Something New. (Chapitre Neuf)

Something New.

Chapitre Neuf

Par Jo Lee

Larry unhooked her bra and lowered his head to put one of her nipples in his mouth. He drew his hands to her chest and squeezed her breasts while using his tongue in circles around the nipples. The foreplay was too much for both of them and Larry couldn’t wait to enter her. He led his right hand to the flesh between her thighs and felt how moist she was. Jen threw him a gaze of lust that told him she welcomed his wandering touch. He was gentle with his caresses yet harsh with his motions. He backed her against a wall in her tiny apartment and shoved himself anxiously into her wet folds. Jen let out a moan and pressed her hands into his muscular back. She felt his toned shoulderblades and already felt her walls clenching firmly around him. He lifted one of her legs and dove further into her while bringing his lips to her neck. His other hand was using her ass to push toward his thrusting. Jen grabbed his hair so forcefully that his head tilted back. He was looking at her in such an animalistic and primal gaze that she almost feared him. He was thrusting in swift moves, beating his body against hers which kept slamming against the wall. They were both sweating and moaning, insensitive to the noises they were emitting in a place where the walls were so thin, Jen could hear a spoon drop in her neighbour’s apartment.

“Oh my God, you feel so good. Ah, ah, ummmm, tell me you want it.”Jen moaned, her eyes shut.

“Uh huh, you like that?” Larry groaned through gritted teeth. “You’re so hot.”

“Ohhhhhhh, that feels so good. Larryyyy, putainn oh putainn” Shit Larryyy, oh my..

“Je vais te la donner. T’ aimes? Oui? Oui?” (I’m gonna give it to you, you want it? Yeah? Yeah). Larry kept thrusting deeper and deeper which prompted Jen to dig her fingers deeper into his back. He was stroking her G-spot so hard, she was ready to scream like it was nobody’s business. She felt the first wave of orgasm hit her and  grabbed his hair, jerking his head back. She was moving her body into his, so close to achieving her orgasm, she couldn’t control her hip movements anymore. His hard, rhythmic stroke felt so good that she couldn’t even speak. Her tongue felt heavy in her mouth, feeling his pounding slam into her repeatedly. They were both so sweaty now, all reservations had been lost a long time ago. He was fucking her like he missed her, like he owned her body, like he knew whichever way he wanted her, he could have it and then some. That sort of confidence was repulsive but in that moment, it was such a turn-on being manhandled by someone who knew what they were doing. Someone who was so confident in their ability to please you physically that they did so, unapologetically. She let him continue to slam his member against her throbbing opening until she reached her orgasm. Jen moaned so loudly, she thought she’d probably woken up the entire building. Larry felt her insides grasp him so tightly, he thought he would also combust with her. Instead of pausing to let her finish, he rammed into her with such speed, it intensified her orgasm so much that she felt her whole body shiver when she actually climaxed. He stopped for a moment, resting against her chest to give her a minute to breathe after such a strong orgasm and to simmer down as well. Larry had slept with plenty of women but this was different. She felt so warm and tight that the thought she might have been a virgin crossed his mind. He did want her physically, unsure of whether of not any other feelings were attached but her body….her body drove him crazy. From the moment he saw her, he’d been thinking about disrobing her. She had an innocence to her that was always masked by her periodic cockiness. His sex pulsed thinking about fucking her so hard that her entire body ached and begged for mercy. To see her in the flesh was much better than he’d imagined and he constantly had to think of something else to delay his impending orgasm. Jennifer was so tired, she would’ve fallen asleep if he wasn’t resting against her. As she was entering a sleeping trance, he said quietly,

“Now, it’s my turn.”

Before she could even say anything, he turned her around to face the wall. His roaming hand grabbed her breasts before returning to her ass which he spread and spanked a few times. He entered her slowly, picking up pace as his sex grew harder and thicker inside her. She moaned sleepily against the now warm wall her back had been sweating against mere minutes ago. Larry was so turned on, he was losing rhythm and pelvis control. He wanted to fuck her so hard but he felt so warm inside her that he also wanted to last as long as he could manage.

“I’m gonna come,” Jennifer panted. “I’m gonna come, Larryyy oh shit, I’m gonna come. Larryy Larryyy OH MY GODD LARRY!” With that, she felt a much bigger release overwhelm her tiny frame and the exertion removed any energy she had remaining from the first tryst. Larry gritted his teeth, she was calling his name like he owned the pussy.

He kept spanking her ass and talking dirty to her. His hands caressed her back upwards before stopping at her shoulders which he used as leverage to push himself completely into her. Her wet folds were so welcoming and he could feel the sensitivity in his penis heighten. He continuing thrusting and groaning, watching his pelvis slam against her round, pert ass, watching himself enter and disappear into her warm spot. He chased his orgasm for a few minutes, holding onto her hips as he ejaculated on her backside, letting his burning liquid run down her thighs. It had been such a great romp but once she felt his release on her skin, Jen couldn’t recall him putting on protection beforehand.


19 thoughts on “Something New. (Chapitre Neuf)

  1. Flatline…….O_O Is anyone else sweating…Hmmmm Now I’m jealous! This is whole other level now…well if that’s what happens when he’s rude…by all means let him be rude! Rude Boy What!!!!! Oh please no scares she only tapped that once she needs to regroup and drop the boom on him…Poor Lau never had a chance. Wow!

  2. At the end of the previous chapter I thought Lau will come knocking on the door and starts the drama….but this…..*loss of words*

  3. Mann i thought it was over but nooo lol he’s like its my turn beyotch lol we aint done hahahahahahhaa this chapter was too much for me lol :’D gurrll hurry up wit next chapter soo we can find out wat happens next and oohh yeaa loved the ending cuz now we’re tlkin…no PRO..TECT…ION LOL

    • Please no child DRAMA until we redeem ourselves (did I just say we) ROTFLMAO!!! Larry is a Bad Boy but he just can’t going around smashing and not get a little taste of what he gave…I want to see him whipped too!

  4. Damn… I need a drink. Details had me squealin and actin a fool cuz Im livin MY fanasty through a character. Lmao um… Hope she aint preg though. She was doing just fine CHILDLESS

  5. damn.. today i had to read it again. I love every fucking (can i say fucking? ^ ^ fucking ) word. “He was fucking her like he missed her” LOL ( this was their first time much chemistry between them) “Larry gritted his teeth, she was calling his name like he owned the pussy.” This is and will be my favorite chapter of all time.. if you ever come with anything better then this ..i’ll die for sure. ROTFLMAO

    • Standing “O”…couldn’t have said it better myself…Why u playing…I’m putting this in my must read before going to sleep section of my mind!! Love U with that I love every fucking (can i say fucking? ^ ^ fucking ) word. ROTFLMAO!!!

  6. Ya know how Lau screams when he’s in “beast mode” while dancing? I really wonder if he screams during sex. A beast in the sheets!… Just a random thought

  7. What’s up ladies? I know I havent replied in a minute but I have been. I can always count on yall to keep me laughing. But anywho. . I thought Larry was suppose to be “smoothing” things out for Lau. I guess he did. Lol Poor Lau…. Now what? Cant wait to find out.

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