Les Twins Japanese Television Debut on Nippon TV

Yaaaaaaaaay!!! Biiiiiiiiig big thank  you to Les Twins fan TenshiNoAme for sending me the link to this. You are very very very much appreciated.

This is hil-LARRY-ous!!! The little *zoinks*… *zings*, and *zoosk* noises are cracking me up! I know you guys are going to love this because I’ve already watched it 3 times.!

I apologize… I don’t speak Japanese, therefore, I can’t translate this for you. Hopefully someone who knows the language can/will do so for the rest of us?

Here is the link to the website where the video is currently hosted: 




7 thoughts on “Les Twins Japanese Television Debut on Nippon TV

  1. I am so happy right now…that was fast…Good looking out! I just can’t right…Is Lau dressing Larry now…I did a double take…The show was so funny and the petite BeBe was soooooo cute…would have love to see her battle the boys.

    • “is Lau dressing Larry now?” LMAO girl you made me choke!! i think Larry musta bought that scarf vest thing at the same store Lau got his shirt dress from that time lol. when Larry first came on the stage wearing that i thought it was a cape ahahahahahaaaaaa

  2. These boys have such great personality & charisma. They put a smile on my face every time. The little girl was such a cutie & Les Twins reaction to her was to die for. LOL….Oh what great fathers they will be one day & such spoiled babies they will have. Good luck future moms.

  3. Even though I had not a clue as to what they were saying, I have watched this at least four times! They are so entertaining…Larry’s laugh/smile and Lau’s facial expressions! Love them!!!!

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