Something New. (Chapitre Huit)

Something New.

Chapitre Huit

 Par Jo Lee

Girls were throwing themselves at Laurent and Larry. With every song change, came a new girl, sometimes two or an entire group and with the DJ changing songs every 45 seconds, that was almost every girl in the club, her single friend and her chaperoning sister. The boys were basking in the attention but one thing she noticed is that no matter how playful they got, they never crossed boundaries. A few girls tried to imitate what she’d been doing with Laurent a while ago and none were quite successful. However, there was a blonde with wild, beautiful curls who managed to hold Larry’s attention. They’d been dancing for a few songs now and seemed to get closer with every song. She was a very good dancer and an even better looking girl. Jen wouldn’t have looked twice her way except for her wild hair but seeing her get so close to Larry put her very high on her radar. It’d been two hours since they’d been dancing, she was dying to rest, take a break, remove her shoes and give her feet a rub but she wanted to prove she could dance just as long as the boys. Reminiscing at what a stupid idea that was now, she watched them move with more energy every passing second while she felt a limp coming on. Finally, she grabbed a last drink to help keep the toes numb so she would endure the pain until she got home and started exiting the club. Laurent followed her without missing a beat but lurked behind as she strutted ahead of him. He was enjoying the view, her habit of flipping her hair every other minute, her professional walk, her balancing act on each heel-to-ground ratio while drunk. He found it amusing that she’d been trying to make him jealous the whole night. It worked but he kept his cool, mostly because he knew exactly what he wanted to do to her when they got home. She grabbed a vacant taxi and he ran to hop in. They sat silently for almost the whole ride. Jen knew someone had been following her from the club, it was so obvious Laurent would ignore her after the dirty dancing fiasco just to run after her afterwards to continue their unfinished business. She was half-drunk, double-willing and ready. It’d been a while and she couldn’t wait to get home and feel raw passion transcends from various areas of her body, especially her erogenous zones. But now, she was wondering why he was so quiet. It was so unlike Laurent. He should’ve been laughing or apologizing or telling her what he was thinking, what he was going to do to her, telling her about all the girls he danced with, asking about all the men she suckered into buying her a drink tonight. She didn’t want to look at him and was definitely not going to be the one to say the first word but it was awkward sharing a backseat with so much unresolved sexual tension. She turned around to ask him why he’d bothered to follow her when he fell at loss for words.



Larry stopped Laurent from following Jen, telling him that he’d like to apologize to her and also tell her not to be mad at his brother. Laurent had agreed reluctantly but chose to listen to his twin and figured once Larry smoothed things out, it’d be that much easier for him to finish what he and Jen had started on the dancefloor. Besides,  he was having a good time being swarmed by pretty girls who wanted nothing more than for him to dance with them. He didn’t want to spend such a good night getting yelled at or being ignored, so he decided it was best to let Larry deal with the worst first and he’d swoop in and reap the rewards.

Jennifer stomped out of the club with such passion that she failed to notice which twin was following. She already knew which one wanted her, she knew which one was going to have to work hard to get back into her good grace and she knew which twin she’d easily forgive just because she had an agenda of her own. But staring back at her in the back of the taxi, she reassessed her assumption and realized she was wrong.


“You finally notice me,” Larry said. He was completely baffled at how she could let her anger precede her safety. For all she knew, she could’ve hopped into a cab with a serial murderer, simply because she didn’t want to lose face by checking her surroundings.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were Laurent? Where IS Laurent?” She didn’t know why she was asking so many questions. Why did it even matter? She was just curious as to what Larry was doing there, especially after that slightly malicious comment.

“I want to make sure you get home okay.” He continued, as if it wasn’t the most unusual reason.

The cab driver pulled up in front of the old building that hosted her studio apartment. Larry rushed to pay and held the door open for her to get out. She almost stumbled to her front door, her feet were aching so badly. She didn’t even have the energy to ask why he was following her inside, figuring he’d just leave once they got to her door. If this was his way of apologizing it was very indirect, she thought. The small elevator carried them both to her floor and they exited quietly. It was almost 4 in the morning and she was anxious to start the surgical removal of her shoes. Before reaching her door, she had to find the light switch to keep walking, it was too eerie walking in the dark at night. She felt a strong hand pulling her backwards and her back landed against Larry’s torso. His right hand remained right on top of her dress in a restricted area while his left ran up to her neck as if he was going to choke her. She gasped at the thrill of being touched and only imagining who it was. She knew it was Larry but she couldn’t see him. He started walking and she marched on, still being held in front of him like a hostage. At her door, she rushed to find her key and unlock the door. Once in, he practically ripped the dress off her while she stood, mouth agape, with a look a fear that said she didn’t dare stop him. He shredded the dress to her feet and stood back looking at her body in her red, lacy push-up bra and matching underwear. He approached her and stood right in front of her chest, watching every single inch of her body before pulling her into his arms and kissing her. The kisses were rapid and feverish, leaving them both out of air and space. Larry kept kissing her with soft pressure and biting her lips, all whilst grabbing a handful of her ass. He slipped his hand beneath the sheer material of her underwear, grabbing her bare ass with his hands. Within a swift motion, he was out of his hoodie and shirt. Jen kept kissing him passionately as she fumbled with his belt buckle and jean buttons. Larry pushed her hand away and unbuttoned his pants quickly, using his feet to staple the jeans to the ground so he could wiggle his legs out of them. With one hand, he pushed his boxers down and stroked his erection. Jennifer could feel his excitement against her hot skin and grew hotter at the feel of his size.


12 thoughts on “Something New. (Chapitre Huit)

  1. Are U kidding me right now!?! U had all this pinned in your head…I feel like I just opened Pandora’s Box…and OMFG!!! Now that’s the Larry I’m so fond of reading! Now he’s suppose to be innocent, sneaky and aggressive…but damn it caught me off guard and I absolutely positively Love It!!!! Except the leaving us hanging deal…I’ll get over it…I will have my glass of wine waiting tomorrow! O_O Don’t Judge Me….I love when Larry gets loose…I know I’m not the only one! OKi now I have to say this… how is this going to roll over for Lau…cause this is a taboo…one made by Larry not the girl??? Let the Drama begin…U didn’t waste any time <3! Great length and detail…Just Wow!

  2. I type this beautiful well thought out comment…and it was erased…Hot right now…I’ll come back later when I can remember what I wrote O_o I really Loved it!

  3. Gah! I effing LOVE this story!!!!! I really wonder what’s gonna happen. Is Lau gonna find out? Or is Jen not gonna remember because she was drunk? Or is Larry gonna start liking her? Or is she gonna be PREG!?…..(I hope she not o_o) I just cant wait for the next one. I might DIE if I dont see it quick! 😀

  4. Oki I think I can get it out now! Wow…All this was in your head…I am totally absolutely positively in Love right now! I am caught off guard and feel like I opened pandora’s box! OMG! This is just what I was talking about the detail and length of the story was on point…except for how u left us hang…I’ll be ready tomorrow with my glass of wine cause U haven’t wasted anytime with the drama! U have left me in Awe how u have stepped up this story line…I look forward to the next chapter cause if it leaves chills like I got when u described Larry grabbing her neck in the dark….OOOOOOOOOoMMMMMMMMMMmGGGGGGGGGGGg! Just bring it!!! OKi I’m done…ROTFLMAO!!!!

  5. Smd(oggon)h….i jst knew sumtin like this was goin to happen….woow she jst couldnt wait to get laid. Hopefully she doesnt get prego from this cuzz uhh i didnt read about him putting on a condom…*raise eyebrow

  6. Thank you for this amazing chapter.. i’m happy that you didn’t held anything back…I already said that i love what is happening in your we are getting somewhere with this story.. love the details. oh Larry what are you doing to this girl ( so the bad boy is back ) Laurent don’t let a girl alone with Larry because bad things will happen to her ( she will be screaming of bad can be that? ) LOL You just can’l let me here hanging like this..this is to much.. i already want another chapter.. okei ..i’ll wait …I have to LOL

  7. exciting, unexpected plot twist and great writing style. the whole scene is tastefully explicit and wonderfully descriptive. love, love, love the image of her walking down the pitch black hallway fumbling for her keys with him pressed to her back and his hand around her neck…delectably erotic.

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