Fan of the Month: Kitamu Latham-Sampier

Each and every Les Twins fan is special in their own unique way. Some of you are dancers and share some of the same passions and love for the art of dance as Larry and Laurent; some are great story-tellers, as displayed our favorite featured fan-fics. I’ve seen quite a few fans who display an extraordinary eye for beauty as captured in some of the awesome photography shots shared throughout the fandom. Although all of these attributes are great, I must say, some of the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring pieces have come in the form of deep lines, heavy shadows and crisp contours of hand made drawings.

In that, I have decided to pick a featured artist each month. The art is not limited to just drawings; the pieces featured will be those to which I find captures the spirit of the fandom itself.

This month, I’ve chosen to showcase the drawings from longtime Les Twins fan, Kitamu Latham-Sampier. I’m sure most of you have seen her pieces and never knew who the artist was- well here is your chance to find out more about the lady behind the magic. Here is Kitamu’s story as told in her own words.

Kitamu Latham-Sampier


Nickename(s): Tu, Deuce, Kitty-Moo and far more than I’d like to say!

I’m an illustrator/graphic designer based out of Los Angeles ,CA.
Graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design about 2 years ago. You can see some of my artwork

I first discovered Les Twins while surf youtube! I’ve always loved dancing and used to do tap and ballet when I was very little. So while looking up some dance video I say a link from their performance in Vallajo,CA. Before they started, my first reaction was” they’re cute!!”…like every other girl on the planet, but once they started dancing, my jaw practically hit the floor!!!!

I spent that entire night looking up videos on these guys and was up until 6:30 the next day! I was hooked! Months later I found out about one of their workshops in Cali. I managed to get down there and get in the class( i chickened out of dancing, so I just watched). Not only where they great dancers and really sweet and down to earth with everyone. I was rolling with their silliness!

Even got to take pictures with them! I was on cloud 9. I even saw them again at WOD LA and they remembered me! I later meet Carol of Les Twins Online and became friends. I even meet Gianinni and Lecco from Veteranz Crew! I’ve met a lot of cool people simply by knowing or just loving Les Twins.

I love them no just because of their dancing, but they took a big risk in just making their dreams a reality!! No matter what, even when some people told them they were dancing weird or not hip hop or just to quit, THEY DIDN’T!! They believed in themselves and each other. Laurent and Larry always say that they dance for themselves, Number!!

They inspire not just my art but in my drive to succeed! I may struggle a long time, but I’ll never give up. Like them I can’t see myself never doing what I love. I’d have a pretty sad existence if I did! Les Twins inspire me not just because of their talent, but by the fact they took a chance on making their dreams a reality! While still staying true to themselves! They have a unique spark in them that ignites everyone around them and I pray it never goes out!

I’m a Les Fan for life!!

Below are the pieces created by Kitamu

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One thought on “Fan of the Month: Kitamu Latham-Sampier

  1. Too cute. Love the 1st one & I also love your story. How cool was that they remembered you from the workshop in December. : ) Thank you for sharing your personal experiences & your beautiful artwork.

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