Something New. (Chapitre Quatorze)

Something New.

Chapitre Quatorze

Par Jo Lee

“I want to feel you.” Laurent moaned as Jen stroked his pulsating member gently in the palm of her hands. Things were heating up quickly and Jen didn’t have the courage to stop him, nor did she want to. He was using his finest seduction skills and she was falling under his charm. She was teasing him at a soft pace. His breath was hot against her neck, sending shivers of anticipation down her spine. He was on top of her, thrusting his hips against her bare thighs while his full, soft lips wandered across her face and her collarbone. Feeling his thick erection against her skin, Jen couldn’t help but think him and Larry were definitely twins. That unwanted, salacious thought turned her on even more. Was it wrong, the direction of events this was undoubtedly leading to? She’d already slept wit his twin, unbeknowst to him and now she wanted Laurent to have his turn. Jen was developing feelings for him at the speed of light. His sweetness was unbearably hot because it didn’t portray weakness like it usually did from sweet men. He was still very much strong and assertive with her, just that he let his sweetness overwhelm other aspects when it came to her. He bit her lips softly before letting his tongue roam her mouth wildly, grabbing a handful of her hair and burying his nose in her scent.

“I can’t take wait anymore. Let me feel you!” Laurent groaned sensually against her ear. He lowered his head to take one of her breasts in his warm, damp mouth. She arched her back involuntarily as she was hit with wanton desire in her nether regions. She began to move her hips against him as he licked each nipple thoroughly, finishing with a kiss on top of each breast. His mouth moved slowly down the length of her stomach, leaving a tingle on each spot it kissed, until it stopped at her genitals. He removed her lacy boy shorts and dove his mouth right into her pussy. He licked and fondled her other pair of lips, generously dipping his tongue into her to rub back and forth. The soft friction his tongue caused almost made her lose her mind. She grabbed the back of his head and pushed it further into her wet folds. He nibbled gently the exterior of her most erogenous zone, circling his tongue around her clitoris furiously. He spread her legs wider and sucked on her sex like it was leaking with honey. His saliva, now mixing with her juices provided the lubrication Laurent needed for what he had in mind. He held her hips to still her, as she was bucking against his mouth ardently.

“I’m gonna come….. I’m so close….I’m gonna fucking come,” she moaned, not caring at all who could hear her. She was about to lose her fucking mind and couldn’t speak anymore. Pre-orgasmic waves just crashed into her endlessly. She was going to come so hard when she felt Laurent stop. No! She wanted to throw a fit. She looked down at him and he looked back at her. She was dripping wet and so close to her orgasm. Why did he stop?

“We’re going to finish together.” Within a second, he had reached into his pocket for a condom and rolled it onto his rigid member. He entered her softly which was met by a moan.

A moment ago, Jen felt like she was ready to lose control of her body but feeling Laurent slide in her, she was certain she couldn’t hold off her orgasm for much longer. He was gliding in with such ease and smoothness, not quite like the anxious, excited man he was just a few minutes ago. The one who couldn’t bare to spend an additional second without entering her. His speed was killing her softly, as he teasingly stroked her spot, then gently eased out and did it again. He thrusted slowly and slammed hard. His mouth was on her breasts again while he gently pushed all of himself into her. He picked up the pace and she could feel his balls slamming against her crotch. His lips parted to let out a visceral moan and Jen could feel the heat of his mouth spread onto her chest.

“Oh SHIT” Laurent groaned as he gently bit the flesh on the top of her right breast, “You feel so good.”

Jennifer couldn’t talk. His voice was just what she needed to drive her over the edge. She could hear his desire seeping from his words. Her mouth hung open as the orgasm hit her ferociously. A loud moan escaped her mouth and she just felt her body grinding into Laurent’s. He was slamming her with all of his will and her body was uncontrollably responding. She practically wailed when another orgasm shook her. Her eyes shut tightly and she could feel she’d lost control over any facial expression.

“I’m going to come inside baby. You ready?” He groaned as he slammed his genitals into her rapidly. She felt the warmth of his ejaculation inside her as hoarseness in his voice took over. When he came, he bit her neck almost painfully and continued pounding into her flesh. She must have been out of shape as she could hear herself wheezing, trying to calm down. All her hormones went haywire with Lau teasing her near the edge, just to stop and do it again. She felt her sex clenching in the wake of her double orgasm. That was amazing.

His limp body lay over her for a few minutes after he finished before he got up to remove the condom. Jen didn’t change position, laying still, hearing her heart beat hard against her chest.  She was absolutely exhausted, and thirsty. She could feel knots formed in her hair at the back of her head where she was laying on the bed. Laurent had made love to her and fucked her at the same time. She was blown away by his bedroom generosity. Unlike his twin, he aimed to please his partner, giving a lot even if he wasn’t getting the same in return. It was touching. He came back with a tall glass of water, took a gulp and handed it to her so she could take a sip. They made tiny sandwiches and fed them to each other, joking around while still naked.

“Let’s do it again,” Jenny joked. Laurent’s face fell in awe.

“No, I cannot. For maybe a few hours.” His expression was flat as if he didn’t feel manly enough to conduct a repeat performance so quickly.

“I’m joking,” She burst out laughing, “I can’t do it again for a few days. Damn!”Laurent’s mouth split into matching laughter.

“No, you have to be ready for tomorrow. We’re gonna do it again,” He winked at her, letting his hands wander all over her chest, giving her breasts a soft squeeze. Her soft breasts against his long fingers were enough to ignite sudden arousal.“Actually, maybe I can go again.”

She saw the trace of an erection beneath the thin sheet and couldn’t believe just a minute ago he was completely spent. The sheer naughtiness of his gaze was enough to get her in the mood again. They began making out like horny teenagers, dry-humping each other. Soon enough, he was behind her as they lay side-by-side in the spooning position, easing in and out of her, whimpering her name as he approached another orgasm.

“Everything about you is perfect.” He gushed afterwards, holding her in his arms, still sweaty from their second round.

“I’m not perfect, Lau.” Jennifer turned her face away from his and felt tears stinging her eyes. If he knew what she’d done, he wouldn’t think she was anywhere near perfect. Fuck, he might never want to speak to her again.

“I want to know what goes on in your head,” He kissed her hair gently, “Sometimes, you’re okay and the next minute, you look so sad. What do you think about?”

Jen hesitated about telling him what she did with Larry just a few nights ago. But she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She wanted them to be fair and square, with nothing hidden or secret. But that was a huge secret. A disgusting secret. One that almost equaled murder. She would’ve been able to tell it perhaps had it been with someone else but it was with his own brother. His twin, no less. They have spidey sense. She felt nauseous.

“Talk to me,” Lau insisted.

“Lau, don’t take this the wrong way and I’m sorry to have to do this but you have to go.” Jen said quietly. All this thinking about what she did with Larry reminded her of what he did to her, including the fact that it had been unprotected. A kid would be the last thing she needed right now. Especially one with the wrong brother, her mind interjected.

“I’m not leaving. If something is on your mind, you can talk to me. That’s what people who love each other do Jen. They talk when something is wrong,” He continued adamantly. Lau was not about to just leave her after sleeping with her, twice. Are you sure they’re identical now? Her conscience smirked at her vehemently. That alone brought the smile back on her face. She would have to get the morning after pill tomorrow morning on her way to work because she was not about to pass up the amazing opportunity with the fantastic, real man in her bed right now.

“People who love each other?” She repeated with a grin on her face.

“I do love you, Jen. I am not here just to sleep with you. You don’t see this?” He stated, his face looking boyish in the glow of the street lights outside her window. It was now 10 PM and the beautiful, parisian streets were well lit yet still busy, crawling with locals and tourists alike. The comfortable night breeze sweeped the mist of their heated affair off their skins, leaving cold sweat where transpiration once lay.

Lau just delivered this beautiful sentence yet all she could think about was how ironic it was that he’d said that when Larry did just that. Talk about spidey sense. Does he know? Lau had spent all weekend with her but he did live in the same house as Larry and they were brothers after all. But he looked so genuine and if he knew…well, she didn’t think he’d be this calm.

“I love you too,” She smiled. Jen meant it. There wasn’t much, if any, to not love about Lau. She could look at his face all night and day and still find something awe-worthy.

He held her closer and started singing to her. It was an old french song by Edith Piaf and she recognized it, even though she didn’t know all the lyrics. Then she eased into her favorite Edith Piaf song. La vie en rose. He followed suit, knowing the lyrics by heart, squeezing her occasionally as they hit high notes or romantic parts. She grinned like an idiot hearing him sing such a classic song. They were just two goofballs in a pod. Two matching pieces to a puzzle. Unlike Larry, Lau wanted to be loved and to reciprocate too and he did love her. As best as he knew how.


Larry was on the opposite side of town, also in a strange bed but one he knew too well. Lola was primping in front of the small vanity mirror in her condo, brushing out the kinks in her messy I-just-got-fucked hair and touching up her makeup. He had put his clothes back on after sex and just laid, spread eagle on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Lola was a stunning French model and at 5’11, she was almost Larry’s height with heels on. She had been courting him ever since they were introduced by her manager at Juste Debout, an international dance event. They exchanged numbers and slept together on their first date. In Lola’s mind, Larry was hers and they met frequently — or rather, slept — everytime he was in town. He had yet to call her his girlfriend or introduce her to his family, although she met his twin by default. Sometimes, when Larry closed off — times like now — she wished she’d gone after Laurent. He was so much nicer and sweeter. Larry was sweet to her, but only before sex. She hadn’t gone out with him in public, since their first date yet whenever they were in bed, she felt a chemistry to him she’d never felt before. So drawn to him and the way he made her feel that she could never kick him out of bed or say no. It was just a matter of time until he fell for her or made things official, she thought. Besides, she didn’t know anyone who was anywhere near as good looking as her. All she had to do was keep giving him what he wanted and he’d realize she was just the girl for him.

“A quoi tu penses, cheri?” (What are you thinking about, honey?) Lola asked sweetly. She’d never seen him so quiet or unenthusiastic after sex. Usually, he’d get up for a shower with her or eat up everything in her fridge before beckoning her to do it again, and again. Tonight, he looked lifeless, in another universe. No matter how stunning and tempting she looked, she couldn’t manage to grab his attention.

“Rien.” (Nothing) Larry replied quietly. He never thought sleeping with Lola could get tiring but laying on her bed, staring at the dull ceiling, he couldn’t stop thinking about Jennifer.

“T’as faim?” (Are you hungry?) Lola probed. She needed him to get out of this funk. No. What she needed him to do was notice her. Did he forget he’s fucking one of Ford’s top 3 ranking models?

“Non” (No) Larry stated, hoping to get her to stop talking. He remembered the first time he saw Lola. Endless legs peeking out of a bustier dress. She looked like the top model that she is. When she initiated conversation after being introduced by her manager, Larry had already thought of every position he’d like to bend her into. Now, she was here, at his will and mercy and he was incredulously bored.

Lola walked over to the bed and maneouvered herself onto Larry. She leaned forward and kissed his lips. She loved him, from day one. It had been love at first sight for her. She wanted to  give him all of her heart, if he would just reach out and grab it. Larry laid still as she continued kissing his lips softly and grinding into him. He was unusually unresponsive which deprived her of the intimacy she was trying to create. A lone tear formed and ran down her cheek, dropping onto Larry’s. He looked at her face and realized Lola was crying.

“Qu’est ce qu’il y a?” (What is it?) Larry asked, now worried. Lola was a drama queen and a prima donna but he’d never seen her cry once, in the months they’d been “dating”.

“Ne vois tu pas que je t’aimes?” (Don’t you see that I love you??) Lola was now sobbing quietly. Larry held her in his arms, unsure of what to do. He was a little uncomfortable and this was all coming out of the blue for him. Lola was great, sure but he just hadn’t thought more about their arrangement. She’d made herself so easy, so available that he never really had the chance to chase her and determine for himself if she was worth chasing.

“Ben ouai, ouai. Pourquoi tu pleures?” (Well, yeah, sure. Why are you crying?) Larry asked calmly.

“Parce…que…je ne te comprends pas. Je ne te connais meme pas. Et toi? Me connais tu? As tu meme envie de me connaitre?” (Be..cause, I don’t understand you. I don’t really know you. And you? Do you even know me? Do you even want to get to know me?). She spit venomously.

“Lola…ca va ou?” (Lola, where are you going with this?) Larry asked, confused.

“Je veux etre avec toi.” (I want to be with you) She replied, her tone softer. Her hands were on Larry`s chest, her anxious eyes burning into his darting, distressed gaze.

“Mais tu l’es!” (But you are) Larry said, exasperated.

“Non. Je veux etre la seule. Je suis la seule n’est ce pas?” (No, I want to be the only one. I am the only one right?) Lola asked curiously, certain of his answer.

“Ca veut dire quoi? “(What do you mean?) Larry spit back at her, now nervous.

“As tu couché avec quelqu’un d’autre?” (Have you slept with anyone else?) She furrowed her brows, wondering why he was avoiding her question. He was still laying on the bed and she was sitting on his stomach, leaning on his chest, waiting for his response. Larry debated lying to her and telling her he hadn`t. It wouldn`t have been far from the truth. But a part of him wanted to hear the admission he had…with Jennifer.

“Oui.” (Yes) The words left his mouth before he gave them permission to and none the sooner, did he feel a soft palm strike him accross his cheek. The slap was enough to turn his head towards one of the walls in the bedroom.

“Regarde moi, espece de lache. REGARDE MOI!!” (Look at me, you fucking coward, LOOK AT ME!!) Lola barked at him, disgustingly, through tears. Her mouth was dry and she was so livid, she felt her blood boiling beneath her skin. Larry refused to look at her, softly pushing her off before gathering his snapback and walking out.

“REVIENS ICI. LARRY!! LARRY!!” (COME BACK HERE. LARRY!! LARRY!!) Lola called after him repeatedly, silently begging that he would turn back, that he would come back to her, that he would hold her. Larry didn`t even look twice, leaving her to unravel all alone in her room.

17 thoughts on “Something New. (Chapitre Quatorze)

  1. Wow!!! Larry is getting the boot in this story O_o The only thing that is saving me right now is that they are so different in this story (nice touch). Well the first thing I thought while reading was Larry’s a Freak and I love it…Laurent just fizzled for me (Too much sweetness and talking Lord)…Kind of reminded me of a line in a rap song…”I’ll let u love it…but I’m going to beat it up”!
    I guess Whatever Lola wants Lola gets doesn’t apply to her…damn that was just Cold! I guess I got what I wanted to know… where Larry’s head was at…Yeah he is sprung but he’s an ass…and Lau needs to slow down with all this Love…I think they are all confused…this is Lust not Love…and Jennifer is just Lonely as hell…she sounds like she looking for a combo! O_O. I’m going to need her to pull the hell up! She is getting Messsy!

  2. I hope she does tell Lau. Then I hope Lau has some type of understanding. Larry… Smh I dont know what’s goin’ on in his mind. First he doesnt like her, then does, then doesnt, then does! Tf? I honestly dont know where this story is going.

  3. ohhyea but another thing i hate how jennifer is putting off the fact that she needs to get that damn pill i feel like if she forgets she is gona be pregnant from larry, she better not forget

  4. OMGGG LARRYY!!! Like seriously duudeee….u r sooo ateup for sleepin wit jennifer and yet hvin a gurl alrdy on the side…u mutherflippin piece of crap!!! How dare u duudee!!! And now this chick is goin to act crazy and prob get a freakin gun!!!
    Hey ms author!! I luv how u elaborated on the feelings of each character and i kno thats double the work soo awesome job!!! Ummm i luv the length of the chapter too! ^_^ ive been lookin forward to this chapter 🙂 cant wait for the next

  5. Ok. Everybody get off Larry. Lolololol. He told her the truth. I hope that all my young princesses learn something from the Larry episode. Guys really do think that way about someone being easy AND readily available. Yeah Jen messed up but shes not readily available. Ok now Lau……..loving his sweetness. Just as I imagine him to be. Good job.

  6. hate to say it but my girl Jen has slipped into the hoe-ish realm by letting Lau hit so quick right behind Larry. but…hey…if ya got to be a hoe for somebody might as well be for Lau. he’s so everything! i love him in this story cuz he’s strong but sensitive at the same time. she might not be good enuf for him tho. I can’t believe she was even thinking about telling him about her and Larry. I was like noooooooo girl!! don’t do that. smh. as for Larry…even tho he’s an azz he gets all the awards for being a true playa. at least he’s not even tryna front like he loves ’em. it’s like you riding at your own risk. LOL @ the way he be walking out on these girls like a boss *slow clap*

  7. oh I forgot to mention my favorite sentence in this chapter: “She looked down at him and he looked back at her”. Lau!!!! not only did he stop but then he had the nerve to look up at her like “gotcha!” lol. he tricked her with the oldest trick in the book LMAO

  8. Lau is a sweetheart in this story. but Larry seems so cold with Lola like bitch i don’t give a fuck. He is rewinding that night.. he thinks too much of Jennifer. because of that he can’t concentrate of other things.. Larry, baby do something..don’t stay like that..those thoughts will tear you apart.. I smell trouble and this is what i love LOL I like the quantity and the quality of this chapter. I love how you threw a line between them and wrote about what each one was doing at the same time. Jennifer take that damn pill..okei? next chapter please ^ ^

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