Step X Step Interview w/ Larry… Coming Soon


Can the church say AMEN!!! They did it… they finally caught him! The ever elusive Larry Nicholas Bourgeois was captured and made to sit through a one-on-one interview with the great team of Step X Step Dance

@waves_online tweeted earlier: “We had a sit down with @LarryBourgeois1 a while back. Les twins fans will sure be pleased :)”

The video is now on private. I assume that it was posted as a tease to the fans to drum up the hype?!?!?!?

Well I must admit… I’m on pins and needles over here! We hardly, if ever get to hear from Larry. We’ve all seen countless interviews of Laurent speaking, but within the last few months, ol’ Lar-bear has been creeping out of his shell… and we LOVE IT!

Hopefully the interview will be posted soon. We get 20 whole minutes of nothing but that beautiful smile and that handsome face. We may finally find out a bit more about the man behind the precise dance moves.

5 thoughts on “Step X Step Interview w/ Larry… Coming Soon

  1. ok…so um…yeh i’ll admit it. i tried to click it too LOL. we’re getting 20 whole minutes Lar Bear!!!!!! i’m SO happy! *scream* thank you dance gods!! just please let them unprivate this vid sometime b4 the end of 2012. my heart can’t take it.

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