Les Twins At The American Black Film Festival

Right now, as I type these words, Laurent and Larry are probably sitting at a table somewhere on South Beach in Miami, sipping a nice cool drink and enjoying their time amongst some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest in the film industry. 

Les Twins are in South Beach at the American Black Film Festival as a way to “get their face out there”. This is great for them and it’s long overdue. It’s something that should have been done years ago; but, better late than never right? Hopefully they’ll get a chance to meet some of the industries best producers, directors, and casting agents and we’ll be seeing them on the big screen or even our television screens sometime soon.

About the American Black Film Festival:

The ABFF film program is primarily composed of world premieres of narrative, documentary and short films. As such, it is the leading film festival in the world for African American and urban content. Since its inception, the ABFF has showcased more than 600 films, rewarding and redefining artistic excellence in independent filmmaking.

With diversity and social responsibility at its core, the festival supports aspiring actors, filmmakers and industry executives in unprecedented ways, and has generated a tremendous amount of goodwill in Hollywood. In addition to its cinematic showcases, the ABFF nurtures its attendees in a variety of disciplines, offering panel discussions, workshops and symposiums hosted by leading media companies. Upscale entertainment and exclusive social events complete the festival experience.

The festival program continues to grow by adding innovative programs and activities. In 2010, the ABFF introduced the Pro-Hollywood Initiative, a pilot program designed to give professional athletes a crash course in the art of moviemaking and introduce them to the various disciplines and careers in the film business. 2011 ushered in the gmc Television Network Faith & Family Screenplay Competition, which offers writers a chance to be discovered and their work optioned. A new mobile entertainment section will launch at the 16th ABFF, to showcase quality short form content ideal for distribution via the internet and mobile devices.

Each year, the ABFF attracts approximately 5,000 artists, executives and film fans, providing a strategic vehicle for companies to reach this trendsetting and influential audience. Top-tier corporations have engaged in partnerships with the festival to promote their products, services, multicultural initiatives and branded entertainment content. This support fuels the growth of the festival and furthers the evolution of the Black independent film community. HBO is the festival’s founding sponsor.



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