Videos: Les Twins at Milo Club Nizhni Novgorod, Russia


4 thoughts on “Videos: Les Twins at Milo Club Nizhni Novgorod, Russia

  1. love their dancing as usual but why do entertainers claim their “gift” is from God but then they take that gift and slap the lord in the face with it? What’s the deal with Larry’s shirt that reads the word “FUCK”? what’s the point?

    let’s not dance before we insert a negative in the equation. First all the crotch grabbing and pants below the butt, now this!

    don’t these guys realize their mother is still alive and may see this? very disrespectful shirt.

    I’m sick of all the excuses with the so called “freedom of speech” crap. God blesses you with a gift, you should use it for his glory. not satan’s and his sinful sexual messages. Love the twins, hate their bad habits.

    • “Slap the Lord in the face?” are you serious? When did this get religious? They are two young men who have the right to wear whatever they want just like everyone one else in the world.

      It is a word on a shirt. period. It just happened to be in English not Russian or French so you knew what it was on sight. In the whole scheme of things it means less than nothing.

      It is obvious that their Mother raised two gracious, sensitive, creative, honest, hardworking, very passionate young men.
      They are not gang-banging, raping and committing crimes against people, they are dancing and entertaining them.

      And there are enough video and still images out there of these young men to give you some idea what their character is like.
      But the first time one of them wears something that doesn’t Jibe with your strict “religious” code you are complaining and accusing.
      Jesus said “let the one who is without sin cast the first stone” So I doubt you are pure and blameless and never make a mistake, so you shouldn’t be so quick to point and accuse at the Twins for something that means less than nothing.

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