Something New. (Chapitre Dix)

Something New.

 Chapitre Dix

 Par Jo Lee

 Jennifer and Larry fell asleep swiftly after, a messy heap of tangled bodies on a tiny single bed. Jen was so exhausted that she’d failed to remove any of her makeup or contact lenses. Being the neat freak that she was, it was reflecting in her subconscious as she begin to dream that she was rolling around in a dirty pond, using the damp habitat as her second skin, covered in filth and dirt. Her eyes were sore and dry from the lenses still inserted so after a few hours of comatose-like sleep, she was sleeping a lot more lightly which is why she opened her eyes as soon as she heard Larry’s phone ring. It was Laurent. She was surprised he hadn’t tried to call her yet. Laurent. He hadn’t crossed her mind she thought he was Larry, following her out of the club. Then after the club….Oh,my. Flashes of the early morning raw sex she had with the lanky man laying cramped in her bed flooded to the forefront of her mind. That really happened. What did it mean? Larry had been so ambivalent prior to this morning that she could’nt quite guarantee that ego boost yet. Did he like her all this time? What about his comment that she wasn’t his type? She was confused at what had happened, just as much as she was confused about what would happen after their amazing, mindblowing sex earlier. He hadn’t said much after he climaxed. She vaguely remembered him slumping over her back while she still faced the wall, and sweetly kissing her sweaty neck before they drifted off. How did they land on the bed? The last thing she remembered was being pinned against the wall and the tingle of his warm kisses on her sticky back.


Jennifer got up and began rushing about, feeling really dirty from the sweat accumulated from dancing her ass off for hours and then having passionate sex with Larry. She couldn’t stand her stench and quickly began to remove any trace of make-up her messy sleeping hadn’t manage to rub off and jumped in the shower. She let the hot water run down her skin along her collarbone, dripping to the aching place between her thighs. The alcohol had evaporated and she was left with a vengeful hangover and naughty memories from the early morning. Larry rised to the sound of water running and hitting the bathroom tiles in the silence of the morning air. It took him a few minutes to recollect exactly the pieces of the puzzle reminding him what happened. It didn’t take long. Rubbing his eyes and resting his head in his hand, flashbacks of last night hit him like a freight train. Her smooth skin, her hair, her scent blended with sweat, her voice, her moans, how good he’d felt in her, how excited and willing she was. It had been a long time since he exhausted himself sexually like that. He was supposed to be smoothing things out with Lau, not fucking them up. He wasn’t even sure why he’d done it, besides the overwhelming urge he felt to bury himself in her. There was something about Jennifer he found positively toxic. The thought of barging in her shower and extending what he felt this morning rested in his mind for a minute.


He stretched and gathered his clothes, began sorting them carefully, putting back each item of clothing and accessory the same way it had been assembled last night. His hair was matted from her pulling on it and then sleeping without anything to cover it. That was the only telltale sign of what he’d been up to. Tried as he might to fluff it, it remained limp and he sighed at the fact that he’d have to wash it when he got home for his afro to regain its shape. In that moment, he missed having his hair in easy twists. He peeked in the washroom to say something but changed his mind and just left as if nothing had happened. His head was pounding, the reason unknown since he hadn’t drank last night. The flashbacks already haunted him, even though it occured just a few hours ago. If he didn’t mention it to Laurent, it wouldn’t be lying. Of course, he wouldn’t say anything. He shook his head at the possibility. Jennifer, her moans, her stupid moans held his desire, even in the crisp air of the morning. He’d do it again and again, just to hear her moan like that, an almost guttural sound emitting from her core. He had reached her core and she, unconsciously, reached his.


Jennifer took her time in the shower, finding solace in the heat of the water and the building humidity in her tiny bathroom. She hoped it’d be like a sauna when she got out. She felt dirty, the kind you feel deep inside and can’t scrub off no matter how hard you try. She wanted to warm her skin to the point where any alcohol remaining in her system would literally seep out of her pores. So she let the water beat down on her reddening skin for almost 45 minutes before exiting. Her bathroom was blurrier without her contact lenses but her eyes thanked her for removing them. Even though she couldn’t see clearly, she was sure Larry was gone when she’d walked into her room and saw her clothes neatly folded on the bed and his were nowhere to be seen. She thought it was considerate that he tidied up the place however couldn’t help but feel she’d been discarded. Jen wasn’t hoping to come out to breakfast in bed but anything was better than an empty bed the morning after. She sat on the bed, letting water drip from her wet hair onto the sheets. In a while she would get up, dry off and change them…and try not to think about last night, hoping she would fall asleep again soon.


 Larry hailed the first available cab he saw. The only thing he needed right now was a good night of sleep, except the sun was slowly rising by the time he got home. He had high hopes that his twin would be sleeping which could be unlikely seeing as his last missed call from Laurent was just 28 minutes ago. He remembered times when the two of them would stay up over 24 hours playing videogames and wouldn’t be surprised to walk in to find Laurent doing so. He was grateful when he was greeted by complete silence as he entered the home. Everyone was asleep and he couldn’t wait to join them. Before heading to bed, he followed suit in Jen’s step and took a nice, warm shower. He was so relaxed by the time he was drying off his heated flesh that it took him less than five minutes to fall asleep once he reached his bed.
It was almost 3PM and the sun blazed through the window, heating up Jennifer’s room like a baking oven. When she managed to open her eyes, she was nearly blinded by a ray of sunlight and felt her skin tingling with a thin coat of sweat. She hastily pulled off her cover and embraced the warmth on her naked skin. She stretched and smiled once she realized it was Saturday and she didn’t have work today which meant she could stay in bed, in this comfortable position all day if she wanted to. Frankly, her stomach churned at the thought of seeing Larry today…after last night, she wasn’t sure what to say to him. But one thing was certain; he didn’t have anything to say to her. His silent, inconsiderate departure made that very clear. She lay there watching the clouds shifting around in the baby blue sky, using her imagination to concoct shapes and animals from the moving lumps of white foam hanging above.
Lost in thought, she began to daydream about nothing in particular when she heard a knock on the door. She dragged her feet to the door to see who it was. She had to refrain from rolling her eyes, feeling a sting of tears forming and let that short moment of uneasiness wash over her. She felt all of the guilt she didn’t even know she had shoot up to the surface. What would she say to him? One step at time, open the door..She grabbed a loose red dress and quickly threw it over her head, bracing herself as she opened the door to let him in.

11 thoughts on “Something New. (Chapitre Dix)

  1. you can’t even imagine how i have been waiting for this chapter O_O let me understand.. she woke up first.. he after.. why they didn’t speak?. why he had to leave so fast? ( i know Lau was worried about him or might suspect something? ) but after a crazy night like that. Ohh Larry you aren’t ready to face her, i know you feel intense desire for her or is more than that. Knock knock…who will be..Larry or Laurent. ( i don’t know why but i think is Lau) hmm..will see about that.. this story is so yummy LOL

  2. Need longer chapters. The story is so great. It probably is Lau at the door because that’s the only reason she should feel guilty.. Right?.. Anyway I hope the next chapter is posted tomorrow because those few days I was waiting on this one? Wooo. All hell broke loose towards everybody else near me Lol.

  3. I just read all 10 chapters.. I would just dismiss it and look at the videos and pics… But the sex scene gave me images… GOT DAMN.. I need a cold shower LoL… This is great fic.. I Love It.. I need the next chapter….. Like…. Yesterday… ^_^

  4. Larry is in LOVE…he just doesn’t know it yet! So am I (in love) with this story…JUST PERFECT!!! Now every time I hear Trey Song singing I bet the neighbor know my name I think of this story!!! Keep it coming!!!

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