Legend Da Beatslaya’s Latest Track: Turn It Out

As many of you already know, Jay “Legend Da Beatslaya” Jerell isn’t just a phenomenal pop locking artist- he’s always an amazingly talented musician. 

Legend has brought to the music world what we have not heard from many musicians today in a long time, and that’s music with flare and style. His music isn’t just something you can bob your head to as you’re cruising down the highway- it’s feet tapping, finger poppin, neck bobbin, body rocking music. It has heavy synthesized punches mixed with a crazy brand of percussion sounds. 

For years now, Legend’s music has been a staple in many of Les Twins’ routines. When we hear them, we’re often blown away by Les Twins’ ability to continuously stay in sync with the flow of the music and that alone drew us in even further to each song. Well fret no more!!! Just today, Legend released a track that we’ve all been clamoring for for a while now. Many of you remember it from the special behind the scenes clips from the BET Special that Les Twins did. The track is titled, “Turn It Out”. It is now available on bandcamp.com for $1.29. 

Please go out and support this wonder artist and everything that he’s doing in his career. Below is the video to which Larry danced to “Turn It Out” for the BET Special.


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