protection!!! If ure gonna hve sex the least u culd do is use protection!!!!!

  5. Okay this writer is dope. The use of that kettle boiling reaching its boiling point to allude to all of that pent up energy and tension and then all of a sudden…. Wooo chile! give this woman a movie deal, we have a winner. I can see it clear as day.

    sidenote: no condom though? really? again? They are gluttons for punishment.

  6. I think Larry wants to get Jen pregnant because he knew about the pill from the last time & this is his way to have her & not Lau. Mm mm mm Larry. Smh. Im gonna need Lau to act like he has a girlfriend. When she went backstage he was already away from her for 45 minutes. So whats the time now? Larry hitting it thirty

  7. What is it with Larry and Jen and the condoms thing?? Man is he trying to get this chick pregnant?? Two times, come on ya’ll have got to do better. BTW-> why do I have a bad feeling that Lau and Ayara were not sleeping together? This is gonna end badly, sigh. Great writing!!!

  8. wow! this whole chapter! the hairpin thing tho…that really did it for me. it was so delicate and unexpected right in the middle of the carnal beatdown Larry was about to lay on her. awwww….he really cares about her in his own strange Larry way. and she’s just as strange as he is cuz what in the world was she thinking? no condom? again? tres terrible! as for my Lau Lau, well, i still say he ‘s innocent until PROVEN guilty. Jen’s gonna feel like a real troll if he wasn’t even cheating on her.

  9. omygosh this chapter left me speechlless, like seriously now i think this girl is gona def get prego, and i think her and larry are gona be together they just love each other i know it! i feel bad for lau cause some how i think he didnt do anything just cause the way he didnt want to do it with her, by the details of the last chapter, omggg please post the next chapter soon because i really want to know what the hell happens ommmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggg lol

  10. OKi yeah I had to read this again…and get my thoughts together. Last Chapter had me so thrown off that wasn’t expecting this. This was nothing less than genius…it’s word for word what happens with this chemistry…down to the smallest detail…don’t know why the sock thing got to me…just vivid. I know it wrong but it feels so right is the motto for this…Regardless of how she feels for Lau…her soul is with Larry. Something in me is trying had to salvage the relationship between Lau and Larry by hoping that Lau is flighty…maybe he could forgive his brother. Still not on board with the whole alleged male escort thing but I enjoy how this story pulls me in and holds me hostage. You grow with every Chapter and intrigue me with your plots and twist…I’ve had to do a whole 360 on just this one chapter…still blown away with the timeline but seconds always feel like years when you have the situation Jen is in. I am in Awe of your insight and raw emotion…Jen is a perfect example of someone lost in emotion and Larry is just beginning to see he can’t fight how he feels…this is a fantastic story and I will continue to try and pick your brain. Amazing! What happens next…knowing that Lau has Ayara in his room…and has left his date/girlfriend alone and unattended…Larry seems to be ready to keep Jen til morning meaning this night is not over for her…will Lau be left to wonder what happened to her…this is a cliff hanger covered up…I will keep the rest to myself cause this is exactly what i need right now a challenge and U have a beautiful chess mind! Looking forward your move.

    • absolutely true what you said about the chemistry between Larry and Jen! it’s real for all of us who have been in that situation—you literally can not be in the same room with the person without being drawn to them like a magnet, even when other people are around. that ish is powerful and all common sense goes out the window when you’re with them. it’s the most dangerous kind of high. seems like it’s always too intense to last for long though.

      • ^^^^^^^
        That type of chemistry is no joke for real, and I love how the writer conveys it in the story so we feel the tension between them. This story is everything for so many reasons aside from the plot itself…even the discussions afterwards. I’m hooked…

  11. Love,love,love your story!! Gosh, you are so gonna make me write a fanfic and I said I wouldn’ One problem I’m having is envisioning how Jen looks though, maybe I glimpsed over her physical description in another chapter. NOTE TO READERS: To enhance your reading experience, read or re-read this chapter while listening to JANET JACKSON-ANYTHING (keep replaying it until you’re done reading)…thank me later 😉

  12. these stories are amazing n i say the writer should turn it into a book ,i would definitely buy them. i cant believe larry n jen slept together again n no condoms wat were they thinking n i think laurent isnt cheating on jen wit ayara ,he’s jst going along wit her bullshit to further his n is brother career.

  13. Um…I…must… find words. Well damn…Larry be getting it in. I’m not Jen’s biggest fan (she’s flakey, she better not mess with Larry’s head!) but in scenes like this…whooaa…I mean I get that Lau wanted her, but Larry’s want is that deep, gut wrenching, mess-wit-ur-head type stuff. Plus its gonna be awkward since Larry gave her ovaries a run for their money twice already! Update soon!

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