Something New. (Chapitre Quinze)

Something New

Chapitre Quinze

Par Jo Lee

(Author’s note: Due to the delay for the delivery of Chapter fifteen, chapter sixteen will be posted tomorrow! 🙂

“You’re very beautiful, Jen.” Larry rested his head in his hand that was being supported by his elbow. Jen rested her head on the pillow and looked up at him.

“You’re very beautiful too, Laurent.” They burst into a laughing fit with Laurent pretending to bite her nose off. The gesture was so childish but adorable nonetheless. Jennifer looked at his sculpted features. She may have been joking but he was beautiful. There was a certain sincerity and warmth in his eyes that she found Larry lacked. Larry! She’d forgotten all about him. Well, fair enough since he’s definitely forgotten all about me.

“What are you thinking about?” Laurent’s question caught Jen off-guard. She felt her face flush and smiled at him.


“Ummm, looks like you were thinking about something naughty.” Her entire face reddened in embarrassment. Laurent nuzzled his nose in her hair, drove his lips to her ear and nibbled it softly.

“That tickles,” Jen giggled which encouraged Laurent to continue. “Stop it!”

“Fuck Jen. You turn me on so much.” He stopped and gazed intently at her lips while running his tongue over his bottom lip. The subtle sensuality of it was too much for Jen to bear. She felt the muscles in her nether regions clench deliciously.

“No way. We’ve already had sex TWICE!” She pushed him away playfully as his hand began to linger between her thighs.

“Come on Jen, let me have some fun.” He pouted at her jokingly but his gaze was seriously naughty. There was nothing playful about his request. He meant business. His phone rang and he shaked his index finger at her with a smirk on his face. “You’re…so lucky.” He answered abruptly.

“Wai….Wai…j’suis avec Jen.” (Yeah..yup..I’m with Jen)..Jen was looking at him wide-eyed, wondering who he was talking to. He winked at her and listened intently to what was being said on the other line. His mouth dropped in mock shock before broadening into a genuine smile. He punched the air and started dancing with his phone still stuck on his ear. Good news? He accidently knocked his knee against the small kitchen table in the corner. “Ok, Ok..A+” (Ok, Alright..later). With that, he was off the phone and staring sheepishly at her.

“Well?”Jen instigated.

He ran and jumped into her tiny bed and started shaking her. “Stop shaking me and tell me what’s going on!”

“!”He continued shaking her. She smiled, his enthusiasm was contagious.

“Are you going to tell me who?” She grinned excitedly.

“Ayara!!!!!”He shouted into her ear. Ayara was the newest pop sensation on the scene. She was from caribbean origins and dominated the charts almost every week for the past three years. She was the name on everyone’s lips and everything she did, people tried to emulate so if Les Twins were one of the acts of her tour, it was only a matter of time before other artists started requesting them.

“WOW! Laurent..that’s huge!!!” Jen applauded. “When?”

“After the tournament.”

“For how long?” 

“I think it’s just three dates for now. She’s doing a small tour first to promote her new album and her new movie.”

“Congratulations.”Jen gave him a quick, platonic kiss on the cheek. He looked down at her lazily.

“That’s it??” He looked disappointed which truly confused Jen a little. She wasn’t sure what to do, one part of her was genuinely happy for this huge accomplishment. Another was torn between missing him and figuring out the feelings she was quickly acquiring for him. “Your boyfriend is going to be dancing with AYARA and that’s all you say to me?” Boyfriend?Her mouth hung in a mixture of awe and astonishment.  “Aren’t you happy for me?” He asked just as dumbfounded by her lukewarm reception of the huge announcement.

“Of course. I’ll just miss you, that’s all.”

“It’s just three dates, babe.”

“But you’re going on tour again after that, right?”

Laurent closes his eyes and thinks about his schedule momentarily.

“Yeah, but it’s okay. You can come. We’ll figure it out.” He smiles at her and the smile lines reach the corner of his brown eyes.

“Soboyfriend, huh?” Jen lifts her eyebrows surprisingly.

“You got a problem with that?” He asks mockingly mad.

“Well, I – ” He cuts her off.

“Too bad. You’re stuck with me.” He grins like a goofball and she smiles in response. A boyfriend wouldn’t be so bad. Especially one as sweet as Lau. “I don’t want to but I gotta go. Larry and I have to go talk to our manager. We talking money business!” Laurent continued. Jen looked sad for a moment, then realized she still needed to make a run to the pharmacy.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yesssss, let’s go out tomorrow night to celebrate.” Lau said to her with a huge smile plastered on his face, while getting dressed energetically.

“Okay” They kissed goodnight and Jen waited a few minutes after Laurent’s departure to gather her bag and exit her apartment.

Down at the pharmacy, the old lady waiting at the counter sneered at her when she uttered she was looking for the alternative plan pill. She almost started justifying herself to the aged pharmacist when she figured she wasn’t planning on making a habit out of purchasing this pill therefore would probably never see the pharmacist again. So she sucked it up and waited for the quiet yet feisty woman to do her job and bring her the precious pill. Everything in France was so slow, people did everything so leisurely. Back home, this was an in-and-out mission but here she was, waiting around as if she was getting a prescription filled, staring at the clock and wishing for once, time would go by quicker than it should. If only the pill could also erase her mistake with Larry, she’d buy the entire pharmacy stock.


Larry was on his way home wondering what just happened with Lola when he got a phone call from his manager.  Through a series of rapid word exchanges, Larry was able to gather that they had booked a major gig with one of the biggest pop stars in the world. He thought, finally his night was turning around for the better. As excited as he was, he was skeptic about how easy this gig was. Sure, they’d had a lot on online and gossip recognition, but once his manager told him how much the gig would be paying, he knew there was something more. You don’t pay that kind of money for dancers. Larry’s manager had asked him to stop by his office and advised him that he’d told Laurent and he was already on his way. They had to sign a confidentiality agreement and all sorts of forms, along with photocopies of their national cards which their manager would handle. Larry had agreed he would stop by but he had to talk to someone first. Jennifer had been on his mind since he’d left that morning and even though he didn’t want to admit it, it felt like she’d put a curse on him. A glutton like himself had all of the sudden lost appetite. He could ony focus on dance to stop thinking about her and even though he wasn’t sure what was going on between them, he felt he owed her some sort of explanation or at least an apology. Larry had no idea what he would say when he got there since he wasn’t even sure of what was going through his mind. He was just about to make a small fortune with this gig and had every reason in the world to be ecstatic yet he couldn’t bring himself to raise a smile. He caught the train going the opposite direction of their manager’s office and checked his phone. No service.

After five stops, he exited and anxiously made his way out of Tolbiac metro station and waited at the stop light. He looked again at his phone to send Jennifer a text message just telling her he was going to stop by and as he looked up to consider the right choice of word for intruding on her without prior notice, he saw her getting out of the pharmacy, scurrying back to her place. She didn’t see him standing there observing her and she looked very suspicious. If she hadn’t been coming out of a pharmacy, he would’ve been sure she was carrying drugs or something illegal based on the way she held her bag and looked so nervous. He was baffled as to what she could’ve bought then reminded himself to snap out of it, he was here for a reason. Maybe she was just buying tampons — women are weird like that.

He waited for the light to change and crossed the street. By the time, he arrived at her door she’d already gone up and he didn’t remember the code so he had to wait around until someone exited a few minutes later. Instead of taking the elevator, he decided on taking the stairs to her apartment to get some time to think about what’d he say. When he arrived on her floor, Larry couldn’t help but be inundated with flashbacks on what had famously begun just a few days ago in these dark hallways. The sudden nostalgia was what he needed to reinforce his notion that he needed to make that effort to talk to her. He hadn’t seen her since but hadn’t stopped thinking about what would’ve happened if he’s stayed that morning while she took her shower? If Laurent had been awake when he’d returned home from her house? He’d done a good job of avoiding his twin and Laurent seemed happy enough when he did see him around the house, he figured things probably worked out between them so when Lau confirmed that they were back on good terms, Larry didn’t offer any additional information or seek to elaborate on what he’d said that night or what had happened. Everyone seemed satisfied with their own assumptions of what really occurred that night that it was better off leaving them unattended. Lau assumed Larry had done what he’d said he’d do, Larry assumed Lau had managed to woo back Jennifer and Jennifer assumed that the twins hadn’t gotten a chance to really speak to each other over the weekend. The whole affair was a fuse away from being a disaster.


Jennifer took out the small container from the economic paper bag and looked at it. She opened the paper containing the information, conditions, side-effects, and suddenly felt stupid to have waited this long to get this tiny pill. It clearly stated that for the best results, you’d have to take it within twelve hours of the conceived inception. She felt nauseous just considering the circumstances if this pill didn’t have the desired, advertised effect. He’s not even talking to me, I can’t imagine what would happen if —

There’s a knock at the door. Immediately, she was worried Laurent had come back and wondered how he’d gotten back from his manager’s office so quick. No, he would’ve called.

“Who is it?” Jen asked, her voice shaky. After reading the entire disclosure that come with the bottle, she had every right to feel on edge.

“Jen….C’est Larry.” (Jen… it’s Larry). All the sudden, the roles were reversed. He who didn’t want to see her when she was knocking at his door was doing the same at hers. Jen really didn’t feel like opening. She felt nauseous, looked flushed and tired from fooling around with Lau all afternoon and she had major consequences to think about. At the same time, she hadn’t spoken to him since his rude departure and she really wanted to hear what he could possibly have to say.


12 thoughts on “Something New. (Chapitre Quinze)

  1. Do it jen do it do it do it do it!!! U really deserve a good explaination for all of wat he had done and hopefully two things happen: 1: he saids wat he needs to say and repeat of wat happens doesnt come to past and 2: she aint pregnant cuz now all hell is goin to break loose

  2. go ahead and open the door, girl. but PLEASE swallow that pill first. i can’t handle the suspense. thank goodness the next chapter is coming tomorrow! Larry has issues tho…he knows Lau is with Jen now but he just can’t leave well enough alone.

  3. Is it just me but damn this went fast!!! It hasn’t even been a week! O_O If she doesn’t take that pill…what is she waiting for…hell should have had a soda, water something in the pharmacy…drinking a swallowing as soon as it was put in her hand! Larry is going to do one of two things…he is either going to use their chemistry to win her affections back or he’s going to be singing the hell out of Trey Song’s Heart Attack! ROTFLMAO!!! Heart break is real!

  4. OMG.. Larry is at her door.. Jennifer open that damn door.. let him speak.. ( all this time when she haven’t seen Larry she was trying to connect with Laurent, but i think that the chemistry between Jennifer and Larry is more powerful) how will she react? what is he going to say? I want you to get in their mind and throw it all out.( i want to see their reactions when they see each other..) now i really need the next chapter, tomorrow is good for me LOL
    P.S: is she going to write down all that happened to her, like a story? because she loves to write. when she was on the beach with Larry she said to him she was going home and write what happened. if so i hope neither of them will read her diary. LOL

  5. Oh Man, I was hoping the story will go with Lau getting the girl. But COME ON! Swallow and open the damn door, gurl!

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