Something New. (Chapitre Quatre)

Something New.

Chapitre Quatre

Par Jo Lee

Jennifer quickly learned why she was getting paid minimum wage. She didn’t have to do much since her boss Genevieve liked to cater to her kids herself. A little help here and there, she really enjoyed how stress less this was turning out to be. At time, she had to remind herself that she wasn’t one of Genevieve’s kids as her boss cooked for her kids and always invited Jennifer a spot at the table and seemed to inquire about Jennifer’s wellbeing just as much as her own mother did. Everyone got along famously, Jen had a decent shift and an easy workload. She’d met a few men who’d been willing to take her out for dinner and show her around. She didn’t think things could get any better.

“Jennyy, tonight you stay late”, Genevieve said in broken English. They usually spoke French since Jen was fluent but Genevieve was making an effort to improve her English.

“Tonight?”Jen asked. It was the first time in almost her four weeks duration she’d been asked to do so.

“Yes tonight. Special occasion. My boys come back from America. Where you from!”

Genevieve had always referred to her twin boys as her pride and joy but seeing her with all her kids, you could tell she felt that way about all of them.

“Sure.”Jen replied, not wanting to disappoint.

“I make special French meal.”, the mother announced.

Free dinner, sweet. “Great”,Jen smiled back.

A few hours later, her shift was done and she was on the couch watching cartoons with a few of the kids when the lock turned. Genevieve’s husband walked in followed by two tall, handsome men.

“Mammmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!”,they both shouted, almost on cue.

Jen stayed on the sofa watching them from the side. Genevieve rushed in and gave them both a big hug and kiss. After pleasantry were exchanged between all the kids and catching up for a few minutes, Genevieve finally introduced Jennifer to the twins.

The one with the wild afro and printed comic shirt presented himself as Laurent and the other who was wearing a Yankees’ cap covering messy twists introduced himself as Larry. She knew she wouldn’t be able to tell them apart once they changed clothes or hairstyles but she’d do a good job pretending anyways.

Laurent was very talkative throughout dinner, asking her plenty of questions about herself, her lifestyle, her experience so far in Paris. His English was great although she couldn’t compare since Larry hadn’t said a word between eating and smiling every so often. She felt drawn to Laurent’s charisma but there was something appealing about Larry’s mystery. He was so similar to her. She could go from social powerhouse to quiet, smouldering author and literature lover. He kept stealing glances at her and smiling. Laurent wasn’t as subtle, brazenly leaning into her to smell her hair or touch her arms lightly while talking. It was almost 11:45 when dinner was finished and Jennifer was so exhausted, she couldn’t hide her yawns. Genevieve offered the couch which she reluctantly agreed to. The Metro ceased running in that area an hour ago and the taxi ride would’ve stripped her of any money she had until payday. In a house of numerous kids, you had to move fast so washing her face felt more like a quick splash of water. Lights were quickly turned off and everyone scurried around saying goodnight. Larry left without a word and surprisingly, so did Laurent. Jen got comfortable on the sofa and was drifting into sleep when she heard the stairs creaking. Normally paranoid, she jumped up and watched anxiously in alert mode. She finally saw an afro poking out and heading towards the couch. She didn’t know how Laurent could navigate so well in the dark. In no times, he was standing in front of her.

“I just came back to say Goodnight.”, he whispered.

“Oh, goodnight.”, she smiled, caught off-guard by the random, sweet gesture.

He sat next to her and drew an arm around her. Something about being in the dark made the moment seem so intimate. The fact that she hadn’t been intimate with anyone for over a month also crossed her mind once her hormones started doing flipflops due to being within close proximity to Laurent. He nuzzled her neck with his huge hair. She began to giggle when he pulled her face to his and kissed her. His lips were so soft and sensual that she almost moaned. He caressed her cheek and continued kissing her, letting his arms wander onto her lower back. He let out a moan that told her he wasn’t impervious to her kissing him back. They stayed like that for 15 minutes before Jen pulled back for air and to break the tension that was slowly unravelling. She’d met him 3 hours prior to this and now she was ready to do some very impure things to him if they didn’t stop. Her body gave her all green lights but her mind as usual was holding her in comfortable perimeters. She gave him a quick peck and Laurent got the hint as he got up and walked away.


3 thoughts on “Something New. (Chapitre Quatre)

  1. This must be a French thing! ROTFLMAO!!! I can’t even be mad at her…Love the flow of the story…So now back to business!!! YAY!!! Loving the stories!!!

  2. wow seriously already touching and kisisng but im loving itttt!! please post this story regulary like everyday cause ive been waiting ever sense chapter 3 was posted & now i need chapter 5 hahahaa

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