Something New. (Chapitre Six)

Something New.

Chapitre Six

Par Jo Lee

Laurent and Larry were only in town for six weeks before going on tour to Russia so the three of them quickly became very good friends. They joked around, had serious conversations, went to watch old French films at midnight in deserted cinemas. They mimicked their favourite scenes, shared their favourite moments and supported their different dreams. There was always laughter in the Bourgeois household and Jen quickly became a part of the family, rarely missing any meals or any family shows. She even began to give her opinion in their family arguments about the most random topics. A few nights ago, the presidential election updates were being shown on the news when one of the younger siblings started shouting ‘Sarkozy’ for sheer amusement. He was stomping around like a little British guard shouting “SARKOZY!SARKOZY!” who was the current president, when their mother got upset because she was supporting another candidate in the election. She began to yell at the conspiracy occurring under her roof and Laurent got involved, working as an instigator to add fuel to the fire. It wasn’t long until the entire house was brought down discussing, or rather, shoving their different political views down each other’s throats. Jennifer sat back with a cup of tea and laughed at the chaotic scene before her. The more time she spent with the Bourgeois, the more she wished to have a huge family of her own. They were so much fun. There was never a dull moment because if one person was down, there were three others that were overly-hyper and that was more than enough to balance it out.

It was Friday night and Jennifer was in front of her mini-mirror applying the finishing touches to her makeup by carefully filling in the blood-red lipstick she’d recently bought. Her hair was curled, her falsies were on and so was the push-up bra. She was bringing Jersey Shore Fashion straight to France. She knew she looked way too sexy when she dressed like that, with the allure of a porn star, the kind of image that made parents want to wash their kids’ eyes with soap. But it was fun for her, she never quite got past her childish dress-up stage and once she was in the mood to prance around, she put in a lot of effort to ensure everything was pretty and dramatic. Jen was such an extreme person. She was either slouching in sweats and a t-shirt with sneakers or completely glam in a bodycon dress enhanced with five inch heels and face full of make-up that’d make Michael Jackson proud. She often laughed about her character and called her alter-egoTran-tastic!

She heard a knock on the door and knew which one of them it was. Two weeks ago, she couldn’t tell them apart and now she was overwhelmed by their differences. She opened the door and both boys started laughing and giving each other daps.

“This is too much”, Larry stated.

“Yes, you look so….”, Laurent continued, .. “sexy”.

“So?”,she didn’t even pay them any mind, as she adjusted her dress.

“This is France. Men are not used to this.” Larry said very matter-of-factly, almost sternly.

“People will think you sleep for money!” Laurent grinned.

“Like a prostitute?”, Jen balked at the thought.

“Like escort,” Laurent gasped dramatically before grabbing her by the waist and spinning her around. Even though, she was way overdressed, she looked amazing and all he wanted to do was peel that dress off and treat her like his own escort.

“I don’t care. Let’s go dance!”, She looked right at Larry when she said that, a little too confidently. Who ever heard of dancing in 5 inch heels must’ve been deaf.


5 thoughts on “Something New. (Chapitre Six)

  1. Wow OKi…Just slightly confused how we got here…Now they are all just friends…and she has a Sasha Fierce living inside her that comes out on occasions O_O I’m missing details…Like did the boys like her…What was going threw Lau’s head before and after he kissed her…did he even mean to kiss her…Why was Larry so put off by her… hence his your not my type comment and Never speaking to her…Did the boys discuss this ( Larry’s first impression of her )…Does Lau have any interest in her other than just trying to hang out together…How is he trying to win her affection? This story has so many different directions that it could go and is a very creative view (gutsy)…I love the concept…just need more info to be able to follow where u are going with it…and for fun ramble off all the other ish that could happen too even if that’s not what’s going to happen. Love your story and can’t wait til next post! I hope I haven’t said to much…I visualize greatness in this story and hope I can help.

    • you’re right Shanika i need more details. This is a good story, i like what’s happens in your imagination, but please put it all on a paper, don’t hold anything back. Also can you make the chapter longer or posted daily.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this story. Only problem is it is kind of short chapters. But that is it. Cant wait for the next!

  3. I think Larry actually likes but doesnt want to invade on his bro’s territory for he is obviously attracted to her in a (sexual) way…..

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