Les Twins In Russia

Well I’ll be a monkey’s auntie!!! Larry and Laurent finally made their way over to Russia! I’m sure all of the Russian fans are extremely excited, as are the rest of us who have been rooting for them to get their workshops up and off the ground.

The guys are fresh off of their 4 day stint in Miami, Florida for the American Black Film Festival and are set to conduct 8 workshops across the Russian province from June 24 through July 2. Dates are listed below:

June 24 – Krasnodar

June 25 – Saint Petersburg

June 26 – Moscow

June 27 – Perm

June 28 – Omsk

June 30 – Nizhnij Novgorod

July 1 – Novosibirsk

July 3 – Yakutsk

Big thank you to @Karina_AppleBro for the pictures from today’s workshop in Krasnodar

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